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I’m sorry I broke my sisters cherry

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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: My bed
Langauge: E
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Damn i was dreaming . I’m 17 and my little sister crawls in my bed and sleeps with me. Well I have been dating this great girl and we have been heavy petting. Sure I have been wanting to go all the way but we aren’t ready yet. Well my parents have been fighting lately and my sister is scared and she crawls in my bed. My little sister just filled out and grew a pair of Tits and Bootie. She is so young and I woke up holding her kissing her thinking she was my girl friend . My boxers were on the floor and I could feel my sisters warm skin as she lay on me . I said her name and asked if she was awake . She told me she never slept. She kissed my chest and held me. Did I love you last night I asked he with a shakey voice? She held me and I waited for her answer. You called me her name and were poking me. You took my top off and that’s all I was wearing . I knew what you wanted so I let you . You let me I hugged her tight. Why did you let me. I had these visions in my head of forcing her in my sleep like an animal. Next time she said I want to be on the bottom like Mom and Papa. My sister picked her head up and she was beautiful her golden locks of hair were on my chest and she kissed my chin then nose and my mouth. She pulled my long hair from my face . I looked down at her beautiful round breast he nipples still hidden as they are still on me. She strattled me and pushed up with her arms and her breast lifted from me and I saw how beautiful God had made her. She had this great big smile and told me I was best brother ever and wipe the sour puss face off. That’s what I always said to her. Looking at her beauty and the fact that it was morning I had a giant hard thumping cock. She felt it touching her ass crack. You would never know she was about to be 13 years old by the way she took my cock stuck it in her vagina and pushe back on it. OMG I was in my sister all 7 inches. Her mouth was open and her eyes were softly closed. She flung her head back and her golden tresses were behind her head . I felt her internal muscles tighten and she moved in and out. I half did a sit up, my abdominal muscled went rock hard as the most intense sensation was felt on my sensitive cock. She softly opened her eyes . This is what you did all night in your sleep. But now you know it’s me so don’t use her name and she up and back on me agin. My cock was wet and warm and she was tight then loose then tight. I reached up to hold her beautiful breast and I felt the urge to shoot off well up in my loins. I’m going to cum Sis get off. Just a little more she said and she kept going up and back I can’t hold back Sis Men don’t work that way. She lifted and just my tip was in. I don’t want to quit it feels so good. I tried my best to hold off. Her vagina was contracting on my tip as I pushed her away. It felt so good and I waited to shoot as soon as I was out. It just never happened . My sister lowered and I was in and I couldn’t hold it back . I grabbed her hips and pushed as far in as I could go. She held still and groaned with me. I rolled her over and finished my self . I was slamming my pelvis in to hers a few more times having a contraction and shooting my seeds deep in my sister. She held my hips in with all her might and her legs wide as she could get them. I was screwing in a frenzy now even after I shot all I had the sensation of sexual intercourse so overpowering my common sense. Kissing and tit squeezing and screwing with my still hard cock. My sister screamed then yelled don’t stop. I was out of energy and was hard and still in her . Just lay on me she said, this was the. She was silent . She held me a long time and said nothing . I was hard and my sister would every now and then tighten her vagina. You never finished your sentence. That’s because I saw Mom and Papa close the door. We gor out of bed and there was no need to be shy . My sister took care of the sheets and a note said we will talk but not now, was from Papa. We went to the bathroom together and we saw all the blood in the good light. I’m so sorry I made a mess on you, Sis said. We can’t ever do this ! I told her. I mad you a man don’t ever forget it. I Signed up for military school. I regret it so much and I beat my self up most every time I see my sister. I took her to the clinic and now she is on the pill. She isn’t sexually active but who knows everyone has a weak moment and I want to protect her.

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