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High School Dream

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: School Gym
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

Hi, mi names Tom. Im currently 20 years old but my first experience was when i was 15. It all started with a typical day at school however, i had yet to know of what wonders were going to happen for me that day.There is this one girl in our class that my friend, Richie Madano, and i would always ‘perv’ at during school. Her name was Katherine.Her boobs are quite small due to her only being 15 as well. However, her legs are the sexiest legs i have ever seen! Richie and I would always sit opposite of Katherine to try peep between her legs. We’ve been caught quite a few times by her but it seems as she doesnt mind at all.Anyways, the day started with a double period of Physical Education. It was Winter during the time so every kept quite warm. Richie and I noticed how Katherine wore short shorts with black stockings; this drove us nuts.We were gona play a quick game of dodgeball to warm us up so the teacher called me and Katherine to go fetch the balls in the storage room. I was excited by the fact that i was going to be in a room alone with Katherine. Katherine and I entered the room and closed the door behind us.I told her we need 5 elephant skin balls so she started to walk towards the basket on the other side of the storage room. i stayed back and watched. katherine bent over which exposed part of her ass. By now i had a massive boner. She looked like she was having trouble so i decided to help her out.i got closer and accidentally brushed my now fully erect penis across her ass. She paused for a second, realizing what i just did. She got up, her face all red and walked a few steps away from me pretending to get something else. As she walked away she brushed my dick with her hand. It was now a sign that we wanted to go all the way. i grabbed her from behind and she turned around. She started to kiss me and go lower. She caressed my dick for a moment then took off my trackies. She complimented my penis size which i felt grateful for since my dick was a 6 incher.Katherine started giving me a handjon and then wrapped her lips around my swollen ‘head’.I was now in pure extacy. I sat down as she got her feet and started rubbing my dick. She was giving me a footjob! As she continued RIchie came in wondering why we were taking so long. He was gobsmacked to see what we were doing. i quickly told him to shut up and close the door. He sed the other students are running laps so we had time to continue.Katherine continued giving me a fj until i blew a enormous load on her stockings. By now Richie was screaming Holy Shit, still unable to see what was happening. I quickly took off Katherine’s short shorts along with her panties. i observed her pussy for a moment, taking in the distinct aromas.In no time i dove my face into her pussy and started going crazy. I could hear her moan and breathe more hevily. After about a minute she let out a small squel as she cummed. A small trickle of fluids descended from her vaginal opening. I was now scared of being caught so i put my clothes back on and quickly grabbed the dodgeballs, leaving Richie and Katherine behind. WHo knows what they were gona do?

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