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i like to jerk guys off

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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: school bus
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I am horny now after reading some of the stories posted here,some are really hot. I can have a cum or two while reading and playing with ma pussy,its hot. I want to share an experience here and what gets me off now after my little experience with a guy in my school bus,it happened quite awhile ago when i was just 13 and the dude was 14.
We are from the same neighbourhood so we ride the same school bus. I knew him before since he stays a few blocks from my place and when i went on to junior high i get to go to school with him. He is a hot looking dude,slim and with some muscles and ‘muscle’ if you know what i mean.
One day the bus was quite empty since it was exams,so we were the last on the route home. I was sitting somewhere in the middle and the dude was at the last row in the bus. He called for me and i went to sit with him and suddenly i realise that he had his cock out. It was stiff and poking out from his trouser zip hole. I nearly jumped and stood up in automatic response but he grabbed my hands and pulled me back to the seat. I sat back but i couldnt take my eyes off his cock. He looked quite big and sits the first time that i am seeing a cock real life.
Looking at him,i took it that he is horny and he wrapped my hands around his stiff cock making the up and down motion,”grip it harder and jerk me fast” he told me in a hoarse voice. I seriously dont know what happened to me but i did as he wanted. I was getting excited and my pussy was getting wet,i could feel it. I jerked his stiff hard cock like my life depended on the act. It was really so sex..having his cock in my hands and jerking his private,made me so sexy. I was thinking this is so cool im having a guys cock in my hand and im jerking him and he is going to cum in my hands too.All this was going through my head as he started to moan a little louder and he started to sort of fuck my hands and suddenly he whispered urgently that he is going to cum and made me to jerk him real fast and hard. I thought i was going to kill his cock by strangling it. He erupted,his first shot hit me on my school uniform,his second landed on my forearm and the third dribbbled down to my palm. I never missed a bit,i kept jerking till his spasms stopped and as i removed my hand his cock i noticed was still hard but was throbbing wildly and he was moaning softlyy satisfied that he got his rocks off with a virgin girl like me. I quickly got up,since he is too tired out to move and went to my seat and sat there looking at my hand still stained with fresh cum,so thick and white. I smelled it,a light male smell and i licked it tasting it,it was lightly salty and it tasted a bit weird. I didnt like it but i always wanted to taste it,later on in my other affairs with guys.
Anyway,after our first time it became my duty of sorts to jerk him off either in the bus or at school. This went on for a year he was there and after his high school he moved on to college and we saw very little.
After that my attention was focused on another guy in my schoolbus. He was a year junior to me but he was friendly and nice and handsome. We share the seat in the bus and i would tease him mostly during our ride to and fro,school. I would rub his crotch and make him hard and laugh at him untill he finally got fed up. One afternoon as i was disturbing him he got all fired up and he got his stiff cock out and showed it to me. At first i was laughing but my hand went to his cock and started to jerk him as he looked at me and then my hands. He came in my hands in a minute.. He shot all over my hand and his pants. He shot a bucket of sperm as it was his first time a girl jerked him off he said. It really wet my panties. I was horny like mad and after i reach my home i quickly stripped and masturbated and climaxed immediately. I was horny even after that and came a few times. I have never let the boys touch me even when i masturbate them,i only like to jerk their cocks. I have done it in college with a few guys and i have seen quite a few cocks,their sizes and colour and i ave tasted their cum but i never suck them. I love to jerk guys off. U can called my fetish. I like to see a guy jerk off too. Once i had a scare when this flasher jump me and showed his erect cock and he was jerking off. At first i was scared but i soon realise he gets his rocks off by the shock he gives his victim and i just stood there while he jerked and came right there for me to see. I was mesmerised by his big cock but i left once he stopped cuming. I am so turn on by guys jerking off and i have vcd and dvds of guys jerking and internet webs on it. I am in my 20s now and sometimes i pick on lonely guys and jerk them off in my car or wherever i might pick them up. I just cant help my pervesity with jerking a guy off get my kinks off. I have a boyfren now and i jerk him more than i actually fuck him and he doesnt mind but he encourages by kinks. Actually he was just a guy i picked on the road for me jerk him and he became my boyfren after i picked him up the third time. He is quite kinky too,he likes to watch me jerk guys off,so he is my best buddy and boyfren for now.What an exciting thing to write about,i hope some of you have experience my jerking and if you are reading this let me tell ya its my pleasure and i would do it again if you approach me,even with my boyfren there..cheers for all the fun

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