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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: HOME
Langauge: ENGLISH
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

When i tink about it now,its a horny situation i guess its bound to happen anyway. Incest itself is taboo in this modern world that we live in although centuries ago it was normal.
to start my story,it was past midnight when i woke up my bladder full. even though i tried to keep it ill morning,i might pee in my pants so i got up half asleep and open the door to the hall. It was pitch dark but lights from the outside paved my way to the toilet. Its a small apartment with one room,my parents sleep in the hall and we kids share the room. Anyway,when i opened the room door,i noticed my mom,she was naked and she was sucking her own nipples and between her legs i saw a long something in her hairy paussy and she was jerking it and sucking her tits. As i was half asleep,my reaction was really slow to realise the situation. As for my mom,she too was slow to react at my intrusion because she just stop doing what she was doing after i have passed her. In the toilet,i was having a hard time urinating because my cock was hard from the scene i witnessed. It was really hurting my bladder,as i forced myself to calm down and deflate my cock to pee. After peeing,took me nearly 10minutes,i came out and saw my mom was covered in thin blanket. I could see her shape and nipples jutting through the material. The sight got me erect,my cock was fast climbing upwards as i quiickly made my way to the room. After lying down i still thought of her sucking her tits and her pussy being fucked by something long. It got me hard and i started to jerk under the blanket. As i was jerking i must have fallen asleep,becaause i was dreaming that my mom was in the room and pulling my cock out and jerking me. In my sleep it felt so real and forced to wake up to see my mom,my stiff cock in her hands. She softly called me to go to the hall so as not to wake the others,my siblings. In the grogginess i just followed her and she led me to the couch and sat me. She dropped her clothes and stood naked in front of me. Now, i ave seen naked pictures and pussies from porn mags and movies and i jerk off a lot and i even have a jerk off buddy who jerks my cock for me. When i saw her naked i nearly creamed there. My cock was hard and jerking by itself,as she dropped to her knees and said,”i need you to fuck me. I want your cock in my mouth”,she said all this looking at my cock and she went down on me. She started to suck my cock so deliciously that i came within 5minutes in her sucking mouth. After draining my balls,my cock was still hard like rock,the experience was new and exciting,she turned around and got on her hands and knees. I got behind her and my cock brushed against her hot pussy making her to moan. She turned and held my cock at the entrance of her soaking pussy and rubbed up and down her slit making my cock wet and slippery. She pushed herself forcing my cock inside her pussy.”YYyyyeeeessss…fuuuucccckkkk me baby,” she hissed between clenched teeth. I shoved in to the hilt of my lenght inside her. The feeling was really hot and wet and slippery like hot oil inside her. Then her cunt muscles started to contract and release like a boa constrictor trying to swallow its prey. The feeling was out of this world. I can feel my sperm rushing out to spray her insides but i kept it under control. Then she started to move,push in out,in out and i got the rythem and started to pump her slowly. She turned and told me,”FUCK ME HARDER BABY FUCK ME HARD,”i started to bang her and she was moaning,ooooohhhhh fuckfuckfuck…im comiiiiiiiinnnng!!
i was moaning too because i was coming too,i felt my sperm hit her walls and splatter inside mixing with her cum juices and some of it start to come out to her pussy lips and drip down the floor. I was still ramming her hard,as i wanted to cum again,cum within a cum,that was it. As i banged her mercilously she climaxed again and this one her moan was so loud i thought our neigbhours would have heard.
After her cum she just laid there with her ass still in the air with my cock still twitching inside her. Her body was spasming and jerking uncontrollably. her moans have soften and her breathing coming to normal she turned and looked at me and smile and said”I never knew my baby can fuck so well,if i had known i would have done it long time ago,instead of using a banana.” She laughed at her silliness as i saw her holding the long thing,which turned out to be a banana.
After the first fuck there was no stopping us. Even when she fucks my dad and when he is sound asleep she would crawl inside my blankett and fuck with me untill she is satisfied. Everyday after school i would rush home just so we can fuck a few rounds before my dad and my sisters are back. Once when i went home, i saw my jerk buddy was waiting for me. I was not happy to see him and told him i am busy so that he would leave. He just smiled and said,” i was just wondering if you want me to masturbate your cock. Its been awhile,are you masturbating yourself?,he asked. i looked around for my mom but she was not at home. My fuck buddy said,”Your mum have gone to see my mom about something,so can i see your cock man. I want to jerk it for you before she comes back,hurry man!,he urged me. I was getting hard and dropped my pants in front of him and he grabbed my semi hard cock and started to jerk real slow looking at it all the time with a smile in his face. I was getting horny and saw that he had let out his cock which was already hard. I told him to jerk faster,he did but stopped and swallowed my cock inside his mouth. I was shocked at first,but the sensation was different than my mom mouthing my cock. “Hey since when u started this? He just smiled and sucked even more faster. I was moaning already and was fucking slowly in and out of his mouth. I know i cant last long,i was going to come. Then suddenly i heard my moms voice,”Wow..look at that both of you. Its so sexy seeing two guys fucking! OH MY GOD..its so sexy son..,”she was crooning in her sexy voice. She got closer and saw my fren was still sucking she kissed me and grab my butt. “Come inside his mouth darling..mommy want to see this,its fantastic and im so horny. Y ou fuck me after this..your fren too can fuck me if he wants..if he wans woman pussy.”she was blabbering and getting naked. I saw her with her legs opened wide on the bed opposite me,she was diddling her cunt shamelessly within sight of my jerk buddy who cant seem to take his eyes from her opened legs..so i pulled out fron his mouth went to her open pussy and sank it in and banged her while she pulled my buddy’s cock into her mouth and started sucking him loudly and moaning something like,”oooohhhh i’ve got two cocks..two cocks to fuck and suck,oooohhh..i love this sonnn…uuuuggghhhhh im comingggggg,”and she came all over me her cum splashing my stomach and groin. So she was really hot and damn horny. After me my buddy was raring to fuck my mom and my mom was still laying there with her pussy opened wide so he started to fuck her real fast. She went ooohhh..oohhh..fuck..fuck me harder,,ooohhh ffuuuccckkkkk me baby…,she came shivering. I shoved my cock into her mouth and she sucked me till climax..i was exhausted,i was going to shower and sleep. when i wakeup..i saw my buddy was goin at my mom for the second quest and she was enjoying..
My mom my slut..she was gangbang by a group of my football frens..my scouts frens..strangers we pickup in town..thats another story..how she test fucked her sons-in-laws first..she is still around and happy with what is left of her fucking life..to be continued…

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