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Age when it happend: Young buck
Where it happened: at a girls house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

When I came into puberty in my early teens, I learned how to Jack-off from a neighbor boy older than I. I enjoyed this solitary pleasure whenever I had a chance to be alone.
One Saturday I went to visit a friend who lived a few blocks away. When I got to Jim’s house I knocked at the door and it was answered by a cute redhead who was Jim’s little sister. I said, my name’s Jack and I’m here to visit Jim. The cute redhead said, I’m Judy and Jim is fishing with Dad, would you like to come in? Sure would and entered the living room. We sat on the sofa for awhile and exchanged small talk about school and hobbies. After awhile Judy moved closer and asked if I’d like to kiss her. Sure would, I said, and leaned over to plant my lips on hers. Her lips were warm and soft and the kiss was tingly like a small electric shock. We continued kissing for awhile and I became very aroused sprouting a huge hard-on in my pants. Judy also became aroused and was panting in short breaths. She noticed the bulge in my pants and said, ooh, can I see what you have in there? I replied, okay, if you want too. She reached down and unzipped my fly, reached in and pulled out my throbbing 6 inch cock. It had grown so much that the foreskin had rolled back exposing my purple cockhead. Judy stroked it gently with her warm soft hand which made it jerk in response to her touch. I looked into her eyes and asked if I could touch her breasts. Oh yes! she gasped, please do. I raised her shirt with my hands and reached into her bra to discover a lovely set of 34 inch boobs with perky stiff nipples. I gently caressed them and she moaned in pleasure. Her hand continued to caress my cock and I lowered my mouth to kiss her tits. When my tongue touched her nipples, Jucy let out a sigh, oh Jack, that feels soo good. We continued to kiss and fondle each other and our excitement increased rapidly.
Judy looked into my eyes and shyly asked if she could kiss my manhood. Oh yes! I craoked, please do. She bent her head down and took my rigid cock between her lips and closed them tightly. Her mouth was soft and warm and felt soo good on my swollen cock. Soon her tongue was moving all around and under my purple mushroom and an exquisite feeling of pleasure was surging in my balls. Her hand was around my shaft and continued to stroke back and forth in rhythm with her tongue. I soon reached the point of no return and told her something was about to happen. Judy looked sweetly into my eyes as she continued to stroke and suck my throbbing tool. Suddenly a shock of electricity when up my back, my body trembled and I shot a huge glob of cum into her mouth. Judy continued to stroke, lick and suck my manhood as I exploded in pleasure. She was moaning in pleasure as she swallowed all my cum down her throat. When my orgasm subsided, my cock grew limp and slid out of her mouth. Judy smiled at me and said, that was so tasty, thanks for the treat. I smiled and kissed her on the mouth and could taste my cum. We cuddled in each other’s arms for awhile savoring the afterglow. I looked deeply into her eyes and asked if I could see her pussy. Oh yes! she replied, how unthoughtful of me not to share it with you. I reached down, lowered her skirt to her ankles and she kicked it off. Then I grabbed the hem of her panties and pulled them down and over her feet and threw them across the room. Judy spread her legs exposing her pink pussy covered with a wisp of red curly hair. Oh! It’s beautiful I gasped, simply beautiful. Judy smiled and coyly asked, would you like to kiss it Jack. I sure do and dove down to touch her special place with my lips and tongue. Judy jerked when my lips touched her maidenhead and she said, that really feels good Jack, please lick all around it. I began moving my tongue all around her pussy lips and in between them. Judy moaned in pleasure and bucked her hips to press her pussy against my mouth. Her pussy was warm and moist and tasted like honey. The first time my tongue mover up her slit and brushed against a proud piece of flesh at the top, she screamed in pleasure. That was wonderful, Jack, do it again. I continued lapping at her swollen pussy like a thirsty dog. She was squirming in pleasure and cooing softly. My hand reached around her hips and I pulled her pussy hard against my mouth as I licked and sucked. Suddenly, Judy let out a low grown as her whole body shuddered. She screamed with joy as she climaxed, filling my mouth with her juices. I licked and sucked and swallowed her sweet cum. Oh Jack, she cooed, you made me feel wonderful, thank you. I laughed and said, one good turn deserves another. Judy laughed at my remark and told me she loved me.
When I got ready to leave, she looked slyly into my eyes and said, next time you come over when nobody’s home I want you to make love to me again but with your wonderful cock in my pussy. We’ll have to be careful, I said, we don’t want to get you pregnant. That won’t happen she smiled, because I’m on the pill.
A week later, when I knew Jim and his father were going hunting and their Mom was out of town, I went over to visit Judy again. In no time we were in her bedroom, stripped naked and began to kiss, pet and fondle each other. My cock immediately arose to the occasion. Judy smiled and said, I can see your ready for action and so am I. We both laughed as I gently moved between her spread legs and aimed my rigid manhood towards her gaping pussy. Her soft slimy pussy lips felt good to my cock-head as I gently pushed my rigid cock into her warm pussy. It slid in to the hilt and Judy sighed in pleasure. Oh Jack, your cock feels so good inside me, move it in and out slowly please. I began thrusting in and out, slowly & gently at first but eventually quickened the pace as our passion mounted. Judy had tears in her eyes and was crying, it feels soo good. Me too I replied, and continued to fuck her wonderful pussy. Soon we were both trembling as the pleasure surged in our genitals. Soon I reached the point of no return, grunted, and plunged deep inside and exploded, filling her with my warm cum. Oh Jack!, she sighed, that was fantastic and your warm stuff feels so good inside me. I kissed her on the lips and cuddled her in my arms as we enjoyed the afterglow of our love. After awhile, my hard-on subsided and my limp cock slid out of her pussy. Judy looked into my eyes and said, let me clean it off for you. She leaned down, took my limp cock into her lips and licked it dry, swallowing the cum she had gathered with her tongue down her throat. Soon, I was hard again, and we repeated the wonderful fucking two more times that afternoon.
Every time Judy’s family are out of the house on weekends we get together for a fucking and sucking session. I really loved this girl and finally married her after we got out of high school. What a woman!

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