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Hunting Fun

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Where it happened: Camper
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My dad owns some farm land and every fall hunting season guys call him up to see if they can, hunt, it’s a big thing guys come from out of state and spend a lot of money to hunt on people’s ground… anyway last year this guy from Tennesee called up and asked if he and some buddies could come up for the first weekend and hunt… it’s kewl with my dad, he makes like $75 a head per day… So anyway the first day of the season my dad and I went out to the farm with the shotguns and were gonna make sure no one else was hunting it as well as show the guys around and help ’em out some..
Well, we got there and met the guy and his buddies as well as his old daughter Anna.. She was gorgeous, 5′ 9″ Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, 34c, wearing short cutoffs and a tanktop.. very tan and the sweetest southern accent that just turns me on… well, she wasn’t going out to hunt with us which bummed me cause I just wanted to watch her all day… “screw the birds, give me Anna” I remember thinking…. so needleass to say when we were walking away from the camper I was thinking about her, well since I wasn’t paying attention to where I was walking, and about 100 yards from the camper I stepped into a gopher hole and fucked up my ankle. The guy who owned the camper they brought with them told me that I could go in and lay down on the couch..
well, I made my way back to the camper and was making my way around to the door when I heard some moaning… I peaked in a window and saw Anna on the couch with her hand in her shorts rubbing herself… Well, I decided not to embarass her by catching her masterbating and made some very obvious noise so she could hear me, a moment later she looked out the doorway and asked what I was doing backed, I told her about my ankle and she told me to come in and relax..
When I got into the camper I could just barely detect the smell of pussy.. I limped over to the couch and sat down, she asked if I wanted something to drink and I asked what she had… she went to the fridge and leaned in giving me a great view of her ass… she grabbed a couple cokes and asked it was ok, me still thining about her ass said it was fantastic… she smiled and tossed me the coke, and sat down next to me… we started talking about school and relationships, from what I picked up I found out she wasn’t a virgin and that her boyfriend had just left her for a longtime friend of hers.. Well, I realized that I hadn’t even opened up my coke buy before I did, I gave it a sligfht shake just enough for the carbonation to work in my favor and when I opened it i ended up spraying her.. I ap9ologized and she said it was ok and went to the bedroom to change… but 1) she didn’t close the door all the way(about halway) and 2) there was a mirror on it which from where I was sitting gave me the perfect view of her stripping… and what a great show I saw… she took of her shorts and I realized she wasn’t wearing panties and her pussy was shaved… she rubbed it a little and put a finger in and out a few times.. then she took off her tanktop and bra and put on another tanktop with no bra at all… needless to say, when she came out in a new pair of cutoffs and a fresh tanktop, I was hard as a rock..
She saw it asked if I was peaking and I admitted that it was a great view that I just had to see… she blushed and said that since I saw her it would only be fair to see me.. I smiled and said only if I could see her again… she said ok and started to strip, I stopped her and took over for her… I walked around behind her and I ran a hand along her thigh and up her side, brought it over and down to her pussy which I rubbed a little on the outside of her cutoffs I slowly started kissing her neck and unbuttoned her shorts and rub her pussy.. My other hand went up her shirt to her great tits… while I was doing this she started rubbing her ass into my hard cock..
I pushed her down onto the couch and pulled off her shorts and started eating her out… she grabbed my hair and held my head down there until she reached a ferocious orgasm.. after that she looked at the bulge in my jeans an said “We better get him free before he hurts himself,” wiht that she pulled down my jeans and boxers and started sucking my cock.. I just layed back and enjoyed it.. I had never had a blowjob quite like it before adn after I came and we sat up for a moment and talked, I realized why… she had a tongue ring, I asked her about it because I hadn’t seen it earlier and she said she knew I could see her when she was changing so she stepped into an area of the bedroom I couldn’t see and put it in…
Well, I was soon hard again and when she saw it she pushed me down and sat on my cock, it was the most wonderfull feeling of warmth I’ve ever experienced and when I was about to cum, I told her and she was just so caught up in what we were doing all she could do was moan the word pill… well, I let go and came in her.. she started to stop but I said no, keep going and rolled so I was on top and kept fucking her until she came again…
well, when we caught our breath we decided to get dressed and and wait for everyone to come back.. it was good that they didn’t for another 20 minutes because we needed it… because when we started getting dressed we ended up fuccking once more… but finally I heard the dogs coming back and we got dressed really quick… and just before they got back I realized she wasn’t wearing a bra and told her to get one on so her dad wouldn’t be suspicious… (afterall, he had a gun and I couldn’t run with my ankle the way it was…) so she got a bra on and sat down just before they got back…
The next day we went out again and i ended up spending my day in the camper again repeating the previous day… and the next day after that they came to our house and I showed her around she was wearing a sun dress that last day so I could just lift up the skirt and pull down her panties… I fucked her once in the basement when nobody was around and then went back upstairs, and my dad told me he was gonna show the hunters our garage and project car (a ’74 Cuda) after they left I bent her over the couch i the living room and fucked her again… we went up to my room and I layed on my bed and she sucked my cock hard and then rode it until we both had an orgasm…after that she gave me her panties and address and phone number.. and she had to go home.. atleast once a week we would talk and have phone sex all year…
when I 8 I got some money that my grandparents had left me when they died and was able to pay for her to fly up to see me and go to prom with me.. everybody thought we made the cutest couple and let me tell you, we had a lot of sex before she left… the only time were weren’t fucking was during prom and even then we were grinding on eachother so much… I’m going to college in Nashville and she’s planning to come here next year too…

I love you Anna!

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