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Helful Sister

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: My Bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I went through puberty at 11. By age 12, not only was my penis significantly
larger than most guys my age, but so was my sex drive! As soon as I figured
out how to make myself cum, I became addicted. Between the ages of 12 and 17,
I probably masturbated a minimum three times a day, average five or six, and
sometimes more. At first I was very private about it, even tho my family was
very open and relaxed about sexuality. Tho I didn’t really expect any adverse
consequences from “getting caught,” the thought of someone seeing me gave me an
incredible rush.

When I was 14, I started almost daring someone to catch me with my hardon in my
hand. I would leave my bedroom door wide open at night and stroke my cock in
the dark, the covers pushed back, and think about the thrill of someone walking
by and seeing me. Anyone, really, tho it especially turned me on to think
about my sister Regina catching me in the act!

Regina is a year older than me and unusually good looking for my family. I
always found her sexy, even long before I knew anything about sex. When we’d
play in the pool, for example, I’d take every oportunity to cop a quick, almost
innocent feel, or to rub my crotch against her slightly. I wasn’t putting any-
thing over on her, either. She knew that I got turned on by her, tho neither
of us understood at 8 and 10 what getting “turned on” was really all about.

A few times, we did some exploration with each other. Once I remember her
putting my hand into her panjama top to feel her breasts. We were about 10
then, laying right in the middle of the living room floor watching TV. But that
was about the last time anything had happened between us before we each went
through puberty.

I don’t know what made me think that Regina didn’t already KNOW I stroked my bone
all day every day. There was a lot of grinning and hot looks exchanged, subtle
things that should have cued me in that she was thinking about what I must be
going through as a horny teenager with a new toy between my legs. But nothing
really overt had occurred. We hadn’t done anything, and we didn’t really talk
about what each of us was doing with ourselves, tho we did talk about sex frequent-
ly. It was pretty much hypothetical talk. But I realize now that we were each
saying to the other, “I want to see you get yourself off, and I want to get off
with you.”

I thought about ‘Gina a lot when I masturbated. I thought about her fingering her
pussy in the other room. I thought about kissing her tits and holding onto her
hips as I fucked her from behind! She was one of the hottest girls in school, and
she was my sister right there in the same house, going through the same sexual
turmoil as me! A couple times I was brave enough to sneek a sniff of her dirty
panties from the wash. That especially got me hard! Once I romanced a pair
in my room for 4 hours while I softly stroked a rock-hard boner and dripped so
much pre-cum I’m surprised I didn’t get dehydrated! When I finally came, I sprayed
cum about six feet across my bed! I held onto that pair ofpanties for a while 🙂

Anyway, to finally getto the point…. Finally, one day when I was 14, Regina joined
me in my sexual discovery! And it happened just the way I’d wanted it to. It was
evening. We lived with just our dad, and he was working in his den while ‘Gina was
upstairs, supposedly doing homework. I was watching downstairs but paying attention
to a stash of skin magazines that I kept in the TV room. Before long, I had my cock
out and was slowly stroking a rager while flipping the pages of Hustler and Club.
I was getting really excited about the ideaof stroking it right there in the TV
room where someone could walk in unannounced any minute and catch me!

I kept thinking about ‘Gina and how great it would be for her to walk in and offer to
help me get off. Every creek in the house got me more excited, as I wondered if maybe
that would be ‘Gina coming downstairs. I had been sitting on the sofa with my pants
pulled down just enough to free my erection, but decided to get more bold and
removed my pants. I then stood in just socks and shirt, and moved my mags over to a
table. I stook there, with a lamp highlighting my boner, and continued to rub myself.
Every once in a while, I would wipe the pre-cum off with a finger and lick it.

I pushed my pelvis forward and really put on a show for the empty room. My was
still flipping through the pages of naked women in the magazines, but my mind was racing
with thoughts of my sister. I glanced at the door every once in a while and SO
wanted her to walk in and see me!

Finally, sounds came from upstairs that were undeniable. These weren’t just random
creeks of a wooden house. ‘Gina was headed for the stairs and couldn’t help but see
me when she got to the bottom and turned the corner. The thought of quickly getting
my pants back on briefly passed through a remote corner of my brain. But I was
committed. I was going to stand right there and let ‘Gina catch me half-naked, dripping
cock in hand!

I looked toward the door, and Gina bounced around the corner. She saw me immediately
and didn’t seem at all shocked. She grinned and then got a look on her face like she
was getting very hot very fast and just said, “Steve… ” She leaned against the
doorframe and asked, “should I leave you alone?”

