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Hannah’s Strip Poker Experience

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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: A Party
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

My older sister Renee and I were spending the weekend together since our parents had gone out of town to a conference. A group of Renee’s friends had invited her to a party at one of her friends apartment on Saturday night and she told me we were going. We went and everybody was drinking and having a good time. Renee was drinking, but I just kinda hung around doing nothing. As the evening went on the crowd kinda paired up and were having a good time making out and drinking. Eventually someone suggested that they play strip poker and everyone agreed. Renee told me that I could play if I wanted to and at first I said I didn’t want too but they all encouraged me so I joined in. To my surprise I won the first couple of games and didn’t have to take anything off. As things went on I began to lose with everyone else. They rules were that you either had to take off an article of clothes or take a drink (really a chug). When I got down to my skirt, panties and bra I started doing the chugs to avoid taking off anything else. It didn’t take me long to get real tipsy so when I lost again I took off my skirt. I just couldn’t take another drink because I was afraid of getting sick so befoire long I was down to just my panties. Renee and another girl were in the same situation but when we lost again they both decided to chug so I did too. I knew after that drink that I couldn’t do it again. I won the next game but Renee and the other girl chugged again. Then we all lost again. To avoid another drink I stripped not knowing the rules of the game. When I lost again I started to take a chug but they told me I couldn’t since I had no clothes and that the winner got to challenge me to anything. I was shocked when the guy who was 19 challenged me to have sex. I said no way but Renee told me I had to since I had lost. I still balked so Renee ask me to go to the kitcken with her. She told me that I should just go along with things and she would take care of it and make sure I was ok. After some discussion I agreed. When we went back in the room she got me and the guy together and she told him I was a virgin and that he needed to be careful with me. He told her he would and we went to the bedroom. Of course I was already naked so he took off his jeans and shorts. He looked hugh when he undressed but he pulled down the sheets and we got in bed. He was very gentle and started by kissing me and talking to me. He ask me if I had ever been french kissed and I told him no. He said he would teach me and it didn’t take long for me to start getting a little turned on. When he finally put his hand between my legs and stuck a finger in me I got horny as could be. I guess he could tell so he moved between my legs, put his penis against my pussy and started going in and out of me slowly. He told me if I wanted him to stop to tell him at anytime. There was a little pain but not enough for me to stop him. Before long he was all the way in and we were doing it pretty good. He was telling me what to do and making me feel real special by the things he was saying. About that time Renee came in the room and ask if everything was ok. I told her that everything was fine. About the same time the guy expressed his pleasure with a big moan and I could feel him cumming in me. With that Renee made some comment that he had never given her that kind of reaction and he told her she had never been that good. He pulled out and got up. When he did Renee said ” You asshole…did you screw her without a condom ?” and he just said ” I sure did and it was great.” Renee took me to the restroom and flushed me out for a long time to get as much of the cum out of me as she could. She scared me to death when she told me I would probably get knocked up with our luck. The next few weeks were very nerve wracking until I finally got my period a few days late.

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