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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Hospital Ward
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I was a student nurse working in childrens ward in a local hospital. In those days we wore very traditional nurses uniforms – white starched aprons and caps – black stockings, suspenders and so on. We looked like angels!! Everyday it would be my job to feed the babies and daily without fail a priest (probably about 40 years old and not particularly good looking)from the local parish would visit the ward. He always headed straight for me and after several weeks it became clear that he wasn’t just interested in the patients welfare. I was young, sexy and a bit wild and found the idea of seducing a priest a massive turn on and so I played along with it. Suggestive comments and knowing looks made it clear that it was only a matter of time before something would happen – and I could feel my panties getting wet at the very thought of getting fucked by this guy. Well it happened twice and I’ll tell you about both –

The first occasion was when I was at work. I was just going off duty from the ward when we literally bumped into each other. I dropped all my files and he helped me pick them up and then proceeded to follow me to the nurses home where I was staying at the time. My mind was racing as to how I could get a good screw without losing my ‘angelic’ image, so I invited him into my bedsit for coffee. I made the coffee and we chatted for a while and it was still clear that something would happen eventually – but it was going to need a little encouragment from me!! So I thought that a partial striptease would get the ball(s) rolling – so first I took off my white starched cap and apron, and then undid several buttons down the front of my uniform dress so that the swell of my ample tits and white lacy bra showed enticingly – I hoped. His eyes were fixed onto this display – so I thought – great – I’ll give him some more – so I sat down on the sofa directly opposite him and gradually let the hem of my uniform ride up until I was certain that the white flesh of my thighs and my black stocking tops and suspenders were directly on view. Boy did he have a hard on and my crotch was soaking – but I didn’t want to rush things. He was making casual comments about how good I looked in my uniform but all the time he was looking up my skirt which by now had magically got so rucked up that he could see the juice soaked ‘v’ of my tight white panties. I slowly opened my legs to let him have a real good long look at his ‘supper’ and finally he could contain himself no longer. As he came towards me I quickly raised my left leg over the arm of the sofa and slid my fingers under the crotch of my panties and started to finger my juicy slit. He was on his hands and knees now and getting closer and I just leant back and closed my eyes and waited… His rough chin slowly rubbed up and down on my thighs and then he roughly pushed my legs wide apart and seemed to just stare for ages at the feast before him. I pulled the crotch of my panties to one side to let him see my swollen, moist, pink cunt in all it’s glory. What would he do first – tongue me or finger me? The tension was almost too much to bear. Now that he was paying full attention to the right bits I decided it was time to bare a little more of my body – and so while he was busy nuzzling my crotch I undid the front of my uniform – should he look up for a second I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist the sight of my tits bulging out the top of my bra. What a dilema – into my panties or into my bra? As I peeled the edge of my bra down, my bare tits pushed out and he started sucking and biting hard on one nipple while he pulled and rolled the other in his fingers. We were both panting hard and beads of sweat were breaking out on his forehead. My nipples were hard and erect and he sucked and licked each one in turn – his rough stubbly chin grazing against my hot flesh. I felt a slut – with him being a priest but I couldn’t stop now – things had gone too far – I still had my panties on and I still wanted to play the game to the end. By now he was sitting beside me on the sofa – one arm over my shoulder rubbing and fondling one breast while sucking like crazy on the other – so I carefully and slowly turned my back on him and shifted my bottom onto his lap until I could feel his bulging shaft pressing against my slit. I pushed by body down and wriggled my cunt slowly round and round until he was going wild with lust. All of a sudden he pushed me forward onto my knees and lifted my skirt up around my waist. I put my head down low so that my ass was raised high as I felt his hot breath against my thighs. His searching tongue worked it’s way along the crotch of my panties – licking noisily like a hungry animal. Soon he pulled the soaking strip of cotton to one side and pushed a finger into my aching cunt – moving it in and out slowly – then it felt like two fingers – sliding in and out – faster and faster. He had one arm gripped round my waist to keep my ass in the air while his spare hand worked my cunt – rubbing along from my clit to my ass – sometimes roughly, sometimes tickling my clit so fast I thought I would cum. I wanted to get at his prick but it was impossible from the position I was in -but what the hell – he didn’t seem to mind that it had all been a little one sided up to that point. With me still bent forward on my knees he pulled my panties down so that finally my swollen cunt lips were completely exposed – using both hands he parted my labia and I felt the length of his hot wet tongue push deep and hard into my hole. In and out like a thrusting piston – faster and faster and then every few strokes – out and down to my clit – flicking it wildly until it stuck out just begging for more. He pulled my panties right off – I really needed fucking hard and before long I heard a zipper go and felt the dome of his rock hard prick pushing into my saturated cunt – I came immediately – but his thrusts got harder and faster. He leant forward and grasped hold of my swinging tits – rubbing and pulling them as his pelvis banged against my upturned ass. The suspenders snapped on my stockings with all the activity and this seemed to excite him even more as he drove his shaft in and out. My body was nearly collapsing – I seemed to have been on my hands and knees for ever! But there was no resting except that every now and then he’d pull out and start finger fucking or licking my pussy again. Then finally back in with his prick with renewed energy – like a bull – pumping away at my swollen cunt until at last his balls burst and he exploded his fluid in spasmodic thrusts deep into my vagina. We collapsed on the floor and after a while he said it was time for him to go (I needed a rest!!). I took him to the door and as a parting gesture he slid his hand up my skirt and spent several more minutes fingering my cunt until I felt my juices ran over his fingers and of course I came yet again!!

