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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: friends house
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

The first time my pussy was eaten by a boy I was 16 and I gave him a blowjob in return.
I went over to visit my friend Amy one Saturday. She wasn’t home but her big brother, Tim, invited me in to wait for her. We sat in the living room for awhaile exchanging small talk. Tim was 17 and very handsome and I enjoyed visiting with him. After about 20 minutes Tim leaned over and kissed me on the mouth, opened my lips with his tongue and licked the inside of my lips and my tongue. This was really exciting and I was getting turned on. He invited me to his room to show me something. When we entered his bedroom he closed the door behind us and started to undress. He asked if I ever saw a guy naked and I replied no. He took off his pants and shirt and then removed his underwear. Tim had a very strong and muscled body and his penis was hard and throbbing. It was a beautiful sight to behold. He asked if I had ever shown a guy my naked body and I said no. Would you like to undress for me to see, he asked. Okay, I said, and began removing my dress, bra and panties. Soon I was standing naked before this cute guy and his eyes were devouring my body. You’re beautiful, he remarked, want to play a game with me. I replied, alright, what do you have in mind. Lay down on the bed, raise your knees and spread them so I can see your pussy. I was really turned on by his suggestion and did as he asked. Tin kneeled down by the side of the bed and his hand began playing with my pussy. He moved his fingers all around the lips and up and down between them.

Everytime his finger brushed against the little knob at the top of my vagina it felt wonderfull. Tim you are a master player, I said, and I like what you’re doing to my body. He moved up and kissed my mouth passionately and whispered, can I kiss your pussy Jamie? I guess so was my reply and I was breathing heavy with passion. He moved his head between my thighs and began licking my pussy in circles just like his fingers had done. I was realy getting hot now and my body was quivering from his pleasuring of my pussy. Then he licked up and down at the entrance to my vagina and his tongue stroked across my hot little bud. What a wonderful feeling ! Tim continued this pleasureable activity with his mouth and my body was tingling all over. Suddenly it happened. My pussy pushed against his lips and I exploded in wonderful pleasure. Oh Tim, I cried, I’venever felt this good before. Soon the exquisite pleasure subsided and Tim moveed away from my pussy with a big smile on his face. You are wonderful, I cooed, can I do something for you? Would you like to stroke my penis, fondle my balls and kiss the head. Do I, I replied and reached for his swollen and throbbing member.

It felt good in my hand and so did his tender balls in my other. As I stroked his shaft he let out low moans of pleasure. I leaned forward and licked a little drop of clear fluid from the end of his penis. It tasted nice and I loved the slippery texture of it. His purple helmet was gistening and red now and seemed to be begging for more attention. I opened my mouth and surronded his penis head with my lips and began licking all around it. He was groaning with pleasure as I licked all around and under the ridge. All the while I was stroking the shaft and fondling his balls tenderly.

Soon I began bobbing my mouth up and down his penis and he was groaning with pleasure. Suddenly his body stiffened, he goaned loudly and big globs of his stuff filled my mouth. It was thicker than the little drop I had licked off the end and I liked the taste and texture of it. He began screaming, your mouth is pure pleasure, Jamie, and really makes me feel good all over. Soon his penis softened, slipped out of my mouth and I licked off all his juices. What a wonderful taste a boy’s stuff had.We held each other close for a long time and kissed passionately. We could taste each other’s juices on our tongues. He said we must get up, wash ourselves and get dressed before his sister got home. We barely made it in time. This was my first experience with oralsex and I loved it. I now do it with my husband everytime we make love and remember my first time with Tim. Thanks for showing me such a fun game.

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