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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: a trailor
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

Ok…I’m going to tell the story exactly how it happened, I’m not going to add anything or take anything out.
I was 15 (young and stupid, I should have waited), and my boyfriend had just turned 20. He was 6’5 and black, and I was 5’4, 110 lbs, blond hair blue eyes. He lived in a trailor in the back of his uncle’s house, and I used to sneak there at night just to be with him. My parents really didn’t approve of me dating someone older with his “own place.”
One night I went there, and he answered the door in a towel. He was just about to take a shower in the tiny stall located in the back of the trailor. he gave me a big hug hello, and held me really close to him. He started kissing my neck and pulling down the sleeve of my t-shirt to kiss my shoulders. I started shaking, because I wasn’t stupid and I knew what was going to happen. the only thing seperating us were my tight shorts (I wasn’t wearing underwear, I usually don’t) and his thin towel. he was rubbing my lower back from underneath my shirt, and started kind moving his hips near my “special area.” he guided me to the little bed and lay me on top of him. He took off his towel, and his ENORMOUS dick stood right up like a steel rod. Still wearing my shorts, I straddled him and started rubbing myself all over him. I massaged his balls with my hands, and even though I didn’t know what I was doing, I could tell he was enjoying it.I stood up and took my clothes off. I was SO nervous! I straddled him again. I was really, really, really horny by that time and was extremely wet. I put the tip of his penis in, and slid down a little. I could already tell how bad it was going to hurt my tight virgin pussy, especially since his cock had to been about 10″ long, not to mention real thick. I slid down a few more inches, tears springing to my eyes. He asked me if I was ready, and I told him of course I was. When I finally got the whole thing stuffed in, I started gently pumping. After I got it all in, it didn’t hurt all that bad. he started thrusting his hips really hard and fast, and he grabbed my butt and threw me on the bottom. He was pumping so hard and so fast, and it hurt so bad then. I told him to stop, because he was hurting me, and he told me to stop whining and slammed me harder. I could tell he was about to come, and I screamed for him not to come in me, but he grabbed my ass cheeks and plunged it in the whole way and blew his load. It was so hot and sticky, and it was mixed with my own blood. I started crying because it all happened so fast, and he called me a slut. I have never been so emotionally/physically hurt in my life. he picked me up by my arm, and I felt his hot cum dribble down my legs in hot spurts. I wasn’t only hurt, I was ashamed and embarassed. He told me how sorry he was, kissed away my tears, and told me not to tell my parents. But I had to, because I was pregnant. All I can say is……it may seem great at the time, and you may be ready, but make sure you’re in love first, and unless you’re planning a family, do it safe.

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