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Jamie Catching My Big Brother

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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: Big Brother's Room
Langauge: Eng
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

This is about the first time I saw a boy’s erect penis. It was kind of by accident. I was learning things about the birds and bees. Mom had started talking to me about this and I also heard things from the girls at school. I had been masturbating since I was 14 and I knew that boys also did it and knew it was called jerking off. But, this was all I knew about it. Then, on day after school, I learned a lot.

I needed to ask my big brother a question (he was 17 at the time and in high school). I just walked into his room like I always did. But, this rime, I was in for a shock. When I went into his room, I found him laying down on his bed on his back with his pants and shorts pulled down. I knew about boys getting erections but I was still shocked to see just how big it was. He had his hand around it. He looked at me and yelled “Can’t you knock before you come in”! I told him I was sorry and turned around to leave. He then said “Well, you’ve already seen it. You might as well stay and watch”. I turned and said “Can I”? He said “Yea and you can watch me come. Close the door”.

I closed the door and turned to watch him. He then went to moving his hand up and down his penis and said “It feels good having you watch me”. He then started going faster and thrusting his hips some. Then, he said Ahhh, I’m going to come. Ahh, Ahh, I’m comming. Ahhh” and then this white stuff squirted out of the end of his penis and another and another. It arced up and came down on his stomach. He then laid there breathing heavy catching his breath and the white stuff was running down his hand. I got closer for a better look at the stuff. I knew about sperm but hadn’t heard about semen or cum yet. So, I asked him if that was his sperm. He said yes.

I then left the room all excited about what I had just witnessed. I couldn’t wait to tell the girls at school about what I had seen. When I told them they were all ears and wanted to know all the details. How big it was and how the sperm squirted out and what it looked like, etc. Three days later I ask my brother if I could see him do it again but he said no. I think he was then feeling guilty. So, it wasn’t until I was 16 before I got to see it again and then it was with my boyfriend. It was even neater because he let me do it to him. And, over and over again. He loved having me do this. I’ve long since learned that ALL boys love this. And, I sure love doing it to them and watching them cum.

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