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Where it happened: uncles house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

Ever since I was a kid I have been crazy for jockstraps. I remember the very first time I
watched a man put one on in the men’s dressing room at a public swimming pool. I could not
take my eyes off of his pouch. When he pulled up the boxer style swim trunks I was
disappointed. I kept watching him all afternoon. It excited me when I saw the waistband of his
jock rise above his trunks.

I was so fascinated by the jock that when I got home I asked my Dad about the garment. He
reached into a bureau drawer and drew one out. He handed it to me and let me look at it. He
told me why guys wear jocks. I asked him if I could put it on and he said yes. When I pulled
up the jock I had to hold it up because it was hopelessly to large for me. My Dad laughed and
so did I. The very next day, my Dad surprised me by bringing home a boy’s jockstrap. It fit
me just like the guy at the pool had fit him.

I stood in front of my mirror wearing the jock. I loved the way my cock and balls fit so snugly
in the pouch and it felt so good to feel the spot, right under my young balls, where the pouch
connected to the leg bands. I massaged my cock till I was forcing the pouch out as far as it
would go.

The next morning, my Dad awakened me. I was really embarrassed because I was still
wearing the jockstrap and my cock was fully erect. But, Dad just laughed at the sight and
never said anything else. So, I began wearing the jock as underwear. When I became sexually
mature, my Mom and Dad got divorced. I ended up going to live with my uncle Joe in Denver.
Mom had been fooling around and she married the bastard who was playing with her behind
Dad’s back. Dad, a trucker, promised me that he would see me every other weekend in

Joe was Dad’s half brother. He lived alone in a large home with a pool. He owned a company
that sold oil processing equipment.

Joe was very masculine. He was strong and possessed a great build. His curly black hair hung
over his tanned forehead. He had a rich tan from being shirtless on the job sites.

About a week after I moved in with him he decided to keep the pool heater turned on and
even bought a bubble to go over the pool for winter usage. It was Early October at the time.

I loved the pool and often had high school buddies over. When I was alone in the pool, I
would skin down my Speedos and swim in just my jockstrap. I had three different styles but
the one I like best was a bike #10. When it was wet you could see my cock and balls right
through the wet material.

One night Joe came home about seven. I was swimming in the pool in my jock. He came into
the pool bubble and greeted me. He glanced down and saw my Speedos lying on the pool
deck. Then he said, “looks like you like to skinny dip, Donny.”

“Ah…well…actually, I’ve got my jock on, Alex. I swim in it when I’m alone,” I replied while
reaching my arm out of the pool to grab my Speedos.

“Don’t put those on because I’m here. You can swim in whatever you like. I think I’ll go for a
dip with you,” he said and then turned and left the bubble. A few minutes later he was entering
the bubble wearing just a jock and a white towel around his neck. I’d never seen a more
handsome sight in my life.

He looked just like the man in the men’s dressing room at the public pool. I experienced the
same emotional thrust that I experienced then. The only difference was that this time the sight
excited my mature cock, causing it to stretch and tent-out my wet jockstrap pouch. I watched
as he dropped his towel and headed to the diving board. He climed the two steps and marched
to the end of the board. He stood with his arms stretched above him and he dove into the
water. The moment before the dive seemed like an eternity. My mind’s eye took a
never-fading photo of that split second. His black curls, deep tan and that tight white cotton
jockstrap. It was bulging; packed with Alex’s cock and balls.

By the time he surfaced from his dive, my cock had become full and stiff as a steel rod. I felt
myself tremble as if the water had suddenly become cold. The muscles of my hard stomach
began to tighten and relax. I was embarrassed to let Joe see me hard. And, horny, too.

Suddenly, I felt my legs being grabbed and lifted into the air and thrown. I surfaced the water
just in time to receive a splash of water from Alex. I dove under the water and threw him as
he had done to me. But, Joe didn’t surface. He swam underwater and grabbed me around the
waist. I twisted and Alex’s hand slipped right over the pouch of my jetting jockstrap.

I felt his hand close over my cock then slip away. Awkwardly, we both surfaced facing each
other. I felt my face turn red in a moment of awkward silence.

“Hey, Champ,” He said to me,”feels like you got yourself a hell of a hard-on. Were you
jacking-of in the pool when I came in?”

I was so embarrassed I couldn’t speak. My dick was hard and would not go down. The
craving feeling in my groin seemed to have become more intent.

“Relax, Don. We’re both men. I know how good it feels to go for a jock-swim, the feeling of
the water swirling around and through your pouch. Come on, Don, don’t be so up tight.”

A wave of relief sweep over me. Suddenly, Joe turned and swam to the corner of the pool and
climbed up to the deck. Once again, he mounted the diving board. The pouch of his jock was
stretched further than it was before and since it was wet, I could see the outline of his cock
and bulging balls. I was slowly realizing something for the first time in my life. I wanted Joe to
have some kind of sex with me. He dove into the water and surfaced beside of me again.

“Your turn to show me how well you can dive, Don,” He said.

“I don’t dive much, let’s just swim,” I said.

“I bet your cock is still hard and you’re to shy to get on the board. Go on, boy. Dive!” He

I found myself taking the order and swimming to the side and climbing out. I thought about
running to the board and diving straight into the water so he wouldn’t see my jam-packed jock
pouch. But, something came over me and slowed me down. He had ordered me to dive so,
maybe, he might want to look at my body and jock as much as I wanted to see him. I stepped
upon the board and walked to the end. Joe stood still in the water. I looked at him and saw he
was studying my body. Holding my hands above me and stretching my arms, I gave Joe the
best view of my jock-clad body. I paused for a moment and then dove into the pool. I
surfaced directly in front of him. Again, there was an awkward silence. Then he said,”You
sure have turned into one hell of a healthy stud, boy. Looks like you got yourself all worked
up in that jock and need some relief.”

