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Where it happened: my bathroom
Langauge: English
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

Well it was my 16th birthday, March 18, 1997. Sweet 16…it sure was. I was having a huge 16th birthday party with tons of friends. my parents were upstate visiting my aunt Lidya and uncle Preston. My lil sis, Randi who was 13, and my older bro, Trevor who 8, were home enjoying the fun as well. Without my parents permission we got one of my friend’s older siblings to buy us some beer. Most of my friends were getting pretty trashed, myself included. it was only my 2nd beer but it was my first time drinking so i had quite a buzz. my best friend (boyfriend?) Brandon was still sober. we’d been friends since i and he and know everything about each other. maybe he knew too much about me…
while everyone was dancing and drinkin, i was in my room with Brandon. he asked me what i wanted for my birthday. i remember my exact words surprisingly, “well…i want pleasure. i’d like to be eaten out or maybe even screwed…” he replied “damn you should’ve told me that years ago. i could’ve helped you out.” we started to make out as he slipped his big hands up my tight fitting tank top. he rubbed my 38C tits and squeezed my nipples. he suggested that we go into the attic bathroom. we knew no one would find us up there. we damn near fell down the steps as we ran to the attic.
my attic bathroom was kinda small. the light was dim, and the window barely opened. there were still some tools left in there by my father from when he installed the toilet. a tape measurer was on the counter and a hammer was on the floor. that didn’t stop us. we were so horny we could’ve fucked in a cardboard box. he sat me on the counter and removed my blue tank top. i tore off his white t-shirt. God he worked out. perfectly sculpted muscles and a six pack to die for. i could see through his khakis that his dick was growing. he started to lick around my bra before he removed it exposing my 38C tits with perfectly erect nipples. turns out that tape measurer came in handly as i decided to see how big that prick was. he unzipped his pants and found out that he inches long and 6 inches around. he took me off the counter and removed my black mini skirt and my size 7 hot pink panties.
i sat on the toilet while he kneeled in front and started to finger me with 2 fingers. i was pretty damn tight. he flicked my clit while jamming his fingers into my soaking wet cunt. i was moaning and getting wetter by the . his cock was so irresistale. i just wanted it in me so bad. he ate me for about 2 more minutes and i couldn’t take it anymore. i held his head in place as i yelled “Bran, oh God, lick me. suck me off. i’m gonna explode!” he cock must’ve been so starved for attention at this point.
he laid me on the floor and laid between my thighs positioned his dick at the opening of my love hole. his stuck the head into me and i yelped. he pressed into me as i held on for dear life..and he hadn’t even fucked me yet! he worked in and out slowly and i moaned. he got about 4 or 5 inches when he reached my cherry. he told me to hold on tight and bite my lip cuz he was gonna bust me open. it was 1…2…3..and his cock drove through my cherry. i yelled and he kissed me to seal the scream. after the pain had passed he humped me so fast. his cock was pretty much held in place by my tightness. i thought he was gonna rip me in two with that fat manhood. he asked me if i’d like to be done doggy and i said “fuck yes. go in the back.” i held onto the counter as he rammed his huge dick into my helpess cunt. i moaned and cried as my pussy made sounds with his every move. the juices flowed out around his dick and i thought he would cum. i started to get really hot and i felt the orgasm coming. i shoke and he held me in place and i yelled “i’m cumming! oh fuck me baby. fuck me hard!” i don’t know how he kept his cream inside but i’m glad he did. as he rode my cunt i had the feeling something was about to happen. all of a sudden he pulled out of me and said “i have a special gift for you.” i could only think of 2 things…either there’s a dildo in here somewhere or he’s gonna fuck me in the ass.
well i felt a finger up my backside. i figured “what the hell? go all the way.” he lubed me up really good. his cock was already drenched from my cooze. he told me to relax and let my body free up. the head of his dick was in my ass and it didn’t think he could fit his length up there. he slide in and out slowly and finally when the pain passed he punded me so hard i thought my pussy would cum. i never moaned louder in my life and my ass was at his mercy. his dick drove farther in me and he started to breathe harder. out of nowhere i heard the attic door open and slam shut. we both stopped moving and listened. i heard a familar voice say “no one will find us up here. i just wanna fuck you so hard.” it was my brother! well in a matter of minutes i heard the voice of my friend say “Trevor ride me hard!” well it was a party…so let them have some fun. Brandon began shoving his length up my ass again and i couldn’t stop the cries from pouring from me. his pumps became harder and deeper and as let out a moan and i felt his jizz pour into my ass. i thought his cum would never stop flowing. he pulled out of me and the juices of his love for me began to seep out of my ass. i heard cries from the next room as my brother fucked my friend to her limit. they seemed to cum in unison. we quickly got dressed and walked out of the bathroom. my brother and friend were half dressed and just smiled at us.
Sweet 16…nothing tasted so sweet.

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