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Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: My Auntie house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I was 12 years old. and I was staying at my aunt’s house for the summer holidays.
on the day I lost my virginity I pretended to be ill as my aunt and cousins and a friend of theirs who was staying with them had decided to go shopping and I did not like the idea of spending all day with three women, going from one shoe shop to a another shoe shop.
I heard my aunt and cousin leaving the house and the car driving a way. I waited 10 minutes just in case anybody came back, and then got out of bed the thought of having the whole house to myself for a day really got me excited. I jumped out of bed and took off my pyjamas I was wearing and walk round my bedroom and then went to the bathroom on the way back to my bedroom I passed my cousins bedroom the door was open so I went inside. laiding on a floor was a pair of her knickers that she must have been wearing the day before, my cock got harder at the thought of my cousins pussy in them I began to wank myself off as hard as I could and suddenly I came all over the place and I use my cousin knickers to soak up my come.
as a I opened my eyes slowly I got the shock of my life’s their standing in the doorway was my aunts friend Maureen she had decided not to on to the shopping trip and to stay at the house all day.
she told me later, she just looked at me with a smile on her face I went red and tried to explain, said no explanation needed my lovely.
she just said that all people do it and it was perfectly normal for a young boy like me to masturbate himself off she said she did it all the time.
with that she came over to me and taking the knickers which was still around my softening Cock, she just placed her hand on it and said mmmmmmm that’s Nice. would you like to see what I play with, with that she took off the nightdress she was wearing and stood naked in front of me, I have never seen a naked woman before the I had seen a couple of young girls pussy and my cousins one before, but I had never seen a grown-up woman’s fanny. my cock began to get harder again with that she just knelt on the floor and took my cock into her mouth and began to suck on it, with in a couple seconds my cock was hard again and was just about to explode into her mouth I can remember saying to her I’m coming but with that the she just started to suck harder I have never felt anything like it in my life before and suddenly I just exploded into her mouth, I kept on coming like never before and, she just kept on sacking on my cock and till every last drop of come was out of me after she had finished sucking on my cock. she got up and said to me how nice a young cock tasted. I have heard of women sucking a man’s Cock that I never thought it would happen to me.
I thought it was all over but no
Maureen just took me by the hand and led me into her bedroom she told me that she was going to do something for me that would make me very glad. she told me to start kissing her lovely big tits, she held me like a little baby feeding on its mother, she began to stroke my cock which began to get harder again I thought Maureen was going to suck me again but instead she just laid back on the bed and opened her leg’s I can remember looking at that lovely hairy, Fanny with its lovely pink peaks of flesh sticking out it was glistening and wide open. Maureen told me to lick her out gently I kissed and slowly slipped my tongue down her lovely slit she began to breathe heavily I thought I done some think wrong so I stop but she just said it was OK and told me to go back again I lick up and down on her slit a I found a bump of skin and began to lick on it, Maureen let-out huge groon it tasted so wonderful.
I thought it was all over but no, she began to pull until we were face to face my cock was bursting by now she gently pushed my cock into her, I had never felt anything like it before she gently kissed me and told me to push inside of her I did not no what to do. I began to get a rhythm going, she began to grow and I pushed a little harder and suddenly I felt something snapped on my cock it hurts for a few seconds and then slowly died away with that I began pushing and pushing and pushing, harder and harder and with that a I just exploded into her Maureen lets out a screamed as was pumping the last drop of spunk into her. she laid on her back, I slipped out of other and then I got a shock
there was blood on my cock and in her funny, Maureen said don’t worry it’s all right she just got a small towel and held it over my cock she then explained that it was not uncommon for young boys who had not had sex before to sometimes break if they were not circumcised a small piece of skin had broken on the head on my cock it was now glistening, within a few seconds the blood had stopped and now I could now pull all the skin on my cock always back, and for the first time I could see all of the head of my cock and it felt quite sole, but Maureen soon kissed it better,
we spend the rest of the day in bed I Maureen I asked how she was going to explain the bloodstains she’s just said it that she would say to my Auntie that have period had come early.
After this will would fuck and suck each othe’s body every opportunity we could.
it was not and till some years later I found out not only was she fucking me she was doing the same to my cousin and to my Auntie.

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