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I am glad my mom remarried

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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: Home
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

Ok I know this sounds bad, but I mean a lot of first time stories are bad. I was 13 and my mom had divorced my dad a year earlier, and she had just gotten remarried about 2 months before all of this happened. I remember her talking to my aunt after the honeymoon about my new step-dad, and she said she has never seen anything like it, and that she would be a happy women for the rest of her life. Well I had an idea about what they were talking about, but thought that I was crazy, and just had sex on the brain. I had just started puberty a few months before they got married and now had some hair down there, and had developed into a B cup, and sex was on my mind almost everyday.

At least three times a week I would here weird sounds coming from their room, and I of course started to wonder about them. One night they were really loud, as my mom just got back home after being gone for about three days. (She was, and still is a flight attendant) I went to go and investigate. By the time I had made got enough courage to see what they were doing, I had missed most of the show. As I peaked through the door, all I was in the moonlight was my new step-dad hunched over my mom with a weird look on his face, as she sat there an kinda shook. The next night I stayed awake, and waited to see if I would hear the same noises as the night before. Sure enough I did, but these noises were different than the first-time…the voice was much lower in pitch. I sprang from my bed, and peaked through the door again. This time the lights were on, and I saw my mom sucking his penis. I thought that this guy was pretty big seeings how there was a large part of his penis still not in my mom’s mouth. She just kept sucking on this thing, and it kept growing. She finally stopped and pulled her head back. I now know she was deep-throating this thing. It was the biggest penis I had, and have thus far ever seen. It was like a third leg, and about as wide as my wrist. I sat there and felt this strange feeling down between my legs, and I started to feel moist, and I thought I was peeing my pants. I left, thinking I need to get into a fresh pair of pants. When I went to see what was going on with myself, the fluid was not yellow, but clear, and it had a different smell than urine. As I touched myself while trying to clean this fluid up, I felt funny. It started to feel really good actually, and after awhile I could not take the feeling anymore, I thought I was about to explode more or less I stopped, and decided to have another person do this to me.

I thought about the boys in my class, but none of them were to interested in me because there was a girl with really big breast that had all the guys dumbfounded. Then one day I heard my mom say that she was going on to have to be away for two nights and three days for work. I knew that this would be my chance. If they were having sex everyother…to every night then surly my step-dad would be horny.

On the second night, I stayed up, and watched him sleep on his back. After a few hours they sheets had come up, and I could see this thing. I can not put into words how big it was. No joke it came down almost to his knee, and it was very thick. Well I came into the room with wearing no underware, but just a long T-shirt. I pulled back the sheet, and I was takin aback. I had seen it in the shawdows and the moonlight, but this was up close. I started to get wet again, but more wet than I had before the night when I had decided to explore myself. I could see his purple head, and all of the veins in his penis. I very carefully got up on the bed, and squated over it. I tried to slowly put it into me, but to no success. It was just too damn big. Finally I decided just to throw out my legs, and fall on top of this sucker. Well I got about an inch or two in, when my legs touched the ground again by themselves. I was in pain, and lots of it. I saw blood dripping down his penis, I moved down a liitle further and more blood. I just stood there for a long time, and after awhile the pain went away, and I thought I could have more of it inside of me. Well I went down about another inch when he woke up. He had the most startled look on his face. He said “What the hell are you doing?” I took a deep breath, and threw out my legs again, and took a deep breath, and let it all out. This time the whole thing went in, and I felt like I had been well….stuffed. It was a really weird feeling. I then looked at him and told him, “Just trying to have fun.” He pulled me off of him, and saw the blood on his penis. He said that I was crazy and to get back to my room. I said that I had already had him inside of me, and that I had worked hard and bled to do so, and the least that he could do was let me have some fun. I told him that I would not tell my mom. He said “NO!! Damn it!!” I said fine. I got up and he layed back down, bad move because I stood right up again and sat on the damn thing.

This time it went in a little easier, and I started to get up because he said get off, I stood up and then sat down again. I knew in his eyes that he was now mine. He said nothing when I stood up again, and then sat down. He grapped my hips, and threw me on my back. He then just looked at me, and started to pull out. I grabbed him by the ass, just in case he thought we were through and would try escape. He had no choice. He looked at me, and I spread my legs out even further. He just looked at me in my eyes and pushed in. It felt like he had it my stomatch. We just stayed like that for awhile. Then he started to go at it slowly, I had by the fourth stoke had my first orgaism. He looked at me when I was done, and asked if I was done, and I said yes. He told me he wasn’t, and that if he was going to get in trouble for doing this then at least he would get off. He started to push into me and out of me really fast. If felt the friction of his penis in my insides, and thought I was being torn apart, but I was about to cum again. I felt my self started to sqeaze his dick, and felt like I was about to orgasim again. Then I could feel his dick, get bigger, and he got that same look on his face when he did when he was hunched over my mom, and I had my second orgasim. I then felt a fluid rush into me, and i could feel it running down me as well. It seemed as though there was no room for his seman to fit. When he pulled out he said that was one of the nicest fucks he had ever had in his life. Then when the head pop out, it made a sound and I was his white seman flow out of me. I contined to run with seman all night like a leaky faucet.

When my mom came home I told her nothing. I had sex with a few boys in my class, but none of them gave me the same feeling as my step-dad did. Don’t get me wrong, I orgasimed, but it was not as hard, and I just did not feel filled. Me and my step-dad have had sex almost everytime my mom leaves, and it is great. I like it when he says I give better blow-jobs, and am a better fuck then my mom. It gives me some self-satisfaction. We have used protection, but the last time we had sex it broke. I am now a few days late, and am very scared. I know that having sex with your step-dad is not good, but like I said most of these stories of girls being raped, or being drunk and getting fucked are not nice either, and unlike some sick people I did not have sex with a person of the same blood. I don’t know if this is the way I wanted to loose my virginity, nor to have this type of relationship with my step-dad, but I have had a fun time doing it!

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