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i want it again !!

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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: my room/woods/car
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

to tell the truth the was my first girlfriend. She was a cheerleader until she hurt her knee, and she is very out going. Well it took some time but after becoming buddy-buddy with her i asked her out. She Was GOOD LOOKing TOO!
She had some huge tits they are so big that she has to get a size higher just to make room for them.
Well about 2 months into the relationship we were in my room watching some movie (horror) she got scared i squeezed her more. I accidently touched her tit. She look at me with no expression, at this point i was thing oh my what have i done. Then she smiles and frenches me. Then she said it was cold so we pulled the covers over us. I had no clue what was about to happen, well we were laying there and she takes my hand and puts it under her shirt. I was like what the, and YES at the same time. She then asked me if I want to fool around with her. I said yes first because i was horny at this point and becaues neither of my parents werent home. She then throws back the cover, gets up shuts the blinds. We then began kissing each other and then she took off her shirt then her skirt then her bra then her panties. I stoped and look and her pussy was dripping i mean she was hot. So suck on her tits lick them and rubbed them then i fingered her. She then said she would like to return the favior. She took my shirt off then my pants then my boxers. She kissed my body and then she put her cold hand on my balls IT FELT SO GOOD. I was so intoxicated that i had to close my eyes and enjoy. She then started to rubb my dick and say stuff like is it good and stuff then with out warning she stuffed my big wet dick in her mouth and began to suck and blow. I shoot a huge amount of cum in her mouth. SHE SWALLOWED ALL OF IT AND IT WAS A LOT. Then we sat there got dressed and waited for my parents to get home.
When my parents got home we acted like normal. We tryed to finish watching the movie in my room. I was still really horny. I pulled the covers over us and began rubbing her tits under her shirt and i put my hand up in her skirt and rubb her panties against her pussy. This got her going again so we decided we were going to go “WALK”.
We got to the end of the street and we went into the woods. We found a spot in the woods and we stripped each other. I fingered her and she jacked me. She made me shoot it in to an bush because she didnt want to suck it off.
Then she had to go home it was really dark outside. Well while my mom was driving we sat in the back seat and talked.
She moved her hand to do something and she touched the tip of my dick. It felt good, and without knowing i let out a low moan. My mom did not hear she was really sleepy and and had just woaken up so she didnt hear. The whole way there she rubbed my dick so i thought i would give her some so i rubbed her wet pussy through her pink lace panties. She made me cum in my pants, but since she had made cum three times that day and each had been a big one i was low on cum
so it didnt wet my pants.

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