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he was grinding me hard!

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Friends house
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

So i was at my friends house with her brother and my friend forgot something so she went to the shops to get it, so it was just me and her brother and as soon as we heard her close the door he lunged and me and started to kiss me, i was getting really wet, and i could feel him getting hard, he felt my breasts through my clothes, and they got really hard, i took my shirt and pants off so i was only wearing a bra, he took his clothes off to and stared at my body, like he didn’t know where to start, finally he settled on my nipples, he said, i can’t take it anymore, and he ripped off my bra and starting sucking my nipples it felt really good but it wasn’t enough, i told him so he got down and started licking and sucking my clit, it felt so good i moaned and groaned, the he said, what about me? so i got down and took his boner in my mouth and it must have been 14 inches! but i throated him and he groaned and thrust his penis in further until i was probably going to choke, so he stopped but he hadn’t cumed yet so i said, want to go all the way? yeah, he said, so i spread my legs wide and he got in on top of me and i made him go slow until he was fully in, and then he was going in and out and he went almost out and then hard in again, and i screamed faster! harder! and he did, and I shot out like a hose and then he shot into my vagina and he moaned and groaned and i was breathing really hard, and we were kissing and licking tongues and i got on top and started grinding him and i rode him hard! he yelled, and then guess what? my friend comes in, we didn’t hear her but she screamed but she got used to it and then she stripped and started rubbing her pussy, then her mum rang to say she was coming back and we got dressed but the couch was really wet and her mum found out but she said it was OK and from now on i have been dating my best friends brother

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