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innocent lovers

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Age when it happend: 22
Where it happened: boy friends room
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

I was in collage when all this happened..
He was my first luv in collage…
our luv stared before 6 months..but anyhow as we were very studios and shy one…never such things hapened..yaa we had lot of fantasies..but never disscussed..we rarely used to touch each other..no kiss,,, no smooch ..nothing…May be we were waitin for the rite moment..

they day came,our semester’s last day…all our friends had gonna to thir place but we rather decided to spent some time together…

it was a shiny day…2nd may..i still remember,,
he called me up ..and said u be ready…and cum to my place..there is no body,,,

as i got the call i stood up..with many confusions..many thoghts..i decided once..let me not go at his room..but then i decided to go …

he was staying in apparment with his friends..but that day it ws all empty..
the door was open ..i came in and shouted his name..he said..”come in..and close the door…”
i did the same..
it was 2 floored pent house..
his room was upstairs..i walked up..

My luv was playing with his own luv….”HIS PC”
actually he had promised to make me see sum movies.(…donno which movies)
he welcomed me..make me seat on the double bad..
and sgain started playin with the PC>>
i got up and huged him for the first time from behind…
abd said…”I HV CUM TO TALK TO U>>>”

he suddenly stop all his work ..looked at me,,from top to bottem..
and said..”but i want to do so much more…”
i was like a flower just smili..
i was in Blue salwar kurta …of sleeveless type…
with medium sized hair open..looking sexy..without any make up..

he was was in Blue teas and jeans..just casual cloth ..as he was very simple dude..

we fighted for some time …with pillow as we normally used to do..when we were just friends…
may be stil the moment had not came.,,,
then he offred some snaked and a “jean” to me..
i was shoked…i said NO and said him to thrown off.as i hated all that..he did so…
he said actually his friends said it to gv it to the girl friend..i was laughing a lot..when i came to know that..

he apologised me and said he wanna sleep in my lap..
i did so..i was playing with his hairs..and i said hm..”i donn need such thing to dissolve in u…only ur luv is enoughh for this life time..”
by hearing ths statement he got up..looked into my eyes and said..”JANU I LOVE U more then anething…can u be mine?????”and i ran into his arms…we huged a lot…pressing each other …feeling each other..for a long time..

he made me sleep down…started kissing my forehead..my ckeeks,,,my neks…my hands..but n ot on lips..
i got up..and kissed him on lips..then he stsrted it pasionatly..with his toungue…lips…very deep kisses with deep breathes..ji was just hugging him and enjoing the kiss.,,my first such experience…of course for him also..
he then made me seat comfortably with pillow as back..and just lookin to my wet lips…

i opened my eyes and said him..”y u r not pressing here,,,,,”..and i put his his hand on my big ones…
my two dears were 30-c that time…
he passionetly started pressing it..with both the hands…and contined kissing..on face and neck..
i could feel his small hands on my big once..i never knew that this thinman has this much power…
his handes were under my top..playing with my BRA,,
i got up and huges him,,,he rhought that he shd stop it..and so h e stoped..just huged me..and i said him…”aahamammm, just open the top…”he unzipped my top…remove it / i was just in my bra…
i was lying down,,and moaning.”hmmmm.hmmmmm….hmmmmmmm” as he was looking at my chest…
he started playng with the clevege..touching it with pointing fingure..
as he was seeing all this for the first time,,i could imagine his mentle stat..
he then removed my bra..
and i was TOPLESS in front of my innocent lover..
he just observed my boobs for 2-3 mins..then strtted pressing my nippels..and started playin gwith the nude boobes..
now he was a wold one..i dint had to instruct hi,,..
he put his mouth on my biggies..and sucking it…and i was morning ans saying him..”jann ..what r u doing..y …”
as it was not something i whad imagined…
he liked my whole toppart..including my back…my stomache..my neval…..
then he stopped and asked me t at “jann…dont u want to c mine????”
i said “NO”
but still he openred his pants…his undies..and his penis was out..he made me c it..
it was 2 big…chocolate colored..with some white juice..
for the first time i was seeing man’s erected one..
he made my hands on his baby…
i didnt knew what to do..
so i squeeeesed it..with all my force..and shouted..
“hey dumno..what r u doin????????i need to teach u all/ not now…”
he rushed to a bathroom…(he told me latter that he was feeling shy to masterbte in front of me.. oral…he said he could not dare to ask me in first sex ..so he went in bathroom for materbutating,,,,hahhhhhhhhhaaaa)

i was lying toples..he came and asked me..”r u hingry..”
i said..”o now its enogh..”he laughed…..and said “jan i m asking u want to eat somethin??????”i said yes..and then he prepared a meggie…
he came in the room,,,with water and plates..
i was stil lille uncomfortable ..still topless..
he made me eating by his hand..i liked it all..
i was about to cry…as i thought ..i was not still ready for all this exoperiences…
he understood..very sensitively he turned me to some diffrent talkes..
then after eating he again came..
and asked me,,,if i liked him,,and his ways of making the luv..i was very shy..in saying YES to him..
i said…”i love u always in anyting u do…”
he didnt wanted to miss the chance…
asked me..”r u sure/ /> i was just lookin to him..
he started kissing me,,,this tine his kiss was very sour..as it was full with magiies taste..he started smelling my body,, under my arms…he said…”hunny..u smell like a rose…”
i was waitin for his next shot…after some smooches,,and pressing and sucking my boobs..
he came down…
he uuntied my pyjama..
removed it..
i was morning,,”hmmmhmhmhmh…donnn do it ..plz..what r u doinn;;”but he was desperate…
i was very very jiucy by that time…he just touchd my property with fingre from the panty…i felt..like a heaven…
i made him do nethuing he anted to do..
i just wanted to give,,,hm anything i could gv him…

he removed my penties..
and said,,,,”shshhhhhhhhhhhh..oh god u r so sexy…u hv my favourite color pussy…”i was wondering what is this pussy???
he just looked it for 5 mins…and his breath were damn fast,,he was moving up and down..and i was becoming more white inside…just flowing it…milky milky
he said..”darling u r giving me too much…”
he touched my pussy…i was shocked..i crossed my legs..
i said no..no…no…
he passionetly opend my legs,,kissed my thighs….
and kissed my pussy…
i opend my eyes,,he was touching his ownbig one,,it was again big…
i was like crying…
as he said teare in my eyes..he went into the bathroom(…hahahhahahahaahahah..u know yyy….)
he came back,,, bye the time..i my self wear my dress,bra,pantie…everything..just waiting for him..
whenhe came..
i found him tired,,
he said lets sleep for a while..
he said yes..
he huged and sleep..and felt each other fully….completly..without any fear..
and when we got up…
it was time for our train..
i remembered whole way we were silent…
but from next day we missed each other more and more…
this is my fiest innocent exp of sex..
nice naaa?????


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