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I Caught Mom Giving The Neighbor a BJ

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Our Kitchen
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

Last summer when I was 16, I caught my Mother giving the next door neighbor a blow job. I’d come back from the store and heard strange noise coming from the kitchen. When I looked in, I saw my Mom (naked!) sitting in a chair sucking Mr. K******’s cock. He was standing in front of her, with his head all the way back and holding Mom’s head with both hands while he was busy fucking her face! I was all but hypnotized watching his cock disappear and reappear as he furiously pistoned it in and out of Mom’s slurping, sucking mouth. It was SO hot that I came in my pants without even touching my cock!

Just as he was cumming in Mom’s mouth, I stepped into the kitchen to get a better look. Mom saw me and her eyes got really, really BIG! She tried to stop sucking his cock, but Mr. K****** had a “death grip” on her head and kept fucking Mom’s face with everything he had until he finished cumming. Then he let go of her head and opened up his eyes and saw me staring at them.

Mr. K****** tucked his still dribbling cock back in his pants and zipped up. Then, he took me aside and said it was just a one-time thing and gave me $100 to keep my mouth shut about it and quickly left. Mom was still sitting there (naked!) with her lipstick all smeared and crying and sobbing. My cock was already hard again and raring to go as I listened to my mother as she explained how cocksucking was a “weakness” that she’d had since she was 12 years old and begging me not to tell Dad.

So, horny young me made a very top-secret “Mother-Son” deal with her.

Five minutes later I thoroughly enjoyed getting my very first blowjob from my own mother. It was the first of over 400 blowjobs she’s given me since then.

I’ve never told my Dad about any of it and I never will !

Time to go “feed” my Mom again !!!

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