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Jim black and beatiful

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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: home
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I used to swim every day in our pool during the summer. I was used to only swimming in a bikini bottom as my breast had only just began to show. We had a black gardener in his forties called jim.This day when my parents were working he was raking the lawn by the pool. I was lying on my towel, because the crotch of my bikini was wet it was pulling into the crack of my pussy. I opened my legs and pulled the material out of my crack and by doing so exposed my slit for a moment. I saw jims eyes widen and he was stroking the bulge in his shorts. I went into the shower cabin and was taking a shower when a knock came to the door. I asked who is it. and jim said ” youve forgotten your towel”. I said thanks when the door suddenly opened and jim came in.”what are you doing” I said. “looking at some lovely white pussy”He came strait over to me and kneeling down in front of me he put his hand round my rear and started to lick my pussy flicking it over my little hard clit.I started gasping with pleasure as I had the first climax of my life
He lay the towel on the floor and lay me on it. He dropped his shorts exposing a huge thick cock. He rubbed some shampoo over his tool and kneeled between my legs. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down the front of my slit. I started to shudder again a I started to cum. with this he pushed the head of his cock into my young virgin cunt.I was comming as his cock slowly forced its way up deep inside me. Jim said “say fuck me” I did so and he started thrusting his cock up and down my now pliant cunt. On and on he went as I had one climax afer another. Then he started to grunt and his cock swelled even bigger as with long spurting thrusts his cum shot deep inside me.I could feel each spurt as my cunt filled up with his cum.When he withdrew from me he asked me if I had started periods. I told him not yet and later he fucked my cunt again with me astride him.All summer long he fucked me regular until my periods started in september.He made a real woman of me that summer.

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