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Age when it happend: 25
Where it happened: on my way home from work
Langauge: ENGLISH
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I am a petite lady of 26,i have a nice body with a pair of 38 ” breast,26 waist and 34 butt. I have been married for more than 10 years now. My husband is 35 and we have no children. Our sex life can make the dog yawn,5minutes to dump his sperm and its a once awhile affair. Many guys have hit on me,at work and public. I am a one man woman,so affairs are out. Even though im sexually deprived i try to masturbate often and get it out of my system but its not easy,ask any woman.
I work as a computer related work,and travel by bus and train to work. I have been molested in the bus and train many times but i just take it as the rush hours are jammed pack with the human traffic using the public transportation,i have to bear with it. I leave early and come home late. One day i just finish work and it was around 10pm when i was walking home from the bus stop,it takes about 15minutes to my house in a housing estate. There were a few cars passing by as i walked on the road shoulder and there were street lights. A van stopped in front of me and a guy stepped out with a piece of paper in his hand. I thought he was asking for direction and oblige by taking the paper and looking at it. It was blank paper and i turned to look at him. He quickly grabbed me and carried me to the van where i saw there were 2 others and the driver. I started to kick and scream when i realise what was happening because the situation took me by surprise. It was hopeless when they grabbed me and slammed the doors. Inside the van they pinned me down as i begged them to free me. I offered them whatever money i had on me and even told them i had more in the bank.
They didnt care for the money as they started to tear my clothes,my blouse was ripped off and next my bra. When they saw my breast they gave very crude remarks which made me embarrassed and i was humiliated further when my panties was taken off,my legs opened wide and my pussy bared to their hungry eyes. I begged them to let me go,but they told only after we are finished with you. As i tried to fight them i bacame tired and weak when all 4 of them held me when one of them got between my legs. I could see that he was going down towards my pussy. I knew what he was going to do and i felt quite disgusted and i tried to fight again. He just went right in and started to lick my pussy,sucking on my clit and fingering my pussy at the same time. The other two started on my breast pinching,pulling and rubbing my nipples and then sucking and biting my nipples. It excited me and at the same time i tried to resist the feeling. But what can i do when my body couldnt fight the carnal desires that has been lacking for so long and the delicious licking,stroking,rubbing,sucking made me hot and wanting. A moan escaped my lips and the guys looked at each other and snickered and felt triumphed that they got me going. They did got me going,when one of them started fucking my already wet pussy. I felt his cock enter me and he was quite big than my husband and longer,i felt his cock right to my womb. undeniably it was delicious when he started to fuck me with a hard rythem smashing my pussy and hitting my clit. I came within minutes of his fucking. I didnt mean to enjoy it but it just happened. I was working on my second when suddenly he pulled out,’Ohhhh fuck..im goin to cum..open your mouth’he said as i opened he came in my mouth. His sperm was hot as he climax in my opened mouth,i helped by sucking his sperming cock making him jerk,i let his sperm dribble down my chin and towards my breast. Another one replaced him,fucking me with force and speed. My orgasm was mind blowing with him as he fucked me for 10 minutes without stopping or breaking the rythem. It send me to the moon and back,i was actually getting the fucking of my life,i stopped fighting and started to enjoy and encourage them to gang bang me,i was really turned on and horny. They realised my need and reciprocated. One after another,4 of them fucked my pussy in turns while i fellated the ones waiting. I could see myself being a slut,but i was angry with my husband for making me such.
The guys fucked me each twice making it 8 times,my pussy was sore but i didnt care. They gave me fulfillment for my desires which was neglected for such a long time. Anyway, when they released me i realise that it was already past midnight and they were still near my house,After they sped off,i didnt even get the van number,and who cares,i stumbled in to my house. I was in such a state,my blouse torn,my hair dishevelled with cum on it,on my breast,my panty must be in the van as im not wearing any. I walked into the house to find my husband fast asleep,i didnt want him to see me like this with a hint of remorse and regret that i had actually enjoyed the rape. I tiptoed to take my bath and to clean myself out before going to bed. I fell asleep so fast,as i was tired and weak after all the sex. Surprisingly,i didnt moan about it,i didnt report it,didnt tell to my husband,in fact i always wish that they would do it to me again!!!
Its the truth,i want to be raped again and fucked and suck cocks and have sex,wild fucking again.
I still work very late and i still walk home alone and horny most times but thus far no one had the guts to rape me like they did. It excites me whenever i see a van similar hoping it was them. Im desperate and sometimes i feel i want to just pickup a guy at the bus or train but im timid and have no guts to walk up to a guy and offer myself. Its so humiliating..more than getting raped. All i can hope now is,someone would rape me..again. Its just me,im sexually deprived and after my rape i think i have become more kinky and weird,my pussy is wet all the time now. My husband cant satisfy me anymore,as i write this i have a vibrator in my pussy and im naked. My husband is visiting his parents and i take the time off to masturbate and cum like crazy before my hubby comes home in the evening. Its 2.21pm sunday 2010 and im home..so sad! IWANT TO BE RAPED..again

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