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J The Lifeguard

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Where it happened: my room
Langauge: English
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

“J” (his initial) is a lifeguard at the beach. He is 16 and has a perfect body with a nice tan and brown hair streaked with blond. He is 5’8″ and 145 lb. (but I don’t really know much about him, LOL!) I went to the beach every day just to look at him then when I got to know him I had lunch with him all the time. At nights I would masturbate myself to sleep fantasizing about him. Finally when my parents left for the weekend I invited him to my house which is six blocks from the beach. We walked to my house in our swimsuits. I knew what I wanted even if J didn’t have a clue yet. All I could think about was rubbing my bare breasts against his hot chest then feel his throbbing cock in me. I was dying to see what was under his red swim trunks. My nipples were all hard and my pussy wet by the time we reached my house. I told J he had a hot body and I loved it so much and wanted to know if he wanted me to give him a massage. Well J is a normal teenage boy and he said sure so we went to my room and he got on my bed. There he was, the boy of my fantasies on my bed wearing only little red swim trunks! I started on his feet then worked my way up his legs. By the time I ran out of skin and hit cloth it was obvious by the bulge in his shorts that he was enjoying this. So then I went to his shoulders. Then I worked my way down to that awsome chest. His muscles were hard, his skin was soft and smooth, and his nipples got all hard too, just like mine. By now he was saying “ooh that feels nice!” I couln’t believe I was actually touching his bare body (well, almost bare). I’m sure by now J knew where I was going and he put his hands on my shoulders. “Go lower” I said so he went to my breasts. He went under my top so I reached back and untied it and it fell right off. All of a sudden we’re massaging each other’s bare chests! We worked on each other’s nipples and I hope it felt at least as half as good to him as it did to me. Judging by his reaction, it did. Then I got my first fantasy fulfilled when I lowered my breasts onto his chest. I rubbed them on him and it felt so sexy. So now my face was next to his so I kissed J on the lips. He responded and soon our tongues were locked and J had his arms around me. He was rubbing my bare back and as much as I wanted to savor this moment, I was ready to go on to the next level. I whispered to J that I was a virgin and didn’t want to be anymore. He said he was too and wanted to lose it too. (I was so surprised that his hot body was still virgin but I was so happy to be his first.) So I rolled off him and removed my shorts while J took off his. His thick penis stuck straight out of a mound of brown pubic hair and his tan line was so cute. My tan lines were obvious too from spending so much time at the beach looking at J. I took a condom from my bed stand since I didn’t want to risk preganacy and J put it on. I got on my back and now my ultimate fantasy was about to begin. J entered me and it was tight but I was so wet that he fit right in. I got used to his thrusting and it felt so good and my eyes were fixed right on his chest, the same chest I had spent the summer admiring. Then I felt myself working up to the best orgasm I could ever imagine. I know I orgasmed because I was at peace with myself and I had pursued and then conquered J. Not only was he drop dead gorgeous and so gentle, he was also so nice to me. That made it even better, having sex for the first time with a truly nice boy. After I came, I ran my fingers through his hair as he picked up his pace and then enjoyed his own orgasm. After we finished, we just held each other and it was so romantic. J and I made the most of my weekend alone and we’re still together, even though we go to differnt schools. He’s still a lifeguard and I’m still his biggest fan!

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