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Hurt Me Daddy!!! (fictional story–FREAKS ONLY!!)

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Home
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Saturday afternoon I’m just getting off work my name is Joe. Clocked out headed home thinking about my wife and grabbing my dick at the same time. Thinking damn!!! When is she going to remember I still have one, it’s been 8 months since I’ve even seen my wife naked. So I quickly get that thought out of my mind because I’m pulling and it’s like my wife knows when I’m thinking mannish, because she quickly starts an argument. I look at my self in the rear view mirror, make sure I’m not looking horny, wipe my breath off my face and walk in.
I’m rushed with a big hug by my 16yr old daughter “hi daddy! I missed you!” I missed you too baby girl. As she turned to sit back down I patted my daughter on her nice round ample ass. She jumped up slightly and slightly turned her head and winked her right eye. I went in to the living room to kiss my wife, bent down she turned her cheek so I kissed her cheek. How was your day baby I asked she said “hmm!” and turned her head even farther. So I said fuck it at least I still have my daughter. So I sat by my daughter for a second and thought I better go get in the shower and clean my self up.
My wife jumps up and says “Rachel you’re coming with me.” My daughter said “No I’m not I’m staying here with my daddy!” My wife looks at me with disgust and turned her head walked out with out saying a word.
Rachel says to me “Daddy what are you about to do?” I’m getting in the shower baby girl. I said. She says “I love you daddy!” as I walk up the stairs. So I get my self ready for my shower turn on my water nice and warm. I swear I hear some moaning downstairs, I want to ask what was going on, but I just let it go figuring she was just humming a song.
I get in the shower, uhhhh feels so good, I rubbed the water all over my body touched my dick he instantly jumps up. I need to do something about this thing quick. For some strange reason I started thinking about my daughter’s ass all nice and plump it was so weird but it felt so good. I grabbed the soap started washing my self up like fuck it let it go but the more I tried not to remember the more it played in my head my daughters ass on my dick. Quit if my daughter knew I was thinking about her like that she would probably never speak to me again. So I forgot about it and kept washing up.
All of a sudden some came in the door and closed it behind them, I hear them walking toward the shower. Then out of nowhere I hear “Want me to wash your back daddy?”. It’s my daughter OH SHIT!!! It’s my daughter, did she know I was in here thinking about her and her ass. She opened the shower curtain and said “Were you thinking about me daddy?” Why do you say that baby girl? “Cuz I was thing about you, taste my fingers.” and instantly stuck them in my mouth. “You like how it tastes daddy? I was thinking about you the whole time daddy no one else I promise”. I got as hard as a rock, but I couldn’t believe it my own daughter, but then I was like whom better to teach her but me. So I opened my eyes from washing the soap off my face and to my surprise she was buck naked.
I think by that time my dick had caught an attitude, because he was throbbing and pulsating rapidly. I all of a sudden got bossy; Get your ass in here. Let me clean that pussy. “Ok Daddy.” She said. Rachel got in the shower and got behind me and started washing my back like she asked in the beginning. While she was washing my back she was grabbing my dick at the same time saying “You like that daddy?” “Oh you know I do baby girl you know I do.” Do mommy do you like this daddy?” while she steady jerking my dick. No baby girl only you. That turned her on even more she grabbed both my hands and put them on her ass and pressed her body against mine and moaned “Ohhh daddy!” I couldn’t take it anymore so I said Put this dick in between your legs while I suck on your 34 D’s baby girl! “Ok daddy.” “Suck your baby girl’s titties! I love how you do it daddy”. I’m sucking on my baby girl’s titties, dick still like a diving board, and water still hitting my back.
I guess my daughter was getting impatient she says “Daddy I thought you were gonna clean my pussy?” Let’s get out of this water baby girl I want to do it right. “Ok daddy but I’ve never had it done before daddy.” she said. Oh really well I’ll be teaching you something new baby girl. “All of this is new to me daddy. I have never been touched by a man before daddy.” Good I like teaching new people new things. Now lay your ass on the bed and assume the position. She got on her back fast and lifted her legs. In between those legs looked like heaven my baby girl’s pussy so plump and hairless like she knew how I liked it. “Oh daddy eat this pussy you do it so good daddy!” This pussy WET baby girl and that clit is so hard! “Oh daddy flick your tongue over my clit faster daddy faster!” I wondered for a second if she never had it done how does she know how to do it or how it’s done, but I quickly got off that subject for a later time. Lift your legs up higher baby girl. I want to show you something. After getting her pussy wetter than I have ever gotten anyone’s pussy ever I did the ultimate I plunged my tongue so far up her ass hole she cringed with orgasm, squirting all over my