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Age when it happend: 20
Where it happened: Aunt's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

I was going to my Aunt Jill’s house in Montana for a month. My aunt is 24 just out of school. I live in Washington D.C.. I was so excited. When I got to her house she welcomed me in. She showed the house to me and the guest bedroom I’d be sleeping in. She showed me how the remote worked. She then said that she was going to the store to get some things. I looked around the channels and nothing was on. So I went in the bedroom I first put my clothes in the dresser that was thier. I hung some in th closet to. Then I looked under the bed I froze for a second. I saw a pile of porn magazines. I looked throuth them. And all that was in their was guys. Then I saw this picture. I said to myself if a cock could ever get that big. I thought it was huge. It turned me on a little. Then in a different magazine a guy was shuving a XL dildo up his ass. It turned me on some more. Then in a different magazine a guys cock was so big and long and flexable. He was fucking himself. It turned me on the most. I started to circle my breasts. Then one hand slid down to the middle of my legs. I pinched my clit. I then took off my shirt and braugh. My tits were as hard as a rock. I squized them harder and harder. I then took off my pants and panties. I got on the side of the bed and started dry humping the bed. I then got up and went over by the bedpost. I stood over it. Then slowly lowered my pussy over it. I got it in further and further. I then started to move it in and out faster and faster. I got very tired. So I laid on the bed. Then my aunt entered the room. She got on the bed and started french kissing me. She played with my tits and I squeezed hers. She was stratlling me. She then broke our endless kiss and took off her top and shorter than short shorts.(she never weres a braugh or panties)She then started kissing me again. When I was laying on my back she went up on me. Then I started eating her pussy out. I rolled her over on her back. Shuved my face into he pussy harder and harder. She rolled me over and she tied me up. I was confused. She then came back in with a video camera that was on. She set it up so she could video tape our loving sex. She went out again. She came back in with a huge strap-on dildo. I said no a hundered time in a second. I started yelling stop loudly. But it didn’t help. I could’nt stop her I was tied up. My legs were spread very wide. She stuck it in there hard I yelled very loud. She was fucking me very very very hard. I was moaning really loud. She showed no mercy. She just went harder and harder. She then stopped. My eyes were closed. Once felt relieved. She shuved it in my ass. It stung like a bitch. She just went harder. She then stopped witch seemed like forever. She untied me we kissed. That night we slept together. In the morning I got up first. So I took one of my tits and shuved it into her pussy. She woke up and flipped me over. We were up side down on eachother. We ate eachother out. It was like that the whole month. We had sex every night. Some nights she got some other girls to join us now. I moved in with her. And we dated. And two months later we got married. We were one of many lesbian couples. But were the only nieceunt lesbian couples. Everybody nows about us. Who would of thought when I was born I would marrie my mom’s sister. THE END one more note, we sold the tape of us to a porn station !!!!!we got rich!!!!!

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