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Incest with aunt

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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: aunts and uncles house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

I had all ways wanted to fuck my aunt Cindy, she was 35, married, and had a kid, but she seemed to be attracted to me. She would all ways rub my shoulders, and sit on my lap, and i didnt think much of it. One day me and my dad went over her house, my dad and my uncle went to go out shoot pool, and drink, so i had a good 5 hours a lone with cindy.
She was wereing boots, tight jeans, and a denemon cut off shirt. We talked out side for a little while, she said she was hot and unbottoned the top 3 bottons. She wemt in and i went in with her. We sat at a table accross from each other. She asked me to light her cigeret so i did. She asked me to rub her shoulders, i felt wird, she usually rubed my shoulders, but i went over any ways . she started to grone when i rubed her shoulders, she said that feals good, but go down lower. I went a little lower trying not to touch her brests, but she told me to go lower so i was lik rubbing her tits. She was groning agian, i started to get turned on fealing her brests, and her 2 hard nipples. But the the phone rang, and she talked for about 10 min, i sat down. When she got off she came over to me and sat on my lap, gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and said your the best newphew. I said you the best aunt. She said i but i could rub your shoulders this way. I said what was,she faced my, still on my lap, and asked how that felt, i said good,, i tickled her, and she ran up stairs, i went after her, i pushed her on her bed and she got on top of me, and i grabed her ass. And then she french kissed my, then she got up, un did my pants, and pulled out my dick, she started to suck it, at first i didnt know what to do, because this was my aunty, but i didnt care about that for long. I cumed all over her face. She got up got undressed, and i went for her tits, i licked them, then she laied down and told me to eat her out . She cumed, the she got on all 4’s, and i started to fuck her ass. it was soo tight, i fucked it as fast as i could, i cumed in her ass hole, and all over her ass. She said lets take a breake. So we layed on her bed and told me how she cheated on her husben with hundereds of guyes. The turned me on, she mounted my dick, and started to ride me i grabed her tight ass. she started to jump harder, she cam, and got up and layed down and spreed her legs. I put my dick in, and started to fuck her agian, she was screaming agian we both came. We showered washing eachethor. And we promised to do it agian when ever we had the chance.

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