face, I’m swallowing and licking at the same time. Did you like that baby girl? “Oh yes daddy! “Now baby girl I am going to teach you how to talk to slow poke. I said. She asked. “Slowpoke? Who is Slowpoke?” Just close your eyes baby girl and open your mouth. I stuck him in her mouth still throbbing, I could tell she never done it before because she bit it, so I told her Oh no baby girl lose your teeth don’t use them at all, use your teeth to guide your lips like a popsicle, you know how to suck on a popsicle right? “Yes daddy I do.” That little bit of advice sent her sailing; she went at it like a pro. Baby girl you do it so well and you learn so fast. Mouth wet like her pussy, it was like once she got the hang of it she couldn’t stop. (Mind you that I haven’t had any type of sexual satisfaction in 8 months) So about 10 min in to the learning process I had to make her stop. “What’s wrong daddy did I do something wrong daddy?” No baby girl you were great I want to teach you something else. “Daddy did you teach mommy all the things you are teaching me?” Yes baby girl I taught mommy all of the things I am teaching you, but you can’t tell mommy I taught you these things!!! Why daddy are you going to tell her?” NO!!! Baby girl it’s our little secret!
She looked at slowpoke and said “Daddy I have never had anything that big inside me before. Is it going to hurt me daddy? “I’m not going to hurt you baby girl I promise!!!!!!!!!!
Are you ready baby girl I will be very gentle. Rachel opened her legs reluctantly but ready, it’s gonna hurt a lil bit baby girl but you’ll quickly get over it, it will feel good baby. “O.K. Daddy, I am ready I know you’re not gonna hurt me daddy. So I grabbed slowpoke and said “Do your thing boy.” I got in between those sweet legs, she was on her back and I asked “Are you ready baby girl?” She looked me in my eyes and said “Yes daddy.” HURT ME DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I slid slowpoke in, she was tighter than I thought. Rachel screams in pain “Ahhh! Take it easy Daddy your dick is big.” I’m sorry baby girl do you want me to stop? “No Daddy” she rushed, “Just go slow.” O.K. O.K. baby girl. So I started head fucking her, only sticking the head of my dick in, she started loving it and moaning uncontrolably. “That feels sooo good Daddy! Don’t stop Daddy please don’t stop!” Now that you are enjoying it, it makes slowpoke grow even more, but I’m still careful until the right time, and then full thrust. I put my whole hip inside my daughter. “Oh my God!” she said before screaming at the top of her lungs with orgasm. “Oh Daddy that felt so good don’t stop PLEASE make me come again Daddy!” “Did you feel me cum Daddy?” She got to talking to me like she was a pro. Yes baby girl I felt you cum. Do you want to cum again? “Please make me cum again Daddy!”
Turn over get on your hands and knees. “O.K. daddy” she said, quick to obey. I want your back down and ass up. “Like this Daddy?” her ass like 2 bouncing balls. I saw nothing but ass and pussy, yes baby girl just like that. Are you ready baby girl? “Yes Daddy what are you waiting on?” So I thrust slowpoke inside that tight wet dripping wet pussy of my ever so lustful daughter. “Oh Daddy!!! HURT ME DADDY!!!”
Right when she was saying that I heard a plop and saw blood my daughter screams slightly. My dick was covered with blood so I got up. “What’s wrong Daddy?” You’re bleeding baby get up off the bed nice and easy don’t want mommy to see the blood on the sheets. She got off the bed without a drop of blood. “What’s next Daddy?” The shower is still on go get in and clean yourself off and I did the same. “I’m back Daddy let’s finish.” she was eager and ready. She got back in the same position. “I’m ready” she said O.K. here I cum. “I know” she laughs “now hurry before Mommy gets home!” My own daughter rushing me to fuck her turned me on even more. “Are you cuming or not?” I’m right here; just make sure you are ready.
I put slowpoke back in, she fuckin me back like she been doin this for years. Ohhh baby girl give it to me!!!! “Cum daddy I want you to cum” No baby girl I want you to cum. So the battle was on who was gonna make who cum first but it seemed like I was winning for a second she said ” I’m about to cum Daddy” Yes baby girl cum and then it hit me, I felt it slowpoke got longer and started pulsating Ohhh I’m about to cum too baby girl I’m about to cum too, but before I could finish Rachel pulled him out and turned around and put slowpoke in her mouth and that’s where I lost control, she’s sucking and I’m exploding, it was sooo good. “Did that feel good?” Rachel asked. Yes. I answered. Was it good for you baby girl? I asked. “The best I ever had Daddy.” Then I thought about earlier, I said how did you know how you wanted me to eat your pussy? She said ” I never said I never been eaten out, I said I never been touched by a man, but I’ve been touched by a woman though.” Ohh. So that proves it my daughter is a freak. So we get out of bed and go down stairs and it was just in time cuz my wife had just pulled up when we got down stairs. She comes in the house looking curious. What’s wrong with you? “Nothing” she said. As she heads upstairs, legs shaking while she walks. Then I hear the shower come on. Yea I know baby keep doin you. I have my own lil secret! Turning to my daughter winking my right eye!

The End!

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