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jerkin it

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Where it happened: my house
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

Well it all started one night when i was 15 and my friend andrew and i were at my house. we had both had a very dramatic day. he had gotten rejected by the girl he liked and my girlfriend was pissed at me for not hanging out with her that day. he asked me if he could sleep over that night because he didnt feel like going home, and i said it was alright. we ran around a lot that night, doing stupid stuff like lighting off fireworks and junk because it was around the 4th of july. we had snuck out of my house around 12 ish to go to 7 11 and get energy drinks. we got back and were soaking wet because we had to run through sprinklers to get there. i shed off my clothes to my boxers and so did he. we were on the same athletic team and had seen eachother nearly naked quite a few times. he was obviously staring at me when i took off my boxers to change. i turned around and caught him. i told him he was a fag and to stop staring at my ass. his response of course, was to strip off his boxers as well and jokingly start humping my ass. i felt a twinge in my dick and quickly pushed him off and pulled out two pairs of boxers and shoved one in his face. i put mine on quickly to cover my constantly enlarging cock. we were scrolling throught the guide on tv and he told me to put on one of the porno’s that was showing on late night hbo. we put it on and pulled out our cocks and started jacking off. he asked after a few seconds, if i wanted to “do eachother”. i once again called him a total fag and put some pillows up between us. we finished and he slept in my bed that night.

my best friend at the time was a guy named matt. we were practically inseparable, and andrew was a good friend of ours as well. i had always thought matt was really attractive, although i usually convinced myself it was in a completely heterosexual way. one night there was a party at matt’s house and afterward all three of us stayed over. i had told matt about what andrew said to me earlier, and we laughed about him possibly being gay. we were just kind of chilling and talking about girls and other junk like that. andrew was talking about some girl he liked, and of course, matt being the asshole he is said “but i hear you don’t like girls”. andrew made some sly comment back to get out of it, but i could tell he was pretty sad afterward for being insulted. i hugged him and said “its ok, matts just jealous cuz you can get some action”. and matt replied by saying “i can get action any time i want” and grabbing my ass while i was hugging andrew. i called him a fag and tackled him. we wrestled and andrew got in on it too. i pretty soon noticed that matt was getting hard, and i’m pretty sure he noticed i was too. we were already down to just basketball shorts. we joked with eachother about getting boners, and andrew asked if we wanted to jerk it because he was horny. matt said ok in a second, i was a little reluctant, but said yeah. we were all pretty much naked and out of nowhere, matt grabbed my inner thigh and started rubbing it, then when our eyes met, gave me a really passionate kiss. andrew was obviously really turned on by it, because he came over in what seemed like a split second and started rubbing matt’s dick. in reply, matt started to jerk andrew off. he stopped after a few seconds and in one swift move, began to kiss my nipple and moved his way down to my dick. he started licking my dick and moving up and down it. he was amazing and was able to take both my balls in at once. his cock was the smallest of all of them, followed by me, then andrew, but when i jacked him off, it was great. andrew stood up and dragged me with him. he grazed up and down my body with his hands, our chests pulled together. he was one of the most well toned guys on our team, and his body was perfect. somehow from there, we got into a three way suck fest and andrew came in minutes into matt’s mouth and soon after i came into andrews. then a few minutes later matt told me he was going to cum, expecting me to take his dick out, but i left it in and took it all in at once. we grabbed some ky jelly and agreed that we’d already gone so far, it was worth going all the way. i said i wasnt going to be fucked, and that i was no fag. we all agreed none of us were gay, but after some persuasion, they agreed that i’d be the one who didnt have to get fucked. i grabbed matt from behind and kissed his neck. he moaned in agreement. i grabbed his pecs and massaged him. he bent over and spread his cheeks for me. i stuck my fingers in and massaged around to get his asshole big enough to fit my cock in. i got it in in one thrust, he groaned in pain at first, but quickly turned to pleasure. andrew then bent over in front of him and matt entered his dick into andrews ass. we were exactly in alignment going back and forth over and over again. andrew really didn’t like the feel and quickly pulled off matt. and just continued to jack off and rub and suck matt. matt bent over even more and i fucked even harder and faster. he was obviously enjoying it and moaning in pleasure. 15 minutes later i pulled out and andrew finished off sucking me until i came into his mouth. it was one of the most exciting experiences of my life, and occasionally we still help eachother out with a suck or jerk if we need it, although andrew and i both have girlfriends now.

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