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jacked off by 2 lesbians

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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: in my neighbors house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Lesbian

I was only 13 and had just reached puberty and would jack off 3-4 times per day if i had the right nude pictures. I also heard rumors that my neighbor lady was a lesbian but i didn’t believe it because she was very religous. One night i saw her lady friend park across my alley which was the backside of my neighbors house and she walked in. I decided to sneak over and look in some windows. I finally found a window and was on my tip toes and what luck. i had a direct view into a bedroom and they were both naked and licking each other in a 69 position. I got a raging hard on. Then they suddenly quit and did the strangest thing i ever saw. they both got on the floor on their knees put their head on the bed and prayed together. i don’t know if they were praying because they thought they had sinned or were thanking god for having each other to pleasure. I ran home and thought about what i just saw and jacked off to that and came the best i ever did in my life up to that point. the next day i was out back shooting baskets and my neighbor lady came out and smiled at me and called me over. she had never done that before. she invited me in for some kool aid and chocolate chip cookies. I went in and she set a plate in front of me and gave me some kool aid. she them floored me and told me she knew i was peeking in her window the nite before and i totally denied it. Then she told me her lady friend saw my reflection in her bedroom mirror and i couldn’t deny it. she said she might tell my mom and dad and might call the police on me. i begged her not to. she told me to come over that evening because her girl friend also wanted to talk to me. I did that night and her friend was on the couch and looked very pissed off and ordered me to sit next to her. she told me they both wanted an apology. I apologized. she told me never to peek in on them again. i promised i wouldn’t. she wasn’t quite sure yet whether to belive me. she also said if i ever told anyone that she would also tell my mom and dad and would press charges against me. i started to cry and told her i wouldn’t tell anyone. she then asked me to be very truthful with her and asked me what i did after i saw them. i said i went home to bed and touched myself until i came and i was thinking about what the two of them were doing as i jacked off. at that her deamenor changed, she smiled at me and leaned over and rubbed her hand through my hair and gently kissed me on the lips and lightly flicked her tongue very softly on my mouth. she looked at my neighbor lady and said i think he deserves a reward and they then both proceeded to take my clothes off. i was not crying now as much because she had just kissed me but as they took off my clothes i started to cry a little bit more. they both told me not to cry and that they would not hurt me. there i was with a raging hard on and sniffling away. they both took a grip on my cock and started to stroke it up and down after just a few strokes i blasted cum everywhere and just kept comming and comming as they continued to work both their hands up and down. it was so good i almost passed out neighbor lady said that if i kept my mouth shut she would jack me off once a week when we could sneak it in. Naturally i agreed and she continued to jack me off about once a week all through my high school years until i went off to college..She never gave me a blow job and never let me fuck her ever. I guess that was the lesbian in her. i will never forget that night when two lesbian hands were on my dick and made my virgin 13 year old dick come for the first time at the touch of a woman. two women at that stroking my cock. as i finish this story i would someday again like a lesbian or even two lesbians to jack me off again to just remember old times. i am now horny and hard as a rock from writing this and have to beat my meat and that golden memory from years back.

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