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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: in her bed
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight


I’m amazed by all the bullshit stories written by little teenie boys that never saw a pussy, much less fucked one.

I’m more amazed the WEBMASTER for this site doesn’t cull all the bullshit out. It makes poor reading and is NOT interesting at all.

You see, kiddies, nobody is interested in juvenile wet dreams founded in complete ignorance of facts. You little babies be sweet, and go play basketball or something age appropriate, and leave this site to people that REALLY had a sexual experience.

I was sixteen and Patsy was fifteen. We were both virgins.

We had been friends since sixth grade, and had gone to movies together, worked homework together, and we attended the same church. It was at a summer church camp that we introduced each other to sex. We were in a real camp. A tents in the woods kind of camp, with trees and trails and a small stream-fed lake and boats and all that stuff. I was a good swimmer, and had taken lifesaving training, so I got to wear a “blue bead” on a string around my neck. That also meant I could take out a canoe alone, or take a “red bead” person with me. A “red bead” could swim, but not well. Non-swimmers wore white beads, and could not go near the boats or the piers. Patsy had a red bead. One afternoon we went for a canoe trip.

We paddled around the lake for a while, then went downstream. There was a cable stretched across the bayou. a boundary we weren’t supposed to cross, but we did anyway, and went about a mile further downstream. We found a nice looking spot, and went ashore for a picnic. We took our box of goodies and a couple blankets to set our stuff out on, and walked about a hundred yards from the stream. We set up under the shade of a massive moss laden oak tree. After our snacks, we flopped on the blankets and talked.

All of a sudden, we rolled closer together and started kissing. One thing led to another, and pretty soon we had our clothes off. She played with my dick, and I got a raging hard on. I sucked her little A-cup titties and played with her pussy. After a while she got wet and I stuck a finger in her. Damn, she was TIGHT! I kept it in there a long time, but she never relaxed much. We lay on our sides, and she lifted her leg and I put the head of my dick between her pussy lips. She put her legs together, and we laid like that a long time. I kept carressing her small titties and rubbing her all over. We kissed a lot too.

We were kind of pushing against each other, but not really trying to get it in her. I could feel the opening of her vagina stretch open for a minute, but as the head of my dick started to slip inside her, it would squeeze shut, and she would say it hurt her. Of course I would then ease off my pressure against her. This happened several times.

We decided we would try to make love. She lay down on her back, spread her legs wide, and raised her knees. I crawled over her and let her guide my dick to her open pussy. I pressed gently, and felt her vagina open slightly to receive me, but it immediately squeezed shut again, and she said it hurt her. We tried a few more times and gave up. We finished our “picnic” with her holding the tip of the head of my dick in her vagina, and her jacking me off. I shot my load into her. When she got up, my cum ran down her legs.

We washed up in the bayou, and laid on the blanket to dry. It was getting dark, so we put our clothes on and paddled the canoe back to the camp. That’s all we did there.

After we got home, we spent a lot of time together. About two weeks after camp, we had an opportunity to try again. I went to her house unexpectedly, and she was there alone. We went to her room and listened to some good music. Some love songs and instrumentals. We were on the bed looking at a magazine and we started kissing. Since it was only about 1:00 PM, we had a good four hours before her parents got in from work. We undressed each other and started petting. She said she wanted to try to make love again. She said she was tense in the woods, and was really afraid someone would catch us fucking, but she was OK here at home.

She was already wet when I first touched her. I massaged her private parts and spread her juices all over inside her. She lifted her leg like last time, and guided the head of my erect dick to her vagina. We pressed together gently, and I began sliding into her. She was open and ready to receive me this time. We moved together and stroked in and out for a while on our sides, and soon I was in her all the way.

She put her legs together, and I rolled her over on top of me. She started moving back and forth on me, sliding my shaft even deeper into her. I spread my legs apart and put her legs between mine. I wrapped my legs around hers at the knees, put my left arm around her back, and my right hand on her ass. I shoved deep inside her, pressing her ass down with my hand. When I did, she squealed and started hunching fast. I could feel her muscles inside as they pulled me deeper into her. She was having spasms and jerked around violently, kissing me madly and rubbing her tiny titties all over my chest. This went on for at least ten minutes, then she relaxed on me, and we kissed while I hunched gently upward into her. When I paused from hunching her, I could feel her muscles inside squeezing and milking my dick, trying to make me hunch her more and cum inside her. Isn’t mother nature a nice lady?

We rolled over with her on bottom. She spread her legs and raised her knees up high. I stroked slowly in and out. Going in all the way, and coming almost out, then repeating slowly. She loved it. I loved it too. Then she put her legs together and crossed her ankles. That made her tight on me again. I hunched her real hard a few times, and felt her muscles inside squeezing me and milking my dick inside her. It was more than I could stand, and I blew my load deep inside her vagina.

We relaxed and my hard went away. I pulled out of her and we went to the bathroom. She drained my cum into the commode, and wiped up down there. She was spotting a little blood, but nothing major. We jumped in the shower together and washed each other’s private parts. We dried off and got dressed. We sat on the porch a while and talked until about 3:30. I looked at her, and she looked at me, we both smiled, got up and headed to the bedroom again.

The second time was good too.

Patsy and I dated for a long time. We tried to wear each other’s sex organs out. We fucked at every opportunity for over two years, then started to drift apart for unknown reasons. We both married others.

Patsy was my first kiss, my first little titties to suck, and my first piece of ass. She was a wonderful experience.


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