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I can’t belive I did this

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: a house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

My parents had just died a couple months ago when i got sent to
live with my older sister and her room mate.
They were renting a house in the city. I was not used to city
life since being from the country. Anyways i was haveing a
hard time meeting freinds. At school was a living hell till one day
in P.E class. We were playing volleyball. And that was the only sport
i was good at. Anyways after p.e class a couple of the girls
approched me and said “you know you should try out for the
varsity team. theres no doubt that you will make it.”
and me wanting to fit in said sure. I was told to come to the gym
after school. after a hard try out i got the news that i had made the team.
I was the only new team mate. Anyways after tryouts. the same girls approached me.
They invited me over to one of there houses for a little party.
I said sure. they gave me the address to the house and everything.
The party was ok. i got really drunk though. anyways this one girl
Lisa offered me a ride home afterwards…..i accepted.
when she pulled up to my sisters and mine house.
she asks me if i actually lived here. she was suprised that
i lived in such a big house. I explained that i lived here
with my sister and her room mate.
some how she ended up coming into the house with me. no one was
home yet. I was really drunk and kept bumping into things.
I finally made my way to the couch and sat down. i still hadn’t turned on anylights yet.
Lisa sat down beside me. and says you know your really pretty and since you came to school
i’ve had a crush on you. I don’t reply. She starts rubbing my leg. just above the knee.
i manage to stammer lisa i am into guys not girls.
her reply was have you ever been with another girl.
i said no…. then u can’t say your not into girls then.
suddenly she kiss’s me. i can feel my face start to turn red.
but i kissed her back which suprised me. she leaned me back on the couch till she was
on top of me. i tried to resist but she kept kissing me.
i felt myself go weak. she started feeling my breasts.
i started to get turned on. she took of my shirt and started sucking on my tits.
then she took off my pants and started eating me out. i came within minutes.
then she took off her clothes and sat on my face. she told me to start licking her.
i was really drunk so i did it. she came on my face. it tasted sweet.
she got off me. and for the first time i noticed she brought a bag into the house.
she said lets go to your room. we went to my room and she pulled a strap on out of
her bag. she pushed me to my bed and started fingering me.
first with one finger ther with two. then she put on the strap on and rammed it into my cunt.
it felt so good. after about 20 minutes of fucking she ordered me to turn over on my stomach.
At this point my sisters room mate came home. But i was haveing to much fun to care.
Lisa layed on top of me and said this is going to hurt.
then she stuck the stap on in my ass. It hurt so bad that i felt my self screaming.
joni runs into the room wondering why i was screaming. She see us. all she says is can i jion in.
lisa tells her sure. the rest of the night the three of us
fucked each other. And still today me and joni fuck.
As for lisa we enjoyed fucking for the rest of the school year till she graduated and went to colloege.
but don’t get me wrong i also like guys to still in fact i have a very active boyfreind who is always ready to
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