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Hot Aunt

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Where it happened: Aunt's house
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Category: Straight

Well it all started out one day after school. My aunt picked me up and said that we were going back to her house because my parents were going out for the evening. I was happy about this because my aunt is extremely hot. She is about 5’6″ and has the biggest rack I have ever seen, she has a very tight ass and is in great shape. Well anyways, when we got out to her house, she told me that my uncle wouldn’t be home all weekend because he was out of town on buisness.

We sat around and watched tv for a while, and then I had the idea to go ride her 4-wheeler. I figured that it wouyld be a great time to get to feel her ass against my dick. She said ok and she asked if I wanted to drive, but I said no so that I could sit behind her and stradle her.

After about 2 mins. I was getting a huge bonner! I couldn’t help it and I accidently hit her in the back with it when we hit a ditch. She stoped and said,”OOO, what do we have here?” She turned around and started playing with my dick on the 4-wheeler, well i was getting hot and told her we probably needed to go back into the house,and she agreed. On the way back I was feeling her huge tits and sexy legs.

Once we got to the drive way, we got off and started making out right there while trying to go inside. Once we got inside we went directly to her room. I was making out with her and couldn’t stop rubbibg her ass! It was AWESOME!!! Then she started to take off my pants and said she couldn’t belive how big I was. She gave me a blow job, and I took both hands and grabed her head and fucked her mouth for about 15 s before I blew my load right in her mouth.

She stood up and said,”Enough foreplay, I want you to fuck me!” I said ok and laid on my back and she got naked also. She cme up and lowered herself right on my dick. It was the best feeling of my life!!! She was already hot and we began to bounce back in forth together. She started to shutter and came right on top of me. She feel down and we were chest to chest and made out for a couple of mins.

The I got up and asked if i could fuck her ass. She said “Of course, this is your first time isn’t it?” I replied “Yes” and she said “Well then, I want it to be your BEST!!!” Then she got up on all fours and stuck her lovely ass up in the air. I started to to suck it,bite it, and kiss it. Then I got up with the biggest bonner I had ever had and started to put in in her tight little ass. She felt a little pain, and then reached back and took both hands to open her ass even more. With that I slid right in and started pounding her. I was fingering her and rubbing her giant tits all at the same time. She started screaming “OOOOO yea OOOO yea, give it to you aunt baby!OOOO yea, fuck her hard,harder harder, OOOOOOOOOO fuck me baby fuck me, fuck you aunt in her ass OOOO I’m cumming I’m cumming don’t stop now!!” I felt her juices flow out freely onto my hands and I shot my load right in her tight little ass.

We had to rest for a moment because we were both exhausted. Well that went on for the rest of the night, and I slept with her until morning, and we had more sex until I had to
go home. I want to thank my aunt for all the things that
she taught me that night, and I still find time to fuck her now.

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