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How to seduce older Men

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Where it happened: Host Family House
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I was raised in a little town in the Netherlands. I led a very protected life as my parents were highly respected in our town. When I one of the older students (female) had gone to the USA as a exchange student. I thought how wonderful that would be to experience. When she returned she had many stories to tell. She said Americans were spoiled but nice. She had gone to Minnesota to a host family
that had three children. Two girls and one boy who was in his first year at a college not to far from home. Both girls were in their early teens so a lot of time she was expected to help out by watching over them sometimes.
I could only dream of doing some of the things she talked about. I pleaded with my parents to allow me to apply, and they finally agreed. My grades were very good and I was accepted to the program if they could find a host family. About two weeks before I would have been droped they found a family that wanted me. They were two working people with grown children and a grandchild. I was some what disapointed
but happy to have a place to stay.
Leaving home for the first time was hard but I was excited to start a new chapter in my life. It was a long trip and I had to change planes several times before arriving in Ohio.
The host family greeted me with open arms. Within hours we were reasonably comfortable and giving backgrounds to each other. My host father was very nice but seemed much like my own father. His daughters told me how strict he was when they were at home. I thought oh no what have I gotten myself into. Mr.B, I’ll call him, was very nice and tried to be as helpful as possible. I would be attending a High School in central Ohio. It seems their whole family had graduated from it.
I liked the students very much but they seemed not as interested in school as I. I must admit that from the stories I had heard from Viktoria when she returned I had a desire to lose my virginity to a American. I spent much time
keeping a diary and scrap book. I was selecting my victim
and playing hard to get at the same time. American boys seemed so imature and talked to much. They were not even fun to flirt with.
Mrs.B got up and went to work very early everyday. She would be gone by the time I would get up for school. Most of the time Mr.B would prepare my morning meal before he would go to work. Sometimes he would be gone by the time I came out of the bathroom. He was a very good looking man for his age. He kept in shape by running everyday outside or if it was raining on his treadmill.
It all started very innocently. One day I was just finishing showering and came out of the bathroom with my towel wrapped around me but not tight. I had heard Mr.B leave to go run when I got in the shower so I knew I was alone in the house. I walked into my room and didn’t shut the door. I stood in front of the full length mirror and let the towel fall to the floor. I was leaning over brushing my butt length hair when I caught a quick glimpse of someone walking past my door. I turned but there was no one there. Then I heard the door to the family room open and close. I walked out of my room and went to the family room door. I heard the treadmill start and so I opened the door just enough to see Mr.B running. His back was to me and he couldn’t hear me because of the headset he had on. I knew he was always playing his music while working out. I stared at his butt and his calves of his legs. From behind you would think he was about 25 or 30. I knew from conversations with his daughters that he was kind of old fashioned. I thought what if he turned around and saw me right now. Then I wondered if he had already saw me brushing my hair. I felt a strange feeling come over me, and
had a impulse to walk up and ask him. I started walking up behind him completly nude and was feeling the blood rushing through my head, and then I thought if he did see me before I must not have impressed him. Now in my country nudity is not a big thing but in Ohio that was another matter. I was now at the end of his treadmill and was savoring the fact that he was oblivious to my presence. I started to rub my mound just above my clit and was very much enjoying it. Then a thought of how maybe he would send me home if he caught me. I returned to my room and finished getting ready for school. During the next week I watched Mr.B with much intrest and tried to learn his every routine. The following week I started doing things I would never had thought of before that first day. I became daring and would try to expose myself every chance I could without looking obvious.
