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Her Mother’s Present

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Her House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

When I was 15 I was the school geek. I didn’t look all that bad, but was thin and very smart. I always got straight A’s and studied hard.

A girl name Sandy became friendly with me and talked me into doing some of her homework. In return she jerked me off a couple of times for repayment. I really got enanmered by her and her good looks and willingness to do something sexual, as none of the other girls did.

One night I was taking a paper over to her house that I had written on some history project. It was pouring down rain and when I got there I was soaked to the skin. Her mom answered the door and let me in.

I told her I had proofread a paper for Sandy and wanted to bring it by. She said Sandy wasn’t home. I guess I had a look of disapointment on my face as Sandy had promised to jerk me off when I brought it by.

Jessica (Sandy’s mom) told me to go in laundry room and put on some dry clothes and she would throw mine in the dryer to dry out. I found some of brothers gym clothes that fit me like a second skin.

Her mom noticed my disapointment and asked if I hadn’t been the one to write the paper. I turned bright red and said I did. She said she thought so. Then she asked if Sandy had promised me something if I wrote her paper. Again I turned bright red and looked at the floor.

Her mom asked if she had promised me something sexual.

Again I turned bright red.

Jessica said, “That’s alright, I know what teenagers do and I know Sandy and her sex life is very active.” “Did she promise you a blow job?”

I again blushed and said “No”. to which her mom asked then what. I said she was going to stroke my dick. At this my dick started to get hard.

Jessica noticed and said, “Well I don’t want to leave without your reward” With that she reached into my pants and started stroking my very hard dick! I couldn’t believe how good it felt!

Jessica said, “You want me to quit?” I said, “NO! it feels to good”

Then Jessica said while stroking me, “Sandy doesn’t know what she’s missing this is a huge penis you have here”

I began to tense up and she slowed down and then I felt something warm and wet on my dick; I looked down and she had her mouth on it. It was more than I could take and I shot a huge load in her mouth!

Jessica wasn’t through. She called my home and asked since it was raining could someone come get me. They said my Dad would pick me up in about an hour when he was coming home from a meeting.

Jessica looked at me and said “What can we do in an hour?” She took my hand and led me to the bed room where she stripped me of the tight shirt and pants and laid me on the bed. She got naked and soon I was hard again.

She spread her legs and had me eat her. Wow, she was screaming and moaning. Then she pulled me on top and guided my huge hard penis into her, I pumped and pumped and pumped hard. She loved it and told me to go harder. Finally I came. What a feeling…the blow job was something else, but this was wonderful!!!!

I’ll never forget my first time was with a girl I thought was girlfriend and ended up nothing but a slut who wanted to use me. I found out from her mom that she was out at a party that night with some other guys. We both tore up the report and about that time my clothes were dry and my Dad at the door.

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