Occasion number two: The Mayors Christmas Banquet at the Town Hall. All nurses and hospital staff got a free invite and I knew the priest would be there so I was quite excited at the prospect of another session of seduction! I was such a slut – I teased him all night by dancing with every free male in the place. After the official dance was over I was delighted to learn that I’d been especially invited to the Mayors Suite for late drinks (I later found out that this had been engineered by the priest himself). I continued tormenting the guy – of course – leaning close and letting him have a good look down the front of my low cut gown. After about 30 minutes of this game – he finally gave in and said he’d got something to show me. I dutifully followed him out into the car park – knowing full well what was in store for me. Within seconds he’d pushed up against a wall and pulled the top of my dress and bra down and heaved my tits out. It was raining lightly and I remember feeling totally exposed and worried that someone would see us. It didn’t seem to bother him as he kneeded both my globes in his hands and pushed his face in to them – smelling my flesh and licking and biting my nipples until they were rock hard and twice their size. Slowly he slid a hand up my floor length skirt and under the leg of my french panties – wasting no time he quickly pushed his fingers up into my cunt as far as he could, working them in and out so that I got wet and ready. Next to my surprise he fell to his knees, disappeared under my skirt, pulled my panties down and began tongueing my clit – his breath felt hot as he sucked and bit on the little pink button – gripping my ass with both hands and pushing his face hard into my cleft and drinking the juices that had started to ooze forth. It felt strange – leaning against a wall – outside in the rain with my tits on view – a man completely hidden under my skirt and the soft hot sucking sensations concentrated in my slit. When he eventually came up for air I pushed my hand down his trouser front so that I feel and pull on the pulsating cock that had given me such a ravaging in my bedsit. I started to wank him slowly as he unzipped his trousers so that the beast could be released into the damp night air. It was dark in the car park but his prick felt long and thick and I wanted to leave lip gloss all over it. He must have been telepathic as he grasped the back of my head and guided my lips down to his erect shaft. Cupping his balls in my hands I licked and nibbled along the under side of his cock up from the base right up to the tip and then circled my tongue around and around eventually drawing the throbbing head into my mouth. His moans of pleasure told me everything I was doing was satisfactory!! I took him in as deep as I could – sliding his shaft in and out of my wet lips. I slowed down every time I thought he was about to shed his load – squeezing his shaft to delay any action. My tits and dress were soaking wet from the rain which was now falling quite heavily but this somehow made it even more erotic. With my mouth full of his cock I delved under my skirt and used my free hand to give myself a good fingering – just the way I like it. I wanted to get fucked from the rear and made this plain by turning round, bending towards the wall and lifting my dress so he that could see that my beautiful
slit was wet and ready to take his throbbing, shiney (lip gloss!) cock. I felt him come up behind me and slide the head of his shaft along the length of my slit – slowly in a tantalising way and then after a while he slipped it partly into my cunt and then out again – driving me wild. His hands had been busy massaging my tits but then he moved one down the front of my body to play with my little pink button – I braced myself against the wall as he pumped his long, thick cock slowly in and out at the same time flicking my clit furiously with his fingers. Neither of us could hold out much longer and as he massaged my tits harder and harder, pulled and pinched on my clit, his pelvic thrusts got faster. In seconds I felt my body convulse into orgasm pulling his ejaculating cock deeper into me until finally all his volcanic juices were expelled deep into my open cunt. Shame about the weather though!!

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