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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: Neighbor's House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I swear I wasn’t even thinking about sex that day, 37 years ago, when I showed up at my friend’s house needing to use the washroom. And if I had been, his mother Joan would never have been the woman I would have been thinking about having sex with.
She was at least twice my age, probably between 35 and 40, although I can’t say for sure. And although she wasn’t unattractive, she was not what I would have considered gorgeous either, at least not at 13 years of age.
Joan didn’t bat an eye when she answered the door and invited me in to use the facilities. The neighborhood was full of kids and quite tightly knit so it was quite common to have them show up unannounced.
She was kind of a neighborhood mother, as well, a nurse who worked the night shift at the local hospital, so it was quite common to find her home alone during the day.
Joan was washing dishes in the kitchen when I came to the door, so after letting me in, she returned to her task, seemingly not paying any attention at all to me as I went about my business.
Although I have to say, the mind working backwards the way it often does, I still kind of remember looking at her large sexy ass as I walked across the kitchen to the washroom.
Things changed, however, when I closed the door behind me
and began walking over to the toilet.
That’s when I saw the pair of panties and the bra that she’d obviously just tossed carelessly on top of the laundry hamper after coming home from work that morning.
I knew they had to be hers, they were large white nylon briefs, what we would call granny panties today, and they were far too big to be her daughter’s, a girl my age or slightly younger.
The bra was obviously hers as well, also meant for a woman and not a girl in her early teens.
I was curious, to say the least, and couldn’t resist picking them up to take a closer look.
I felt a stirring between my legs as I unfolded them on my lap and noticed that the strip of nylon that ran between the leg holes was still slightly damp.
That, for some unknown reason at the time, prompted me to turn them inside out to take a closer look.
And what I found made my cock spring instantly to full erection and my heart pound with sexual excitement.
The stain on the crotch which, even to my young and very innocent mind at the time, could only have come from one place was very heavy and already starting to dry into a pasty yellowish material, almost waxy in texture, that was forming flakes on the nylon material.
As I gazed at it, now sitting on the toilet with my pants and underwear down around my ankles, I couldn’t resist the urge to smell it.
Totally forgetting where I was, and that Joan was in the kitchen, just outside the door, I carefully pulled the panties over my head being careful to make sure the damp crotch panel was positioned over my nose and mouth when I set them in place.
I inhaled deeply, and let the very strong fragrance of Joan’s pussy change my life forever.
To this day, I’ve been fascinated by women’s dirty panties, and make a point of stealing them every chance I get.
But that’s another story.
I lost all track of time then, and all sense of where I was,
as I sat there stroking my cock, all the while sniffing and licking the filthy crotch of Joan’s underwear.
But a knock at the door soon startled me back to reality.
“You’re alright in there are you?” Joan asked from the other side of the door.
“I’m fine.” I replied, as I quickly tore her panties from my head and began struggling to pull up my pants and underwear.
“Well you’ve been in there an awful long time.” She said from the other side of the door, obviously hearing what was going on and the nervous tone of my voice as I struggled to get myself together.
“I just wanted to be sure you were alright.” She said.
Without even thinking I stuffed Joan’s panties into my shorts as I struggled to pull up my pants.
I couldn’t bring myself to put them back where I found them. And, to be honest, the thought that I should, considering the fact that I’d just been busted for taking too long in Joan’s washroom, never even occurred to me.
To be honest, all I was thinking about now was getting them home where I could smell them some more, and finish what I’d started.
“What were you doing in there?” Joan asked as I brushed past her heading toward the door so I could get into my shoes and make my escape.
“And what’s that sticking out of your fly?” she asked.
I stopped dead in my tracks, frozen like a deer in the headlights.
But, I couldn’t help but notice a wicked little smile forming on Joan’s face as she walked toward me.
“Well what have we here?” She asked, as she reached down and tugged on her panties, which were sticking out of my zipper, something I had failed to check in my haste to get out of the washroom.
“What are you doing with these?” She asked, holding them up so I could see that I was caught red handed.
“Oh no dear, don’t worry about that right now.” Joan said, reaching out with her hand to stop me from zipping myself up completely.
“I want you to tell me what you’re doing with my dirty panties in your pants.” She asked again in a tone that indicated she expected and was waiting for an answer.
