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her house

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: her house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

well, let’s see. this happened about 5 or 6 months ago. l was at my best friend Ryan’s house for a little sleep-over deal, basically just playing video games and stuff. well, his little sister Amy who is 13 was jealous that he had a friend over for the night, so she invited one of her friends named Sarah over for the night. so, the four of us were just sitting there playing nintendo 64 for a couple hours, when Ryan’s mom said that she was gonna run to the video store and pick out some movies to watch that night. she said she would be back in about an hour. so the four of us continued playing games for a while until ryan said that he had to go to the bathroom. after ryan left, sarah made a joke about wanting to see ryan go to the bathroom and her and amy got real horny so they decided to go over to the door, which couldn’t lock, and open it up while ryan was in there. I just laughed and didn’t actually think that they would do it. well, the two of them went over to the door and quietly opened up the door. ryan was in there jacking off! the two of them looked so surprised and ryan was so embarrassed. suddenly, sarah took off her shirt and bra and walked right up to ryan and kissed him once and then went down on his dick for a while, me and amy just watched her suck him and then amy suddenly started to unzip my pants and pull them off. l just carried her upstairs to her room and laid her on her bed. we assumed that ryan and sarah would be busy downstairs for a while and we wanted to do it in privacy. so, we took each others clothes off and she pulled out a condom from her dresser and she told me that her and sarah had been planning this for a while. l told her that I thought it was cute and she slipped the condom on me. we kissed and I started kissing her on her neck and moving all the way down her body. I kissed her chest and then got to her little breasts and licked her hard nipples and sucked on her tits for a second. I kept moving down her body until l got to her pussy where I licked around her lips and then stuck my tongue deep into her. she was moaning and told me to finger her, so I did. after a couple minutes, she said that she wanted me to stick it in real bad. I was hard as a rock and I slowly stuck it in, I moved an inch or so every couple minutes, trying not to hurt her too much. after a while she said she was ready and I put the whole thing in. after a minute or two, I began pumping. slow at first, but increasingly faster and harder. until soon, I was going as fast and hard as I could. we went at it like that for about 10 minutes, with her cumming 2 or 3 times, unti I finally shot a huge load that filled her pussy and got all over the sheets. next, she began sucking my dick, trying to get me hard again. she had a little trouble getting it in at first, and gaged a couple times before she got the hang of it. after 5 minutes, l got hard again, and she pulled it out and put it back in her pussy. suddenyly, sarah and ryan, both nude, came walking into the room and laid down on the bed. me and amy stopped for a minute and asked what they wanted. sarah said that she wanted to take turns and now she wanted to fuck me. of course amy didn’t want to, cuz she didn’t want to fuck her brother, who had came 3 times in sarah already and was basically done for a while anyway. so, ryan said that he would just get dressed and go downstairs and they could both have me. this made the girls very happy and they both decided that I would finish with amy while sarah fingered herself waiting and then I would fuck her. me and amy kept at it for another couple minutes until her pussy began to swell up and she wanted to suck my dick some more. after a couple minutes, sarah said she couldn’t take it anymore and told amy to move aside. amy said ok, but she was still pretty horny and fingered sarah while sarah sucked on my dick for a little while. finally, we formed a position where sarah could eat out amy while getting fucked by me at the same time. after about ten minutes, l blew another load into sarah. by the way, l had a new condom on. l took off the condom and started eating sarah out while she still ate out amy. a while later, sarah started to cum and had amy cum too. we all got up and I swallowed the cum out of both of their pussies. we then got dressed ad made it downstairs just as ryan’s mom came in the door. it was a great night!

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