I would purposely not wear panties and my shortest skirts while in Mr.B’s company watching tv. Of course Mrs.B would be in bed. Mr.B always went out to the hot tub before going to bed. He said it made him sleep better. I had only been in the tub a handful of times since arriving. One night I was sitting in Mr.B’s recliner watching tv. I had on a summer flower print dress and no panties or bra. I had seen Mr.B give me a quick look at dinner. Mrs. B said that I must really be making the boys at school nervous looking at me dressed that way. I said “thank you I hope so”. Mr.B was in the kitchen and so I put a plan, to tease him, into action. I pulled my skirt up just a little and pretended to be asleep. I seperated my legs so that my feet were just on the outside edge of the foot rest. I was trying to control my breathing as well as possible. I could tell by the light in the room that Mr.B had stopped in front of me. I was getting wet from the thought he was only inches from my naked pussy. I so wanted to open my eyes and smile at him, but resisted the temptation. I acted like I needed to turn just a little knowing full well this would make my skirt rise above my neatly trimmed bush for him to see. I stayed like that for what seemed like an eternity. Then the tv went off and he made enough noise to awaken me and said Linda you better get to bed. I acted startled and looked into his eyes. He walked quickly down the hall but not before I noticed a bulge in his athletic shorts. I watched as he went to his office and closed the door. He would sometimes work on his computer till late at night. I decided to sneak outside and see if I could look in his window. He had his blinds pulled but I could see him very easy because he had them going the wrong way. He was sitting in his chair and had removed his shorts. He had his cock in his hand and was pulling it very fast. I wanted to cum with him so I started fingering myself watching him. I was happy that I had got such a reaction out of him. I watched him,Then my room where I played with myself so much that I didn’t want to go to school the next day. My plan of seduction was working. I continued to expose myself and flirt with him whenever the chance was available. I watched him masturbate several times knowing I was the cause, and I felt great. Just before Thanksgiving one night I knew he was in the hot tub so I got brave and went out on the deck and asked him if I could join him. He was a little reluctant but I just turned my back and droped my towel. I knew he couldn’t see me very well and wouldn’t notice I was naked untill I was almost in the tub. As I lifted my leg over the side he said Jesus Linda! I said Mr.B don’t tell me you are a prude. He stuttered and I laughed sinking into the tub. He said nudity did not bother him but being inthe tub nude with a underage girl nude would not go over very well with his wife or the authorites.I said well your not nude. He said yes he was as I already knew he never wore anything while in the tub. He said he was not comfortable in this situation. I told him no one would ever know and that I could help him relax if he wanted. He said nothing could make him relax right now. I said I would give him a massage if it would help. He said that would make things worse. I said well you could masturbate or let me give you oral sex. He couldn’t speak, so I moved closer to him and let my hand fall in his lap where I found his fully erect penis. He jumped and pulled away saying “Linda”, I just laughed and said I hope I’m the reason for that. He said that he just knew that jail would be his next home. I said not on my account. I could see I was scaring him and he was ready to leave. I said please don’t leave me. He said it just wasn’t right. I told him that I just wanted to have some fun, and that I was prepared to do anything to have him. I told him I wanted to watch him masturbate and if he wouldn’t I would tell his wife that he had been looking at me nude in the mornings. I actually felt bad for saying that as I thought he was going to have a heart attack. He stuttered and said what do you want me to do. I said come to my room and I will show you.
After we got in my room I removed my towel and took his from him. His penis was not overly large about 7 to 8 inches when aroused and well rounded, not unlike several dildo’s I have seen. I made him lay back on my bed and stroke himself. I watched and played with myself until I could no longer stand it. I climbed up on the bed and stood over him bringing my pussy just over his mouth. I said do like my pussy Mr.B lick it. He was like an animal as he grabbed me and smotherd his face with my pussy. I had never dreamed it could be so good, I started pulling him as fast as I could. Suddenly he started shaking all over and his legs were in spasms, I was awaiting him to shoot sperm all over but it didn’t happen. I said whats wrong ? He erxplained he had prostate surgery a few months back and could no longer ejaculate. I said well I hope you can get it up again. He said you suck on it for a little bit and it should come back to life. He was surprised to find that I was a virgin as he took me that night. We had sex almost every night and somedays after that. He taught me so many things that I would never had learned with a younger man. He was older than my father, and I will never forget him. It was hard to leave his family and sometimes I feel guilty for seducing him. I told him how I worked it all out and he said he forgave me but that it should always be our secret.
Next year I plan to return to the States to go to Ohio State
I hope to see him again. If so I will write again

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