“Well uh…” was the best I could do under the circumstances.
“You were stealing them weren’t you.” she continued.
“You were hoping to get them home so you could play with yourself while you sniffed them or whatever else you were doing with them in there.” Joan said.
“That’s why you were taking so long.
I knew you were up to something.” She said.
“This is very inappropriate.” Joan continued as I stood in front of her totally humiliated at getting caught and being forced to face the music.
“You know a woman’s underwear is something very, very private.” She said, now sounding a little less pissed off and more like a teacher.
“It’s something none of them like to share with just anybody, not even their husbands or boyfriends in most cases.” Joan said, carefully folding the panties back up and placing them on the kitchen counter as she spoke to me.
“They certainly don’t take kindly to having them stolen by little perverts who want to use them in disgusting little ways without their permission.” She added.
“What do you think your Mother’s going to say when I tell her about this?” She asked, once again sounding pissed off.
“You do realize that I have to tell her about this?” She said, not waiting for an answer.
“We can’t have you running around the community stealing panties from everyone can we?” She said.
“This is something we have to put a stop to right now.”
I was speechless.
And I was very afraid.
But I still had an enormous hard-on, despite the dressing down I was getting.
To be honest, when I think about it now, I may have even been getting more turned on because I was so helpless and totally under Joan’s control.
The bulge in my jeans did not escape her notice either.
“On second thought…” Joan said suddenly taking my hand
and leading me down the hallway past the living room.
“Maybe this is something I should deal with myself.” She said, pulling me into her bedroom and shutting the door behind us.
“It’s quite obvious to me, judging by the bulge in your pants, that you’re not getting the message the way you should be.” She said.
“So take off your clothes.” She demanded suddenly.
“Now wait a second…” I started to say.
“No…don’t speak.” She warned.
“If you do, the next time you’ll be talking will be to your Mother.” She warned.
“But if you shut up and do what your told right now, with no arguments, none whatsoever…” She said.
“Maybe we can keep this between us.
And it can be our little secret.” Joan said.
“It’s up to you.
I’m fine with either choice you make.”
I just stood there, still hard, and still afraid.
“Well?” Joan snapped impatiently.
“What’s it going to be…we haven’t got all day.” She said.
Slowly I pulled my tee shirt off over my head and pulled my pants and underwear down, kicking them aside onto the hardwood floor.
“Your socks too.” Joan said, watching me closely as I sat on the edge of her unmade bed to take them off.
“How’s it feel to be in a position like this?” She asked, coming over to sit next to me.
“I bet you didn’t expect this when you showed up here this afternoon did you?”
No Mrs….” I stammered
“Call me Joan.” She said.
With that, she instructed me to lie back on the bed with my head on her pillow and to spread my legs apart in a way that left me totally exposed and open to her.
Then, after she carefully placed her dirty panties on my hard little cock. She got up from the bed and slowly began taking off her clothes.
I starred at her, transfixed, as she unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall off over her shoulders.
My pulse quickened as she reached behind her back to unbutton and unzip her dark blue stretchy pants and let them fall to the floor.
“I want you to take the rest off.” She said, in a sexy voice as she straddled me and let me feel the heat of her crotch on my dick, as she slowly let me feel her moving around on top of it.
She leaned forward to allow me to unfasten her bra, and smiled at me as it slipped down her arms and onto my bare chest freeing her beautiful breasts.
“I’m not going to fuck you.” She whispered, as she continued to move her body around on top of mine.
“But I am going to do other things to you.” She breathed.
“And I’m going to get you to do other things to me.” She continued.
“Things that I hope will teach you how to respect women and treat them properly once you get older.” She said.
“Oh and don’t worry about us getting caught either.” She said.
“Carl is picking Roddy and Susan up at school this afternoon. They’re going to their grandparents house for the night and won’t be back until sometime tomorrow evening.” She said.
“So you and I have all the time we need.”
As she spoke, Joan continued rubbing herself up against me, turning me on so much I was afraid I was going to cum before we even got started.
She was a magic woman, a witch of sorts, licking her lips and making strange sexy noises with her breath and in the back of her throat as she teased me with her breasts, moving them all over and around my face without ever pausing long enough to let me kiss them and suck on her large sexy nipples.
