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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: australia
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I met Sue when I was working in a supermarket in Adelaide. I remember the first time she came by the store with her friends. I instantly felt a tingle go all the way through me. Fortunately a friend in the store knew her friend and introduced us to each other.

My friend told me that she had been with other boys but it didn’t make any difference to me.

At that time I was around 17 and she was 15.

I was really head over heels with this girl. She was a little shy and lovely slightly olivy skin. She didn’t have large breasts but to me they were perfect.

I was also shy at that time and I can’t remember how it happened but somehow we managed to go out on a date. The first date was a double date with my friend. We picked his girlfriend and Sue up from a dancing class and went back to my friends girlfriends house for a while as her parents weren’t home at the time.

Sue obviously liked me also and somehow during the evening we managed to wind up on the lounge. I remember laying down with her and we were holding each other and kissing.

At that time I had not kisses too many girls and to me her kisses were so soft and warm. She didn’t just kiss me, she nibbled and sucked my lips as well as probing me with her tongue. Like most 17 year olds, I was perpetually horny and could feel my cock straining in my pants.

During our kissing session, we managed to move closer to me and I became embarrassed, as I knew she could feel my hard cock pressing against her. I nearly feinted when I thought I felt her thrust her pussy against me. I assumed she was just getting more comfortable but a short time later it happened again. So to reciprocate I also got more comfortable and in the process managed to press my cock against her. Well from then on it was obvious to both of us what was happening and for the rest of the evening we kissed and dry humped. I came so close to cuming in my pants as this was the first time I had been so close physically and emotionally to a girl.

It didn’t go any further that night but we managed to go out regularly on dates after that. Being so young we couldn’t go to nightclubs so on many occasions we went to the drive-in. Our experience on the first night set the scene for numerous dry humping sessions in the back seat of my car.

I was truly in love with Sue and didn’t want to come on too strong as she had been hurt by her previous boyfriends. As much as I would have loved to fuck her on the first night I held back wanting to prove to her that I cared.

After some weeks of dry humpimg and on a number of occasions me cumming in my pants, we were having a particularly heavy session one night and she whispered in my ear that she wanted meà

Sue’s older sister had become pregnant to a one night stand and even though she said she wanted me, I detected some hesitancy in her words.
Anyway, we headed of to or favourite parking spot and immediately moved to the back seat.

We were kissing and dry humping and slowly our clothes came off..at last we just had our underwear onà.and now the dry humping felt so much betterà.
We decided that it would be even better if we were completely naked. So we peeled the last of our clothes off and rubbed against each other. I can’t describe how it felt and I wasn’t even in yet!!

As you can imagine, things got hotter and it was decided that I should put my cock in. This being the first time, I had difficulty finding her holeà.Even though Sue had been with other boys, she was still quite shy and would not touch me so I had to find it myself..
Eventually with my precum making her wetter I finally slid the end of my cock into her. She looked up at me and pulled me harder against herà

The feeling if having my cock in a cunt and being with someone I loved was the best feeling I had ever had. Her cunt was so soft and warm and all the time she was telling me what she liked me to do.

Being conscious of her not wanting to get pregnant and seeing I didn’t have a condom we tended to lay togetherà.Every now and then I would flinch my cock and she would squeeze her cunt. We laughed and kissed and it was heaven.

Eventually I pulled out. Even though I would have dearly loved to have cum in her. I respected her too much for that though.

It is now over thirty years later and that memory is still emblazoned in my mind. All my other lovers have been compared to her and none have matched up. Even today I often fantasise about her and how I wish we had the opportunity to do more.

Not long after that we drifted apart.

I still thing she is the most wonderful girl I have ever met and would love to catch up with her again today.

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