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Internet Seduction/Dorm Room Sex

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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: Dorm Room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

Last year I used to live in the dorms at Arkansas State University
in Jonesboro. I still goto school there, but have moved off-
campus. Well I was pretty sheltered in high school and wasn’t
really exposed to much sex. Where I came from all the girls
were so stuck up and into looks only that I never really went
to a dance even! Im not hideous looking, but you know some girls.

So coming to college out of state was pretty interesting to say the
least. I dated a lot of girls from August 1997 on. Man! All
of them were pretty up-tight and were girls who wouldnt even
kiss on the first date… So that leaves us at the beginning of
April 1998. I had some sexual experience that past year…
I was pretty horny after dating all these girls up to my dorm room
and them not doing anything…and me jacking off to them every night
after they left! I had started to have some luck though!!!
In December ’97, I was going with this girl from Michigan,
yeah a long-distance thing. Well I stayed at her friends house
when I was home on winter break…I didnt want to pay money
for a hotel so she left me sleep over. Well that night we snuck
to the front porch. It was pretty cold, but she still let me feel her up,
and she put her hand down my pants, and I put a finger up her vagina. She was too scared to
go any farther. On Feb 14, 1998 I was going with this one girl named Emily
who was only 16. I really wanted to fuck her, but she didnt want
to because she was so young. But I took off her shirt and
she gave me oral for almost 2 hours until I came in her mouth.
She was pretty shaken up by the whole thing. In March I felt this
girl up too….But you have to understand how horny I was!! Ready for the prime-event????

I met this girl, we will call her KOM (or K) for the purposes of this
little essay. Anyhow, I met KOM (or K) off the internet on April 15.
K was a little older than the other girls I dated –> 19!
K wanted to make sure that I wasnt some internet weirdo so she
brought one of her college friends along. That evening pretty much
sucked because she was this goth chick and hated me. I felt
K and I didnt really click, and I figured she wouldnt call me back.
Anyhow, she did and we made plans for the next night.

She came over to my dorm room at ASU. Well I was lucky because
I lived on the 9th floor and that was a single room by the
way! It was cool because I had no stupid roomate to deal with at
the time. So she came over that night (April 16, 1998) and we started
to talk and we made out of 4 hours. I really didnt get that
far, but it was the first time we were alone too. Just as she was
leaving we started to talk about sex. I knew it wasnt going to
happen that night because she went to another college and had
to get back to the dorms. But we were kidding around and I said
I was a virgin… She said she wanted to have sex, and I said okey.
I figure it would happen after a few months, but she said maybe
the next night!!!!

Well here it is! D-DAY! I didnt know it at the time. It
was on a Friday. Girls had to be out of the dorm by 3AM, but
what the RA didnt know wouldnt hurt anyone. We both agreed
to spend the night there together and really get to know one
another better… I made the offer and was suprised she agreed
to do it, knowing me only two days. We went out to dinner,
snuck back into the dorm, and locked ourselves in for the night.
She couldnt leave the dorm until 11AM the next day. Anyhow,
we put some TV on and began to make out. I wasnt sure if
she wanted to have sex or was just kidding from the night
before. We started kissing and making out. It was so great to
hold someone and I was already starting to fall for her really bad.
Then she took off her shirt and showed me her wonderful breasts.
I was suprised at how big they were. Much better than a 16
year old!! I felt them and began to suck on KMO’s breast and it
started to turn her on. She wanted some fun with me and
I totally stripped down to nothing. It was first time naked in front
of a woman and I was so hard. We both laied down on the small bed
and she began to jerk me off. It was great and I was about to cum
I pulled her hand away. I told her I wanted to come inside of her.
She asked me if it was something I wanted to do and I said yes.
I was ready to lose it after 18 years and 6 months!!
She took off her jeans and panties and I saw her hole.
It was so spleadous her brown pubic hairs. She opened her night
bag and I was suprised. There was like 10 condoms in there.
She gave me one and I knew what to do with it. I practiced
before while masterbating… Anyhow, I put it on and had a real
hard time finding her hole, but she helped me. I slid in her
as she let out a small scream. I kept pumping my butt and sliding
in and out of her…faster and faster…Finally she came and I
could feel her cum seeping out of her pussy now and flowing along the
side of the condom. I was pretty nervous, but finally came inside her.
I wanted not to use a condom so I could let me juices go in her,
but I didnt want her to get prego…

Well we made love 8 times that night and I came 6 and she came atleast 10.
We made love to 2 the next afternoon, well we slept a little too.

Good news is she and I are living together and will
celebrate out 6 month anniverasry October 16!
Just some advice==> Dont have sex until you find someone you love.

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