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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: Swimming pool
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

I’m 19. I live with my Dad who is 42. He and my Mom split several years ago, and she moved to California. Dad is dating a beautiful young lady, Joan. She’s 32. One night, about two weeks ago, Joan came over. My Dad happened to be gone at the time. I was in our back yard pool, swimming by myself. Joan asked if she could join me. I told her it was O.K. with me, and she went in the house and changed into a black bikini. Next thing I knew, she had dived in, and was swimming around. She looked scrumptious. I got a hard on. She couldn’t miss seeing it since it was peeking out a half inch from the band of my speedos. “What’s that you’ve got there?” she asked. “It’s called a boner,” I replied. “It looks very interesting,” she responded. “Do you want to see more?” I answered. “Sure,” she said.

With that, I peeled off my trunks and swam toward her stark naked. She took off her top and bottom, and got naked as well;. Pretty soon we were making out against each other’s bodies, in the water. “Have you ever fucked a real woman?” she said. “I sure have,” I responded again. And with that, we swam to the edge of the pool, by the steps, and she just laid there, while I inserted my 8″ into her and started fucking. She loved it, and responded in kind, pushing into my torso as hard as she could. After ten minutes or so, I came three times, in rapid succession, inside her. She screamed my name out loud.

After that she gave me a great blow-job. I was still hard as a rock.

My Dad never found out, although he came home about an hour later. Since then, I’ve fucked Joan twice — in her bed, at her apartment! She invited me over. So, I guess we’re a threesome — at least for awhile.

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