At the same time she was doing this, she was soaking my cock with her juices, damn she was wet.
And since she hadn’t moved her other panties out of the way, she was getting them wet too.
“You see my dear.” She explained, in a soft tone of voice.
“I have to tell you that while I’m still angry at you for trying to steal my dirty panties, I’m kind of happy that you did.” She whispered.
“You see I love being licked out.” She said, now letting her left nipple rest on my lips and smiling as she watched me let it slip into my open mouth.
“I’ve loved that ever since I was a teenager.” She said.
“But Carl doesn’t really enjoy the smell of my pussy. It’s too strong and too intense for him.” She said.
“So it’s been years since I’ve had a man’s face between my legs or a tongue inside of my pussy or in between the cheeks of my ass.” Joan said, now pulling her nipple out of my mouth and looking me directly in the eyes.
“So you can see why I didn’t hesitate to get you naked and in my bed when I discovered that you like the smell of my pussy enough to take the chance of stealing my panties the way you did.” She said, now reaching behind her back to grab the panties she’d placed over my rock hard boner.
“You do like the way my cunt smells don’t you?” She asked as she knelt on top of me letting me feel her heat and her wetness on my belly as I watched her unfold the panties I had tried to steal.
“Yes I do.” I replied, as she began rubbing them over my face, paying close attention to my reaction as she positioned the filty crotch directly over my nose and mouth.
“Then breath in.” She said.
“Smell my dirty panties and tell me what you like about them.” She whispered.
“You smell beautiful Joan.” I tried to answer.
“No I want you to give me more details than that.” She said, poking the still damp material into my open mouth.
“Talk to me while you’re tasting me.” She urged.
“Tell me about what it’s like to sniff my dirty underwear after I’ve worn them all night at work, and after I’ve wiped myself with them after peeing in the toilet a number of times.” She said.
“They smell strong and musky smelling, and they taste salty almost, salty with something else that I can’t describe.” I answered, my mouth now filling with the taste I was trying to find words for.
“I don’t know what to say about them except…
Except they excite you and make you want more.” She interrupted.
“I do want more.” I breathed, struggling to maintain my composure.
“Beg me.” She instructed.
“Please let me lick you Joan.” I pleaded, pitifully.
“Please let me taste your pussy and your asshole with my mouth and let me smell and taste all of your beautiful juices.” I asked, sincerely, as I looked deeply into her eyes.
“I love the way your panties smell so much I promise to do anything you ask if it will make you happy.” I said. praying with all of my heart and soul that she’d say yes.
Joan’s response was a happy smile.
And after watching me suck on her panties for a moment she pulled them out of my mouth and took off her glasses, placing them carefully on the table next to the bed.
Then, in a very seductive manner, she moved herself up my body leaving a trail of moisture from my cock to my chest as she did.
She stopped for a moment, looking down at me, as her pussy now hovered just over my waiting mouth, still clad in the panties she was wearing when she took me to bed.
The smell of her was making me drunk with arousal, even covered by the crotch of her panties, her cunt smelled incredibly strong and overpowering.
“I have to trust you to keep this between us.” She reminded me.
“We can both get in serious trouble over this.” She said.
“So it’s no joke and nothing at all to be taken lightly or talked about in the wrong places or to the wrong people.” She said.
“So if you want me to let you put your tongue in my pussy you must promise me now that you’ll never ever tell anyone about this.” She said.
“I promise Joan.” I replied.
And it’s a promise that I’ve managed to keep until today.
I starred, transfixed then, as Joan slowly pulled the crotch of her panties aside and let me see her hole for the first time.
“Don’t lick it just yet.” She said, as I looked up at her pussy for the first time.
It was beautiful,the first I’d ever seen in real life, and it was glistening with drops of her thick juices clinging to her lips and hanging from her thick black pubic hair.
“Just breath.” She whispered.
“I want to watch you smell me and see how much you love my sexy smell.
I want you to love me first with your nose, and then your tongue.” She breathed as she slowly lowered herself down onto my waiting face, letting her slippery wet lips cover my nose entirely as she did.
I jumped when I felt her put her hand on my dick and squeeze it lovingly, as she let may smell her pussy from the inside, moving it just enough to let my nose slide in and out of her soft lips.
It was like she was fucking my nose, getting wetter as she did, causing her juices to flow like a river from her hot cunt down onto my face.
