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I fucked my aunt

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Age when it happend: 11-14
Where it happened: UK
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

Actually it’s not my aunt she came to stay with my sister.when i was 11 years old she came in our home and when i saw her boobs my cock became straight.she got a perfect ass to fuck and her boobs size is 34DD that time.then at the first night i went to her bed room.i touched her boobs she woke up from sleep and i was very afraid and she told what are you doing here.Like this i went there 1 month she didn’t let me touch her boobs.one day I inserted my hand in her cloths but couldn’t touch her nipples for her bra.One day her sister came to take her home.after two years now i’m 13 my aunt came in our home.she said she will stay.than at my birthday my aunt asked me “do you have any GF’s??”…I said “NO”..after 7 days my parent’s wanted to send me to UK for education..But my parents were thinking who i will stay with..suddenly my aunt came out from her bedroom and asked what happened and my mom asked will you go UK with my son..she told “Of course” than after 2 day’s we make our way to UK..when we took a hotel there was t.v room and a bedroom..my aunt asked will you take a bath i said yes..she said me you go first..than when i came out of the bath..she entered..I was watching t.v suddenly she called me and told to give her the towel..and I went to give her the towel I saw a green bra and a pantry too..i did’nt took that i just took the towel and gave her..than she told she need that also.. i gave her and started watching t.v and she came from the bath wearing her bikinis..she told u wanna play..I told yes let’s do it..she took my hand and started pressing her boobs with my hand and she opened my zipper while i was sucking her boobs..she told at 14 years you got a 26 inch cock..and told to fuck her without condoms..i fucked her..after that night she became pregnant and she’s not even married….I made her boobs 38DD and i fucked her from that night till today 41 times….

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