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Age when it happend:

Where it happened: at a friends
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

This friend I grew up with, was very well built for being only 19 years old. I had always heard about sex and wanted to try it, but I never found anyone who knew what to do. After all I was just 18 and the only people I ever talked to were my brothers friends and to them I was just a snot nosed little kid.
But one day this kid moved into our trailer court, as the type of person I was, I went over to introduce myself. To my suprise we had alot in common, we both liked rock music and we always liked to talk about sex. One day when we over at his house we challenged each other to a game of truth or dare. I was
up to it only because I had alot of things I always wanted to try with my friend but was afraid to ask him to do.We started out with the basic stuff, like if he had ever had a girlfriend yet. Then he dared me to take off my clothes. Being the sport that I was I gladly abliged, man was I getting horney.
When it came time for him to accept a dare I dared him to show me how he would make a woman feel to get her into the mood. At first he wasn’t sure what I meant but,then I told him to use me and show me everything he knew about sex.He gladly accepted the dare.He first started out by slowly kissing me, all up
and down my body. As he moved lower he was shocked to find out what kind of effect he had on me. He asked me if I’ve ever had my cherry poped, I looked him in the eyes and said do you mean am I still a virgin, he said yes. I told him the truth that I was and that I wanted him to be my very first. He said
that we would have to take it slow and that he knew the perfect way to make me wet so it wouldn’t hurt as much. I told him he could do what ever he wanted. After that last statement he went down to the insides of my thighs and started licking them all the way up to my pussy. He was shocked to find out that
I was already starting to get wet. He said he wanted me to 69 him, he explained to me what I was to do. I figured if he was going to have my virginity I would give him something in return. As he was slowly and deliociuosly eating me out, I started to feel his cock grow inside my mouth. All of a sudden he
told me to stop what I was doing and to get on my knees, I asked what for and he said that he thought I was ready enough to have him inside of me. Now all the pictures I had ever seen of people having sex, the girl was laying on her back and the man was on top of her. But I really wanted to get fucked so I
did as he suggested. While up on my knees he had me put a couple of pillows under my stomache, he that was in case it hurt and I wanted to lie down. As he got on his knees behind me, I could feel the head of his cock at the opening of my pussy. He said we’ll take it slow and if it starts to hurt he wanted me
to let him know, I said okay. With one hard push he slid into my hot tight virgin pussy. To his suprise there was no blood it hurt at first but as we started to get a rhytm going the pain easily subsided. He was going a what seem a million miles an hour I could feel him hit the bottom of my pussy. I started
to get this strange quivering feeling comming all over my body.I guess he could feel it too,because he suddenly pulled me really hard back on to his cock and I could feel it jerk inside of me. He and I collapsed on the bed and looked into each others eyes. He asked me if I was okay, I told him I’m not okay
I was feeling great and that he was very good at playing truth or dare. We always made private time for us from that day on we would go hiking in our woods we would go swimming in the creek down the road. We kept our sexual friendship up for about 3 years until he moved away, since that very first day we met
I’ve never forgotten the things he showed me. I guess that’s why I’m always HORNEY!

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