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I had lost my mind

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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Home
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

My brother had a baby with this pretty girl who was still in summer school. This little baby girl was cute and I loved babysitting her while she was in school. She breast fed and always pumped so I have a bottle or two while she was gone to feed her daughter. I was young and had small breast and I looked at the electric breast pump. Well I took off my bra and hooked it to me. It hurt so I turned it down, I wondered if it would make my breast bigger. So for like a while I let it suck on me every day. Then one day my brothers girlfriend forgot to leave breast milk in the fridge . Well she had a half bottle from the day before . So I tasted it . It was sweet but still good. So when the time came I fed the half bottle to the baby girl. Of course she was still hungry . So I put some distiller water in the bottle and liked to drown the baby . The rubber nipple was wrong for water. The girl was crying so I thought just this once and I gave her my nipple. She sucked so hard it hurt like hell. She wasn’t crying so I was bearing through it. Well she sucked a long time and her mom finally came home and fed her. I was so happy . Boy were my nipples sore that night. The next day as I was babysitting I had my top up and bra off getting air to my nipples I noticed a crust on the tip of my nipple. My breast felt fuller and I thought no way. So I went to the breast pump and turned it on. It hurt cause it was on high but I had some milk in both breast. A couple ounces each. I did some reading that night and drank some water as I wanted bigger breast . Well the next morning I had gained some size and fullness and I couldn’t wait to babysit my brothers baby . This was bad wasn’t it . I fed that baby all me two feedings. I froze the babys mothers milk in plastic bags in the deep freeze down stairs. I loved my new breast, and when I nursed, the baby and I fell asleep, it felt wonderful. Well this went on for a week and a half . I squeezed in three feedings one before my brothers girlfriend came home. Well of course the baby isn’t that hungry cause I just fed her. Well the girlfriend chatted to me as the baby barely nursed her at all . She is never hungry till 5 PM and then she has a long nurse . She is gaining weight well though. My boyfriend came home from a visit out of state and wanted to visit. At the first hug he looked down . You wearing a new bra? Why yes I am . Did you do something to your self? No. I lied. He felt me up right there . I grabbed his hands and told him stop. He had never felt me up before. You are stuffing your bra no one gets big in three weeks . I’ve been hugging you for two years doing my best to feel your breast on my chest . I like the way you are take that that stuff off. I was caught cause he was gone and saw the change. I was pouting and unbuttoned my top but I didn’t open my blouse. Want to see me . I said . I reached under in back and unfastened. Sure you want to he said . I got to show some one and I got teary eyed. My fourteen year old boy friend hugged me and wouldn’t let go. I’m not ready he said. I wanted to show him but he wouldn’t let me. He started to talk about his vacation and as he was turned around I took off my bra. He was talking a mile a minute so I positioned my self at the door his only exit . I opened my blouse and he stopped talking mid sentence. Say something! He was quiet and looked at me . I’m too young he said . Me too just look it’s all I want. I said . In a minute he wasn’t scared any more . You got surgery ? He asked. No I got milk.
Girls get milk at 15 ?
Not exactly all girls just me.
I buttoned up and we decided to meet in the morning.
The baby was dropped off hungry and he was there
The girlfriend hurried to school.
My boyfriend noticed my haltertop with no bra . And I sat down and lifted my top and the baby girl latched on making lots of smacking noise. Oh my gosh you are nursing and he sat beside me and watched as the nipple not getting nursed dripped milk. He caught a drip on his finger and tasted it . Really sweet I like it, and he caught another drip . Oh just suck it please . He grabbed my full breast and before his mouth was fully open three or so sprays of milk hit his face. When he sucked slowley at first. It was better than the baby. I got a huge mouth full he said with a big grin. Then he went for more and drained one breast as the baby was on the other side still sucking away. I burped the baby knowing the more I was nursed the more I made. This is great and my boyfriend came over at my request on Saturday and Sunday and he nursed heavey on my large breast. Disaster finally came as my brothers girlfriends summer school came to an end. I was asked to take her for three days so she could do good on her finals. So for me it was easy I nursed her steady. My brother and his girlfriend thanked me and took the baby and went home. They came back in 4 hours and the baby was screaming. She won’t take a bottle from me or your brother. Here you feed her . I was in my PJ’s and I was so full . I felt my milk let down as the baby cried and the wet spots gave away my secret. The baby pulling up my top was the final nail in my 15 year old coffin. You better feed her my brother said before I ring your milk driping neck. His girl friend lifted my PJ top and looked at my full breast. How on earth . Their little girl slurped away on me as they held the bottle in amazment. You have school in two weeks what then? I laughed my boyfriend in the morning and your daughter after school. They forgave me and I nursed her when I got home from school till she was 11 months old. I nursed my boyfriend not as much. I can’t wait till I have my own baby. But I’m still a virgin although I let my boyfriend lift my skirt and touch me last week. He pulled my pants down after I said it was safe. I told him he could go all the way . But he said he was fine just looking around. It felt so sexy him opening me up with his fingers. Maybe he will poke a finger in me next time. Maybe something bigger. I love these stories . When I lose my virginity I will write.

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