I turned toward her, my hips still pushed forward, my right hand still going very
lightly along my shaft. I was very much onthe edge of cumming, and the feeling was
making me dizzy. I wanted to maintain that feeling for as long as possible! “No,
‘Gina… you can watch. I’d like you to watch.”

We both had dazed looks on our faces, swepped up in very strong sexual feelings. Regina
just sat in an eazy chair across from me and laid back in it, watching intently at
my crotch. “You do play with yourself, too, don’t you?” I asked.

She nearly laughed, without loosing the dazed look. “I’ve been doing it for the
past two hours,” she said, and slowly untied her sweatpants. She raised her legs and
slid the pants off, revealing that she had nothing else onunder them. I took my hand
away from my cock as it twitched involuntarilly. Finally, after two+ years of
lusting so bad that it often hurt, I was seeing a live girl naked! And not just
any girl — my sister!

Watching Gina take her pants off and then spread her legs was mezmerizing. Her
crotch was completely soaked from her two hours of diddling. I had to sit down
on the sofa again I was so dizzy. ‘Gina boldly pushed her crotch forward and
scrunched down in the chair. She parted her pussy lips so I could see. I was
way down in the sofa, too, directly opposite her. I poked my rod straight up
without touching it so she could get a good look. My cock and the area around
was alive with fire. “I’ve never seen a cock in person before,” ‘Gina said.

We both smiled as I said, “well, I’ve never seen a pussy in person before.”

“Do you like what you see?” she asked, still displaying her inner self to me.

“yah… ” I managed to get out, in a raspy voice.

“me too…. ” she said weakly, as she began to rub her clitoris.

Still more pre-cum was dripping down my shaft. So much that it looked like I’d
already cum on myself! In response to ‘Gina’s frigging, I began rubbing myself
again, very slowly, very lightly, nursingthe incredible burning sensation.

“What do you think about, when you masturbate?” she asked me.

“I think about you, masturbating,” I said without hesitation.

At that she smiled. “I think about you, too,” she said.

We watched each other intently for many minutes. ‘Gina got more furious
with her hands, pumping two and three fingers from one hand
in and out of her hole, while rubbingher clit with the other hand. After a
few minutes of that, she came. It was a deep, convulsive orgasm, and still
more cunt juice spilled out of her, wetting down the front of her chair.

“Gawd that was awesome!” I said.

“I want to see you cum, Steve,” she said without relaxing much from her pussy

“If I cum now, I’m going to make even more of a mess than you’re making.”

“Cum on me, then… then I can just go take a shower.”

The thought of that made me back off my cock again, as it went beyond rock-
hard to STEEL-hard! “Gawd, that would be great!” I said, standing up again.
I walked oer to ‘Gina as she pulled off her t-shirt. For 15, she had a pretty
amazing set of boobs! I had imagined them, but they were even fuller looking
and better shaped than in my masturbatory fantasies.

‘Gina now lay in front of me completely naked, still working her cunt with
one hand, and pinching her hard nipples withthe other. Her breathing was
very heavy and I knew she’d be cumming again soon. I walked right up between
her legs and shuddered when out calf touched her thigh. With just two fingers
of my right hand, I stroked my bone, while lightly touching ‘Gina’s leg with
my left hand.

“You look so hot standing there,” she moaned between breaths, “it’s so cool
seeing your cock like that!”

“You want me to just spurt all over you?”

“Yah… go ahead,” she managed to get out as her second ‘gasm started.
I wanted these feelings to last forever, but I relinquished control and
pointed the head of my cock toward ‘Gina’s belly. As she gasped and grinded
with her cum, two long, firm strokes caused a flood of my cum to spray out!
It went completely over her belly and chest and landed against the chair and
in her hair. The sight of it sparked a second wave that landed down across
‘Gina’s tits. Huge gobs of cum splattered my sister’s skin.

I weakened and leaned over onto one arm of the chair. I pointed my cock
toward her dripping snatch and shot a third wave right onto it and her hand.
By the time I was finished, ‘Gina was starting another orgasm.

I sat beween her legs and rubbed along her thighs as we both came down a bit
high. My cock was sore from the power of the orgasm. but it wasn’t going
down. I was still hard and ‘Gina was still horny and ready for more. We
gathered up out clothes and headed for her room. After helping ‘Gina clean
up a bit, we laid down together. We spent the rest of the night touching and
kissing and licking each other everywhere. By norning, we’d each cum so many
times that we were both very sore.

Dad never suspected a thing. Or, who knows, maybe he did…

After an initial month or two of fucking like rabbits, we each found other
partners. After that, for a couple years, we’d still exchange hand jobs or
oral sex once in a while, as a treat. It was really fantastic to be able to
release my teen lust and really learn about sex with someone I was so close
and like so much. You should all be so lucky as to have a sister like

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