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Her aunt

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Age when it happend: 16 or 17
Where it happened: Her aunt's house
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

This was not my first fuck but the first time with an older woman.

I wrote a long story about how I fucked the aunt in her basement rec room while my girlfriend and her family were upstairs enjoying the pool and a bbq. We were only gone about 5 minutes with the actual fuck and suck part about 90 seconds. We went back outside separately and no one was the wiser. I destroyed that story with an inadvertent key stroke and I’m too lazy to re-tell it.

As the evening wore on the aunt started to complain how her husband, who was always away as a long distance truck driver, never did anything around the house. Specifically he hadn’t painted the garage. When I heard this I immediately volunteered to paint it. I figured this is the least I could do and of course hoped we’d fuck again. She took me up on the offer and said insisted she would pay me although I said I’d do it for free. Somehow my girlfriend got in there and volunteered to help and it was arranged that we’d do it the next day while the aunt was at work. This was not part of my plan, however it was all said in front of her parents so I was stuck with it. The aunt said she had plenty of room (no kids) and suggested we stay over so we wouldn’t have any problems with transportation since the aunt live about 10 miles away from either of us. Great idea thought the parents. I phoned my parents and got the ok.

Shortly thereafter the girlfriend’s family left and there were just the three of us. Altho we were both underage the aunt, who was getting pretty drunk offered us some wine. I drank little then and my girlfriend even less but we both had 2 or three glasses. The result was we both got a little smashed and the aunt even worse who started swimming around tugging our bathing suits down and just generally horsing around. Lot’s of laughter. Having both of them in the same pool and naked from time to time gave me a tremendous hard-on. A few times the aunt grabbed my dick and I in turn grabbed her pussy and tits. I tried to do this discreetly. I never did find out if my girlfriend suspected although I think she did.

Eventually it was time to call it a night and we we’re all going to go to bed. The aunt said for the gf to come into her bedroom and she would get her something to wear to bed. When they came out they were both wearing practically see-thru baby-dolls. My gf was by now quite drunk. Seeing the both of them dressed like that was such a turn-on, especially the aunt. I expected we would all be in separate rooms but the aunt showed us into one bedroom saying she imagined we had a hard time finding the opportunity to be alone and sleep together. I was shocked. The parents would not have approved.

I was trying to think how I could get alone with the aunt. She was drunk and my gf was almost passed out. The aunt insisted on tucking us in and as she reached across me to straighten the blankets she rubbed her almost naked tits hard up against me. Wow! I was determined to make something happen.

As soon as she left the room i stripped off my boxer’s. I wanted the aunt to hear us fucking. I fucked the girlfriend for only a couple of minutes. Although she was very wet she asked me to stop complaining of dizziness. The absolute last thing I wanted was for her to start puking. I stopped. In less than a minute she was passed out.

I slipped out of the room no problem and went down to her aunt’s room and let myself in. The light’s were off but she was not asleep. I had just a t-shirt and a hard-on. She asked where my gf was and I told her she was sound asleep as I stood beside her bed near her head. Although it was dark there was enough ambient light for her to see my hard dick. She said,”Aw, poor you,” and started to suck me.
As she was doing it she stopped and said, “You were fucking her…it tastes so good.” That was all it took to cause me to explode in her mouth and she swallowed hungrily.

With my cock still hard I then started to fuck her and after about 10 minutes I came again. At that age you can do such things.

WE got together many times that summer. She loved to have me tell her about the things I did with my girlfriend. Nothing was too raunchy for that wonderful woman. She’s very old now and has dementia but if I saw her again I’d probably still want to fuck her just on the memories alone.

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