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I sucked my bro and she screwed him in his sleep

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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: My brothers room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I don’t remember how it started . We should of been punished for what we did with my brother. I am sure it is only because we were never found out . Let’s go back to 1964 .Raised in the middle class suburbia of western Chicago. My parents had a big old Buick with the big back seat. My brother, one year my senior, and I were always back there and he was always falling asleep. I started pulling pranks mostly out of boardom. I found I could put his shoes on the wrong feet and he wouldn’t wake . So I would button his shirt wrong, turn a sock inside out, make his belt miss beltloops and stuff like that. My brother was a hell of a sleeper and one evening after he was exhusted after football practice I wanted to see how hard it was to wake him up. So it was 10 PM and I called his name, shook him, moved his arms and legs and he didn’t wake. I pulled back his pajama’s and looked at the family gem’s. This will wake him up for sure. I touched him and he slept. My mind filled with all manner of bad things but I didn’t do any thing. YET.
I continued trying to wake him up. A wet cold wash cloth was what I came up with . Everything and I mean everything else failed, even sitting and bouncing on his chest in bed couldn’t wake him. Knowledge is a dangerious thing. I told my girlfriend and soon we were partners in crime. About 10 was a safe time because my brother had a bath and was sound asleep . My girlfriend was first she wanted to put her A cup nipple in my brothers mouth. She did this on my dare. I came up with the idea if we put honey on her nipple would he suck. He did but only one or two sucks. I was still a double A and only needed a training bra but I put my nipple in my brothers mouth at my girlfriends request.
Oh this was just the beginning, we were so bad. I had a big growing spurt and went from a size 5 to size 8 at age 13 . I was bigger than my brother by a little for a while. His voice was cracking and he was going through puberty . My girlfriend found if she gave my brother a tootsie pop before he went to bed he would be more active on her breast. My tender growing full almost B cup got a real hard suck that sent me into pain orbit. I kept it in there and he sucked a minute . We would roll my brother to his back and at first we just looked at his ball sack move. Then I would feel his balls all relaxed there and start to touch his penis. I think we did this two or three times. The time we almost got caught it almost put and end to our endevors. We had our bra’s off and  I was wearing a short blouse that was exposing the bottom of my breast, but not my nipple. I was in my panties and my girlfriends panty was sheer and micro for the day. My brother had a transistor radio under his pillow and was listining to a ball game. I couldn’t hear the radio and I was whispering to my girlfriend as I was leaning over my brother’s bed. When we turned our head he had quite an eyefull and had an arm behind my knees . Hay don’t tell dad he doesn’t like me listening to the radio in bed. I was going to warn you about the radio I lied. Thanks Sis, he pulled my knees in and lifted my top a little, didn’t need much to see all. You are growing up. I let him look as long as he wanted . I guess he should see what he has had in his mouth. He called my girlfriend to come to the bed and she came the third time he waved her over. You look real nice he said put your arms down. She did and you could see her well through the sheer top. He pulled the radio from the pillow and turned it off. Don’t tell dad he said and closed his eyes.
It was thanksgiving week end and months later . My brother was very worn out from his activities and my girl friend and I had slept in the car for hours on our ride home from dinner at relations. We were wired and he was exhusted .
The parents went to see a movie which was our green light.
My brother was so asleep, and we had him all spralled out . This is the best present I could get said my girlfriend. She did a strip and climbed on my brother and lay on him. She was humping him like a dog it was so funney and we laughed. He was asleep and limp so she opened her legs and took his lip penis and was gratifying her self. We then took turns sucking on him . My girl friend said I want to suck real hard. Don’t hurt him, so I watched his face.  He got big and hard and we marveled at the sight. So I sucked my first hard penis. We practiced sucking my brother . My girlfriend looked at me and put my brothers feet together. Not saying a word she climbed on him . Don’t do it, I said . She positioned over him.How does it look ? So I looked and held it where it should go and she came back a little, and it went in some. It’s so tight she said. What did you expect, it’s not like you are married? She went down on him and was breathing heavy . She raised up and I saw no blood. She went down on him and had slow sex and announced it’s better . She got a dose of reality when my brothers hands grabbed her hips . Oh God ! She screamed . He was asleep. She climbed off and she played with him and he came in suprising thin milky squirts and we both tasted it.
Well we took his virginity and he never knew.   We cleaned him up and my girl friend still had that look . She looked at the clock on the wall . I was still in my dress like Mrs Cleaver    But I couldn’t keep my finger off my clitoris. My girlfriend, now a full blown woman was sucking hard on my brothers penis. He was hard and she lowered and I could tell she was grooving on him. I was so wishing I was her and he wasn’t my brother. She was bouncing the springs hard and I said he is going to wake up. Give it to me she was saying . He is asleep  he can’t I told her. Yes he can and she kept going. You’ll get pregnant. Not me, she said. There it is she said . It feels so good.  I saw my parents headlights pull in the drive.  Damn she said he is still so good and she reluctantly raised up and I went to meet my parents and stall them. We were never caught.

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