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Hung Like A Bull

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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: Barn
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I was just eightteen and very ripe as they say. I stood almost 6 ft. and had long golden brown hair on top and on my pussy. My teats were large and firm. I didn’t need a bra because they were so firm. My nipples were the size of a quarter and stuck out all the time.

On day I was at my Aunt and Uncles farm. I had just been for a ride on my horse and had rode threw the cow pasture. There I had witnessed the bull fucking a cow. The bulls wong was huge meaning in length and width. The cow seemed to enjoy the bull. Watching this made me cream my pussy. I was still a virgin. But I had suck a few cocks and been eaten out a few times. So I knew what sex was.

Well I was putting my horse up and my Uncle came in the barn. He is a huge man. Meaning he stands about 6’5″ and probaly weighs 270. He asked how my ride was. I said great. Then I asked did you know the bull is fucking the cows. He laughed and said yes that’s his job honey. Then he said I wish I had something to fuck too! I smiled and said that can be arranged. I have always wanted an older man to be my first. He smiled and said follow me. I did and we went to his office. He had a pull out couch in there and he pulled it out. By now I knew he meant business. He came up to me and started to kiss me. His large hands went under my sweatshirt and were rubbing my teats. Soon he removed my sweatshirt and then he gazed at my teats and said your really stacked baby. Next he removed my jeans and panties and laid me on the bed. He stood there smiling. I asked are you going to join me. He said yes he just needed to be inivited. Soon he was removing his clothes. I looked at him and was amazed by his cock. It was huge meaning it looked to be 10 or 12 inches and sticking out. He supported it with his hand. I then knew I was to be bedded. He got on the bed and started to nurse my teats. This felt wonderful. Next he moved down to my pussy and started to eat me out. I came right away. Then asked your moist and are you ready for me. I moaned yes. He spread my legs and tried to mount me. I screamed out in pain as he pushed in. He wasn’t half in me yet. He stopped and said your so TIGHT! Then he said I will break you in as I did your mom and your aunt get down on your knees. I did and he came behind me and mounted like a bull does. This time he slide in and started to fuck me. Now I was moaning in pleasure. He continued for a long time and I came alot. Then he said here comes and he slammed in and I could feel his seed running into me. When he pulled out his cock was covered with my virgin blood. We then went and took a shower together. Next I sucked him till he was hard again. He fucked me 3 more times that afternoon the normal missionary position now that he fit. He told me all about fucking my mom when she was my age and that she was broke in for my dad when he fucked her the first time. Althou he told me that my dad was hung very well also. Then he told me my older cousin had been broken in by my dad at my age also. So it seems like they keep it in the family. I told him I wasn’t on the pill and I could get pregant and he laughed and said he had been fixed long ago and so was my dad. Then he suggested I go home and find my dad when he was alone and fuck him too. I said I would! That another STORY!

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