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Age when it happend: 20
Where it happened: In her bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

Here’s my first time, I was 20 years old and in a pretty good shape. I was 5 foot and
9 inches tall and I weight about 185 lbs. I went at my best friend to meet I’m after
school, but he wasn’t there, because he had a special class after school that I didn’t
knew. So, I was alone in is house with is 14 years old sister. She was just getting
into her puberty, she was growing breasts, was turning into a woman almost over night,
and she add a body that would just take your breath away. Her name is Vanessa, she
have brown hair and brown eyes, she’s 4 foot and 4 inches tall, she weight 90 lbs and
her measurements where about 19-15-18. She was little but very cute, with small tits,
and a nice ass.

But is cute sister was with is boyfriend that have 16 years old and he was
very small.She was telling me that they just add sex, and her boyfriend was taking a shower.
Me and her we where very close has good friends and she was telling me that he was ok in
sex but not great, because she add good experience with her last boyfriend, and she wanted
to brake up with I’m. She look at me and she add a idea. She said to me “do you want me?”
so she kiss me on my lips. I didn’t knew what to do, it was the first time a girls realy
wanted me. I haved ever been with a girl before. She took off her shirt, and while she was
kissing me again, she reached in to my pants and started to feel my dick. When she pulled
out my dick, she was stuned by the size of my huge dick. I felt my over sized cock of 12 inches
rised, as she bent down and started sucking my head, she was having trouble trying to get
her mouth around it. But my 12 inches dick would just not fit right in, only a quarter would
fit in her mouth. I pulled my thick dick out of her mouth, because I could see right away
that it would never fit. She was amazed looking at my big fat cock hanging out of my pants.
I said to her that it yould be the first time I would do this, but she was ok with it.
After taking all hour close off, I just look at her like if she was a angel, mean while is
boyfriend come out of the bathroom, and he see both of us nude, and the hand of Vanessa on
my huge dick. She look at im and said: “her’s a real man, go home with your 5 inches”. So he
left crying and runing at is home.

After going in her bedroom, she layed on the bed and her legs spread wide open, she told me to
lick he small pink pussy. So I got in between her legs and started to lick her pussy up and
down. It was a great feeling licking her hot pussy lips. After i’v inserted 1 finger, and a
other, and a other, she started to moan. With a super wet hot pussy, she wanted me to
penetrated her. I moved up in between he spreaded legs and I started to rub my thick and hot
dick up and down against her pussy lips. She was liking that alot. Then I got on top of her
and placed the tip of my dick between her pussy lips, she felt me pushing it in, at first she
thought that this was going to be easy. Because there was no pain, at that time she didnt realize
that all I had in was about a half of an inch of just the head. All of a sudden she felt by
starting in tears and her eyes wher just like poping out, because I went in to her and it was hurting
like hell she was saying. She was looked down and she could see that I had only the head inside her
and about 2 inches of the base in, I was stretching her so wide that she couldnt close her legs.
She said “it hurt bad” so I changed my angle and my thick cock started to rub against her clit and
in an instant the pain turned to pure pleasure and she wanted more of that cock inside of her and
that went she started to scream like hell of pleasure. I reared back and thrust very hard and it
almost went all in to her and she was shaking just like crazy. I started moving in and out in to
her really slow, but I was using alot of force. She had around 8 inches in to her and I couldn’t
go into her more, so I know it wont fit in all the way, but she was getting realy hot. She could
feel my big cock going in deeper. Then I started to pump in and out her jussy pussy faster. At this
point she was very stimuled. She said that she was feeling an orgasm coming on. So I continued to
pump harder and I reached the most unbelievable orgasm such as her. I squeezed my thigh against her
as I continued to pump against her very fast to fuck her brains out. After 30 mins I said I am going
to cum. So I asked if I could shoot my cum inside of her. She was so excited that she said yes. So I
started to pounded her so hard that she almost passed out, then it happend I came in to her. Because
she was so young and she was so small they where no room for my big cock and all of that cum inside
he tight pussy. So when I came the cum gushed out of her and splatted all over me and her because my
cock was forcing out like a bullet, when I finally finished, I slowly pulled that huge cock of mine
out, it was still gushing cum and it soaked her face and when it got to the head of it, it made a
popping sound because of the tightness of her hot pussy. After I came, we layed in each others arms.
She like the feeling of warm sperm dripping out of her pussy.

She wasn’t finish, she told me that she wanted more, but in her ass. I spit several times on her asshole
then I got up on my knees on the bed behind her, took my hard 12 inches cock in my hand and guided the
tip into her very small asshole. I began to push it in her ass very slowly but after that I buried the rest
of my massive cock into her asshole. It started to be very smooth and easy to fuck, so I began to ream her
ass has hard has I could and the deeper into her butthole. She was screaming like crazy and moaning she felt
like I was going to split her in half by reamming her ass so hard. After 20 minutes through the pain
turned into intense pleasure and she began to fuck back. I had so much cum comming that she took my cock
out of her, and I exploded all the cum in her face, so she began licking the cum off my dick. When it
was over she got up, she couldn’t close her legs she walked bull legged all the way to the bathroom
and all the way there wear a trail of my cum on the floor it was still squirting out of her pussy. She
got up and went to the bathroom to clean her self up. She looked down at her pussy to see if it was
still leaking out and she was telling me that she couldn’t beleive it, her hole was still gaping open.
And now we are very good friends and we still see us again.

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