“MMM.” She moaned, as she let her clit brush lightly against the tip of my nose.
“It feels wonderful to have a man’s face between my thighs again.” She breathed.
“Especially one who wants to be there and who loves the smell and taste of me the way you do.” She whispered.
“Now.” She said.
“Stick out your tongue and let it slip inside me.” She told me.
“Let my juices flow into your mouth and tell me how I taste.” She whispered.
“I haven’t showered yet today, but I can see you don’t mind.” She added.
My cock exploded all over her hand, when the taste of her filled my mouth for the first time, but I didn’t care, nor did she for that matter.
All I was interested in was swallowing as much of her hot syrupy juices as I could, savoring all the musky, pissy, smells and flavors of her as I could.
As I looked up at her, Joan made a show of sucking and licking my cum from her hands and fingers and swallowing every little bit as she watched me devour her pussy and love every minute of it.
Then she lost control of herself and turned into jelly right before my eyes, as she came in an explosion of her own, filling my mouth with yet another new taste that I’d never sampled before.
She sat on me then, for what seemed long enough that I was afraid I would pass out from lack of oxygen.
And with each little shudder or slight movement, thick juicy liquid oozed out of her, running into my mouth or down over my face onto the bed, which was now soaked underneath me.
“Oh my God!” She exclaimed as she lifted herself off my face and laid down beside me on the bed, giving us both a chance to take a breather.
“I never dreamed you’d be this good, or this enthusiastic.” She whispered in my ear as we snuggled together on the bed for a short time, to catch our breath.
“I never expected you to be this good either.” I breathed. still catching my breath, still savoring the heavy aftertaste of her cunt in my mouth.
“But, you’re not done yet my dear.” She added, giving me a gentle little squeeze.
“There’s still one more spot that needs your attention.” She said as she slipped off the bed and walked around to stand in front of me with her panty clad bum only inches away from my face.
“Do you want to pull down my panties or should I?” She asked, leaving no doubt that she was expecting me to lick her asshole out now, as well.
She didn’t have to ask me twice, I was more than willing.
“Let me.” I responded instantly, moving around until I was sitting comfortably behind her on the edge of the bed.
Aw she leaned forward placing her hands on a nearby chair for support, I pushed my nose in between her fleshy thighs once more, this time placing my nose on the seam that attached the crotch panel of her panties to the back panel.
And although it was drenched with the smell of her hot, freshly licked pussy, I could smell something else here as well.
I wasted no time pulling her panties down just enough to give me access to her bum, but not enough to take them out of sniffing range entirely.
I heard her moan with pleasure slightly, as I pushed my nose in between her cheeks so I could smell her less than clean ass and slip my tongue up to taste whatever flavors that were waiting for me there.
She giggled a little, obviously enjoying the feel of what I was doing as I spread her cheeks to let me see between them and to allow my tongue to lick and tease her puffy little anus which was still dripping with her pussy juices and a few pungent remnants of the last time she’d been to the washroom.
“You really can’t get enough of me can you you little pervert.” She giggled happily, obviously enjoying the sensations I was giving her, and the hungry licking and sucking sounds I was making with my mouth as I greedily devoured every little treasure there was to be found in her sexy, though, not so clean, bum.
She came again, at the same time I had finished getting whatever there was to be had from her swollen asshole.
She’d been fingering herself the whole time and made a show of letting me suck the juices from them when I’d finished licking her ass.
“I have to pee now.” She said, when we finished cleaning the sweat of our bodies.
“Would you like to watch me and perhaps try some of that as well?” She asked.
“You appear to really like everything else you’ve sampled so far.”
She smiled when I said I would.
And in no time at all I was on my knees in front of her as she sat on the toilet, watching her delicious golden liquid pour out of her pussy and splash into the toilet bowl.
But that is another story for another day.
Suffice it to say, however, Joan went on to provide me with a number of “my first times”. That is until my family moved away from the neighborhood a few months later.
Perhaps I’ll relate a few at another time.
And yes, in case you’re wondering, I did end up spending the night with her that first time, and I did end up going home with the panties that I had attempted to steal in the first place.
And a few other tasty morsels besides.

It’s been fun telling you this story.
Thanks for the opportunity.

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