“Yeah, you’re right, Alex.”

“You really get turned on by jockstraps don’t you boy?”

“Yes, I guess I do,” I admitted.

“Well…then, let’s get out of here and go into my room. I gotta big collection of jocks. You can
try putting on all of them. Would you like that?”

“Yeah,” I heard myself mutter. I followed Joe to the edge of the pool. He climbed out directly
in front of my face. I studied the lines of the ass-straps and they trailed down to the dark
crevice between his legs. He turned and reached out his hand to help me out of the water. For
an instance our eyes met then, my eyes travelled down his body and locked on his jockstrap.
Joe was HARD! His huge cock was stretching the waistband our from his belly. He prick was
pointed strait-up in his jock just like mine was. When we stood up I caught the entire spectrum
of his fully packed jockstrap pouch. I glanced up at him and saw that he had his eyes glued to
my soaking wet jock-pit. After a moment he turned and led me out of the pool bubble and into
the house. We stopped on the porch and began drying off. He reached over and dried my back
and butt. I did the same for him. When my hand came into contact to his butt, I felt my cock
jerk in my wet white cotton jockstrap.

We went into his bedroom and he directed me to sit on a couch while he opened a closet. He
brought out a large box, sat it on the floor at our feet and sat down beside of me.

Inside the box were jockstraps, briefs, bikinis, posing straps and some magazines. He reached
in and pulled out a magazine and handed it to me.

“Lots of guys are into jockstraps, Don. I’ve gotta friend named Parker in Tulsa who has the
biggest collection I have ever seen. Every time I go there he has a hundred more to try on
me,” Joe told me.

The magazine was a complete surprise to me. I’d never seen anything like it. On the cover was
a fully packed jockstrap. Really throbbing cock inside it. A big gob of pre-cum juice was
oozing through the material. Right in front of the pouch was a young blond guy with his tongue
sticking out. His tongue was poised to lick up the jock-wearer’s sex juices. My cock began
oozing into my wet jock as I leafed through the magazine. There were pictures of guys getting
sucked off right through their jock pouches. Pictures of young guys with their faces covered
with hot come that had been shot-off and filtered through his buddy’s sex-drenched jockstrap.
Some of the shots in the back showed guys getting fucked by their buddies while both were
wearing jockstraps. I was afraid I was going to cum just from looking at the pictures.

“Here, Don, try and get this hot jockstrap over that cock of yours. Better get out of that wet
one.” Joe handed me a jockstrap named TRIUMP. It had a two-inch waistband. As I stood
and turned to change into the dry jock, Joe did the same. Then, we turned facing each other.
Our cocks were rock hard. I noticed a tremor in Alex’s voice. “You are one hot fucking stud,
boy. You take orders pretty good, too. Do you like looking at my jockstrap?”

“Oh, yes, Alex. It’s the hottest sight I ever saw,” I said in all honesty.

“Then come over here and check it out, stud. You can feel it up all you want. That’s what you
want to do isn’t, Don? …You want to feel my pouch and have me feel up that cock of yours
through that tight jock. “Jockstrap.” I heard myself mutter the word as I stepped forward and
dropped to my knees. I reached out and gently ran my fingertips all over the hard outline of
the cock and the balls through the tight cotton pouch. The warmth and aroma combined to
auto-matically draw my face closer to the pouch. I felt Joe hands on the back of my head
drawing me into his jockstrap. Closer and closer until my mouth was pressed against it.

“Good, boy. Now just go ahead and do what you want down there. You’re a real good boy,

I licked at his pouch and reached my tongue far under his balls to the spot where the pouch
met the leg bands. The moment my tongue tip touched that spot, I cried out and began
shooting the hottest, hardest load of hot teen cum I had ever shot. My body quaked and
contorted in spasms of pleasure as I realized that ever since the day in the men’s dressing room
at the city pool, I had wanted to do this to a man.

My cum gushed out filling my jock pouch. Joe reached down are squeezed my orgasming
cock through the soaked pouch of my jock. He looked down at me and reached down into his
own jock and withdrew his hard cock from the right side of the pouch and aimed his pre-cum
oozing piss-slit right at my face.

My own cock was blasting its last spurts of jizz when I saw a huge gob of cum shooting from
Alex’s cock directly onto my face. Spurt after spurt shot into my hair, onto my cheeks, all over
my lips and a big load shot directly into my mouth. I had never tasted cum except for my own
but, I knew then I would never get enough of the thick and rich male nectar.

Joe dropped to his knees after the last spurt of his cream rich cum. Slowly, he skinned the
jockstrap off of his legs. He lifted it and began wiping his cum from my face. Neither of us
said a word for a few minutes. Then, looking into each other’s eyes, he reached the back of
my shoulders and pulled me against him. We held each other in silence for what seemed like
several minutes before he spoke.

Joe looked down at my jizz-soaked jockstrap and said,”looks like we’re going to go through a
lot of jockstraps, Donny. Right now, though, I think we should get into the shower and wash
these drenched ones. Then, we’ll come back in here and slip into a couple of fresh ones.”

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