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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Outside a night club
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

My first time was at a club in Toronto with a 20 y/o guy.
I went with my friends to a night club in Toronto for one of my friend’s sweet 16. As soon as we got out of the car we started checkin out guys and all I gotta say is that I’ve NEVER seen so many hot guys in one room(it was all ages night by the way). We went inside and started dancing. I kept making eye contact with as many hot guys as possible and I got the occasional wink back. Then we found one guy. Let’s call him “A”. We started following “A” around the club. He was amazing dancer! He looked a few years older, nicely built, very cute! But he’s not the guy I got. He danced his way to one of the bars along the sides of the club and we kind of followed him there.
On our way back to the dance floor a hand came out of no where and grabbed my friend (the birthday girl) and started grinding with her. Within 10 seconds she was being sandwiched by 2 guys! Then the corner of my eye caught a very cute, tall, well built asian guy (call him “K”)standing right behind my other friend. He winked at me, I winked back…but then he took my friend by the waist and started dancing. That kinda pissed me off so the rest of us (who were without guys) decided to continue our stalking of “A”. Finally, my other friend got him and I wuz stuck as being the only girl with no guy! I felt soooo dry!
I continued dancing with my friend (a guy) and decided that I wuz gonna try to get “K” since my friend was no longer with him (her and the b-day girl were busy making out with other guys already). I danced near him and he seemed to be backing off. But then I bumped into him…then backed off again…but then I bumped into him again. This time he was grinding his ass (very firm) against mine. We were grinding back to back. He then took my hands and placed them right on his dick, which I could feel was very hard. He then turned around and started dry humping my ass. This guy really knew how to grind! Then some Latino music came on and we started dancing normally to that. He kept twirling me around till finally, he twirled me right into him where he was leaning against a pole. As soon as my body came in contact with his, he pushed me against the pole and started kissing me really passionately. His tongue was swirling around mine so perfectly. I could then feel his hands feeling up my body – one hand on my left breast and the other hand going up and down my body. Then his hand that was going up and down my body went underneath my miniskirt. I felt his hand rub me outside my panties…lightly at first, then slowly getting harder. Then he pulled my underwear aside and slid 1 finger up my already soaking cunt. “You’re so wet!” he commented and I just smiled. He then slid another finger in and started fingering me hard and rubbing my clit while frenching me as passionately as it can get. We were then interupted by a securtiy guard telling us to “calm down”. So we started dancing again when he started wine dancing (when u and your partner grind, then start going lower and lower). I was down pretty low, and so was he, and all of a sudden his hand came and grabbed me right in between my legs bringing me to a standing position again. We danced like that – me against him with his hand in between my legs rubbing. We were then interupted again, this time by my friend telling me how much time I had left. “K” asked me if I wanted to go outside so we could have more privacy. I told my friends where I was going and “K” and I exited the club.
On our way out he couldn’t keep his hands off me! We found a wall of the building where no one was standing and we started making out again. He said, “I’m so horny! You made me so hard, I wish I could have you right here and now” That’s when I told him I was a virgin. He just said, “Well if it’s okay with you, I’d like to change that”. I told him that I wouldn’t mind and I smiled. He kissed me again and started rubbing me in between my legs. I was so wet and horny that I could’ve cum right there…but he stopped to pull down my panties. He unzipped his jeans and brought out his very nice 8 inch cock. I’ve fooled around with guys before, but I had never seen a dick that big! I just looked at it thinking how I would get it inside my small tight pussy. I knew it always hurt the first time which scared me even more. I guess he saw the fear in my eyes. He asked me if I still wanted to go through it and I responded yes. He put on a condom and rubbed the head of his dick against my opening. He told me to tell him if there was any unbearable pain and I nodded. He then continued with pushing his hard member into my tight opening. It was so big! He had about half of it in when he stopped. He held my hand tight and told me that it was going to hurt. I shut my eyes tightly and he pushed the rest of it in. I felt my cherry pop and a very sharp pain. I screamed and he kissed me telling me that he could stop if I wanted him to, but I said no. He slowly pulled out and pushed it back in again all the way. The pain very quickly turned into pleasure. He started going faster and faster. I was lost in extacy! When I didn’t think it could feel any better…with one hand he reached down and started rolling my clit in between his fingers. I started cumming right there. I think I was moaning pretty loud because he kissing me to muffle the sound. I calmed down but he didn’t stop pumping. About 10 minutes later he started cumming. Feeling his cock, along with his body, shake against me burst me into another orgasm…better than the first. He let his cock slide out and he took the condom off. I put my panties back on and took a deep breath. All I wanted to do was sit down…or better yet lie down, but I couldn’t do that. So I sat against the wall of the club and he sat down beside me stroking my body asking me if I was okay.
We must’ve been going at it for a while because when my friend told me how much time we had, it was an hour. By the time “K” and I got up again my friends were already coming out of the club. They looked at me and smiled. They didn’t know what just happened, but I think they had an idea. He programmed my phone number into my cell phone and then I had to leave. I gave him one last kiss goodbye and watched him disappear as we drove off. I never heard from him again…but it’s a moment I’ll never forget.

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