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Hot Dog

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Parking lot
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Last Sunday during evening church, I got fucked by the pastor’s wife. She is so hot, I can’t believe what she did.

During church I bumped into her in the kitchen. I was just
getting a drink. She was wearing a conservative, long skirt
and blouse. Her large tits were very perky and I could see
her nipples stand out. She’s probably 32 or so. She’s an
attractive, petite woman.

Service was still happening. She asked me to help her carry some
stuff to her car. I didn’t think anything of it so I did.
When we got there she opened the trunk and I put the bags in the car.
She then asked me if I could keep a secret. Sure, I said.

“I’m not wearing underwear.” she said. I got the hint. She
helped my unbuckle and whip out Mr. Meat. It’s not monsterous
but she needed two hands and her mouth to please me. After she
blew me to a raging hard on, I asked if she wanted to do it
on the car or where.

She got up and turned around gripping the car trunk. She smiled
and said “fuck me anyway you want, just don’t cum in my pussy.”
Her pussy, was so wet, yet so tight, it was like fucking a cock trap.
Hell, I was the virgin. I had only had oral sex with my girl
friends. It was totally rad. I knew what to do from watching
porno’s but this was really awesome. Mrs. F. let me fuck her
pussy and her ass. She let out a cry when I shoved my cock up her
ass though. It took 4 or 5 really hard thrusts to get myself all
in her ass. I like butt fucking the most because of the tightness
and the reaction of Mrs. F.

She was breathing hard and panting and say stuff like, “O God, shit,
yes, oh no, oh, oh, oh. Mmmm.” It was cool to hear her. it took me
about 10 minutes to climax. When I did, it was so intense and long.
I pumped her ass so full of semen, it leaked out some. I think
Mrs. F. came when I did or just after.

She said I was the hardest cock she ever had up her ass. She also
said I could fuck her anytime I wanted, just not to tell anyone
and not to cum in her pussy.

Can’t wait until mid week service. 🙂

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