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Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: neighbors shed
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I tried to masturbate a few times but never had an orgasm. I swam in my neighbors pool often and was very close and friendly with the two boys Jimmy and Ricky. Jimmy is a year or so older and Ricky is my age. A lot of the neighborhood kids swam there often and there was a large shed where we could go in and lock the door to change clothes. It was the biginning of summer and one day I caught Jimmy and Ricky in back of the shed watching one of the girls change clothes through two holes they drilled in the wall. I was mad at them at first and they said they never watched me but I didn’t beleive them. They finally admitted they did a lot of times and I was very upset about it. I threatened to tell their mother and the other neighborhood girls and they begged me not to so I told them they had to let me see them naked. I know they didn’t want to but as I kept threatening them they finally agreed to it. We went into the shed and both took off their bathing suits. Jimmy had pubic hair but Rickey had very little. I know they were embarrassed but so was I. Over the next few weeks the three of us kept peeking in at the other kids. I would peek in at the boys and they would peek in at the girls. I saw all the boys in the neighborhood naked and I know they saw all the girls that way and made them promise not to peek in at me. In the beginning of August it was raining and Jimmy, Ricky and I went into the shed. I don’t remember now exactly how it started but Ricky kept asking me to let them see my breasts. I was developed pretty well and to be honest rather proud of them. After much coaching and pleading I took my bikini top off to show them. When I did I said I wanted to see their penis again and both pulled down their bathing suits. Right away I realized Jimmy had an erection. He was blushing a little but we were all laughing about it and I asked him if he masturbated. Ricky also had an erection and said he also masturbated and I guess since I knew them since we were toddlers asked them to jerk off for me. Ricky wouldn’t but Jimmy did. That was the first time I ever saw anybody cum. He blushed the whole time he was masturbating but kept looking at my breasts and once touched me there. I felt aroused by it and after he came he asked if I ever masturbated. This conversation took place while both Jimmy and Ricky were naked and my top was off. Some how while talking about it they talked me into taking my bottom off also and the three of us stood there naked talking about masturbation. I was embarrassed but the longer I stood naked in front of them the less self concious I became and they then started telling me that they saw me naked even the summer before. I was aroused by both talking about it and seeing them naked with erections and before I knew what I was doing allowed them to lay me down on their father work bench. Jimmy started by kissing me and the two of them I allowed to touch me. I tried to sit up a few times but they would push me back down but I really never tried to resist or tell them to stop. They both kissed my breasts and Jimmy started to finger my vagina. I was aroused right away and within minutes had my first orgasm. What suprised me the most is when he continued and then Ricky and him were both holding my breasts I orgasmed a second time. The rest of the summer we got together every time their mother was out. The two of them would mastubate me and then I would mnasturbate them. We continued to peek in at the other kids but never got anyone else involved. This went on for almost two years and we did it once or twice a month sometimes. I finally put a stop to it and know they were both disapointed but I began dating a boy from school who I still go with. We have petted and masturbated each other and even had oral sex but so far have not had intercourse. I am afraid to get pregnant but he always wants to do it. I never did or will tell him about Jimmy and Ricky. He knows who Jimmy is but doesn’t really know him.

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