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Jenny’s Knocked Up ! – What’s That ?

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Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: Farm Visit
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

It was June 1988, I had just finished Elementary School, looking forward to Junior High and had just turned 12. I had also just had my first menstrual experience, but not a full blown period in May. I had never dated and had had little contact with boys other than at school. My Aunt, Uncle and Cousin (Brenda who was 15) had invited me to spend the summer with them on their farm in Virginia. The week after school was out Mom and Dad drove me to Virginia and after spending the weekend with us left for home. Brenda and I spent the first week getting use to each other. Brenda had a boyfriend (Robby who was 17)who came over every day. They made me feel right at home, but at times I felt like a third wheel. The second week I was there my Aunt and Uncle were spending most of the week in town about 15 miles away at farm sales. They left us with chores each day that kept us busy. On Wednesday Robby showed up with a friend ( Chad also 17 ). Brenda told me that Robby had told her that I was cute and she told him to fix me up with Chad. We were in the barn doing chores when Brenda and Robby went in a stall where hay was kept and started making out. Chad motioned that we should move away from the stall so we did. After a couple of minutes it was obvious from their sounds, naive as I was, that they were doing more than kissing. I was embarrassed, but Chad and I started talking to avoid hearing too much. Then Brenda came to the stall door and yelled for me. I walked over and there she stood with nothing on but her bra and panties. Cahd couldn’t see her, but she whispered and ask if I had ever made out. I told her I had never even kissed a boy. She said to let Chad teach me and I reluctantly said ok not to be a prude. Brenda yelled at Chad that I wanted to kiss so he took my hand and we went in another stall. We stood and he kissed my a few times then we sat down in the hay. He ask me if he could teach me to french kiss and I agreed. I was a thrill to have an older guy doing this and I was enjoying it a lot. When he started unbuttoning my blouse I resisted, but he assured me everything was ok so I let him proceed. The feeling was good and I was flattered that he was interested enough in me at my age. Then he reached down unbuttoned my jeans and run his hand down my panties. I pulled his hand back out, but he soon made the move again and this time I just went along with it. I really didn’t understand what my body was telling me when I started getting excited with his finger in me, but the feeling was good. He played with me for quite a while making a real mess in my panties. He stood up took his pants and shorts down then pulled my jeans and panties off. I really wasn’t interested in what he was doing, but was to embarrassed to stop him. He got between my legs and tried to push his penis inside me. I let out a yell from the pain and Brenda ask what was going on. Chad calmly told her that I was “losing it” and Brenda said “Go girl”. Chad told me to relax and it would be ok. He started playing with me again and got me real messy before he rolled over and tried pushing himself in me again. This time the pain wasn’t as bad and he went slowly until he had completely penetrated me. It was clear that he was enjoying it very much because he was sighing with every in and out move( I know now that it’s every guy’s thrill to get a young tight one ). He kept telling me that I was great and I was eating it up that I was satisfying him so. All of a sudden he let out a big moan and slowed down. We layed there for a while then got up and put our clothes back on. By that time Brenda and Robby were outside waiting on us. Brenda ask Chad if he had left any evidence in the stall and he told her no. I didn’t know what she was talking about and didn’t ask. That night Brenda ask me if I had enjoy the afternoon and I told her it had been ok, but a little awkward not knowing what to really do. She said that Chad was very pleased with me. I told her that I thought he was too old for me and that Mom and Dad would kill me if they ever found out that I had been with him much less have had sex with him so to tell him I couldn’t do it anymore. Apparently they told Chad because he didn’t come back. About the second week of August I got deathly ill at breakfast and went back to bed. For the next three days it happened and finally Brenda ask me if I had ever started my periods. I told her about the one in May, but that I hadn’t really started having them yet. The next morning I got sick again and Brenda started asking questions about when Chad and I had had sex. When she ask if I was sure the condom hadn’t burst, I ask what condom. She got all upset and said that we needed to call Robby and Chad because she bet he had knocked me up. I ask what she meant and she told me he might have made a baby in me. I PANICKED !!! They came over later and Robby had a home pregnancy test with him. Brenda ask Chad if he had used a condom and he told her that he hadn’t because he figured I was too young to get pregnant. Brenda gave me the test and when it came up positive everything got real tense. Chad told Brenda it was mine and her fault. Brenda told him that he knew better than to have unprotected sex with any girl regardless of age and that he would pay. Well…we had to tell the whole family what had happened. Mom and Dad met with Chads parents to work out things and I had an abortion at 12 years old. Brenda’s parents grounded her for months and of course they found out that she and Robby had been having sex too.

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