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He’s 16, He’s Beautiful And He’s Mine

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Chris's bed
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I joined a health club last month so I could firm up my body for the beach this coming summer. I’ve got long blonde hair, 36D breasts and a nice figure. My body really filled out over the last year and I’m pretty proud of it. At the club, a lot of guys have hit on me, but I’m not really interested in guys over 18 (the statutory thing, you know.) Then one day I saw a guy working out that I recognized from school. He was an absolute hunk. His body looked fantastic in his tank top and shorts. I couldn’t keep my eyes off him him and in turn, he kept on looking at me. I guess we were both shy because although we were both looking, neither one if us made a move. Soon I saw him going to his locker room. I couldn’t get him off of my mind. Later I looked out at the pool and I saw him swimming laps. He was wearing only tiny speedos and I immediately knew what I had to do. I ran to the pro shop and bought the tiniest bikini that I could find. I then went to the locker room, quicky changed and went out to the pool. He was still in the water and I jumped in and began swimming in the lane next to him. We were the only ones in the pool. When he stopped swimming I stopped too. We looked at each other. The water was running off of his hard, smooth chest and it looked so erotic. My nipples were hard and very visible through the yellow bikini top. His name was Chris, he was also 16 and he went to my school although we didn’t have any classes together. Soon we were sitting next to each other on the edge of the pool with our feet dangling in the water. I could see that he had a very noticable erection under his speedos. His body was so perfect, even his thighs and calves were well defined, and I could see it all! Even though neither of us could put it in words, we both knew what we wanted. Finally, Chris asked me if I wanted to come over to his place. I quickly said yes. We got out of the pool and he put his arm around me and kissed me. I hugged him back and his hard, well defined back muscles felt great as I rubbed my hands over them. He pressed his groin against me and I could clearly feel his manhood pushing through those thin speedos. We went to our locker rooms and got dressed and met in the parking lot. I followed Chris to his house. We went inside and there was no one home. He asked me if I wanted anything to drink and I said no, I only wanted him. He led me to his room. He closed the door behind us and we both immediately undressed. His penis was fully at attention. So were my nipples. He told me I was beautiful and I felt very proud of myself. He took me in his arms and pressed his magnificent bare chest against my breasts. I was already on the verge of orgasm as we held each other tight and kissed passionately. I felt his heart pounding underneath his smooth skin, His penis was pressed against my abdomen and the head was already very wet. So was my vagina. I was gasping and quivering and I told Chris that I wanted him right away. He told me to lie on the bed and he got a condom from his dresser. I looked up from the bed and watched as this nude, six foot tall teenage greek god stood next to me and rolled the condom onto his stiff eight inch staff that was only seconds from entering me. Chris climbed onto the bed and positioned himself above me. His light brown hair was falling forward above his piercing blue eyes, which were staring right into me. He had a gentle smile on his face. He slowly entered me and I moaned in pleasure. There was a sharp pain but I was wanting this to happen. I was losing my virginity to a boy that any girl would fantasize about. I could feel his pubic hair mesh with mine each time he thrust all the way in. I looked down and the sight was incredible to me. I saw my own bare breasts pointing up at Chris’s chisled chest. I could also see his penis clearly sliding in and out of me. The combination of what I saw and what I felt gave me the most intense orgasm I have ever had. I tightened my legs around Chris as he continued to thrust. My hands were all over his back and ass and I raised my head up and took one of his nipples into my mouth. I felt like I was one with him. He told me I was making him feel good and then I felt him explode inside of me. Even after he came he kept thrusting into me, knowing how good it was making me feel. He brought me to another orgasm and then we just fell into each other’s arms. We just laid on the bed, arms and legs wrapped around each other, penis and vagina still united, just gently kissing and stroking. Our pubic hair was soaked but the warmth and wetness felt wonderful. This post-intercourse lovemaking was almost as good as the sex itself. Soon we began to explore each other’s bodies and we orally satisfied each other. I took Chris’s penis in my mouth only after I had licked and sucked every other part of his body, from his toes to the nipples on his hard pecs. I wanted to make the most of this moment and I sure did. Of course Chris was loving the attention I was giving him. He was ready to explode as soon as my lips encircled the head of his penis. I swallowed all his cum and then licked him clean. Chris returned the favor, toes to nipples, before licking my clit into ecstacy. Chris wasn’t a virgin but he told me he had never had sex like that before. He couldn’t believe that this was my first time, but he was proud that he got to do the honor. The wonderful thing is that every time Chris and I have made love since then we have been able to repeat the experience. Each time he cums, I know I am the one bringing him that pleasure. Sometimes two people were meant to be together. I feel that way about Chris and me. I’m on the pill now and this week Chris and I will have our first completely bare intercourse. I can’t wait to feel his semen inside of me. Then we will both truly be one. In the words of the old song, he’s 16, he’s beautiful, and he’s mine!

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